Desley Brooks blocked me on Twitter and you could be next!

Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks will
block you from her Twitter feed and the reasons
might never be clear.

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks is on Twitter, but she is hardly the most profound user of the social media tool. Most of her posts are merely links to activity from her Facebook page. But, apparently any mention of Brooks deemed hostile by the long-time council member will get you blocked from her feed. The practice could be illegal and more likely unethical.

The issue of public officials indiscriminately blocking users from their Twitter feed came to light last week when a blogger highlighted the pitfalls of elected officials ostensibly cutting off communication to some constituents while keeping the lines open for others. A public records request for frequency of some officials for blocking users found the practice is widespread.

A similar request for every member of the Oakland City Council and city auditor is not complete, but Brooks’ office reported they were unable to match any records to the request. The response led to a number of Oakland Twitter users to share their own experiences with being blocked by Brooks, a public official notorious for her bruising, in-your-face personality, not only in Oakland, but across the entire East Bay political landscape.

Count me as being blocked by Brooks. However, I have long been a critic of her acerbic style. I’m also not one of her constituents. But like other users blocked by Brooks, it’s not clear what precipitated the move. I’ve been critical of Brooks divisive rhetoric often, including the fear she has instilled in other officials from outside of Oakland.

Maybe she blocked me because I asserted her tactic to escape almost being censured two years ago amounted to self-serving and corrosive race-baiting. Maybe she didn’t like my reporting about her City Council opponent last year who surprisingly was out-trash-talking Brooks, the most famous trash-talker of all.

By the end of the campaign, though, Brooks seemed delightful when she drove me around East Oakland last September for a story I wrote for the East Bay Express on her re-election campaign. Somewhere down the line, she apparently broke up with me and, if recollection serves me, blocked me from her Twitter feed a second time.

7 thoughts on “Desley Brooks blocked me on Twitter and you could be next!

  1. By MW:

    Related to the above post of 9:43PM.

    Desley Brooks is one of the leaders of the Phonycratic Party. And just like most of the leaders of the Phonycratic Party, she is extremely afraid of free speech, the First Amendment, and the general public actually finding out what is really going on.

    For instance, one of the very most prominent and most powerful leaders of the Phonycratic Party is Nancy Pelosi, and who said in regard to a bill she wanted passed, “You can read it after we pass it.”

    In other words, both Desley Brooks and Nancy Pelosi, and just like most of the members of the leadership of the Phonycratric Party, are nothing but parasites, demagogues, charlatans, phonies, ripoff artists, blood sucking leeches, and scam artists, but who pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians.

    NOTE: If your goal is to become extremely wealthy by being a thief, scam artist, and ripoff artist, one of the very most successful methods for accomplishing that is by pretending to be a liberal while you work your scams. For further details, consult Willie Brown, the Clintons, Dianne Feinstein, Bill Lockyer, Nancy Pelosi, or virtually any high ranking member of the Demagogue Party.


  2. Local politicians and most politicians in general, are stupid. Big deal, she blocks people from her self promoting tweets. She is a loser like most Council Members in the Bay Area.


  3. She is the perfect example of why Oakland is in the condition it is in. The city will be better off when she is gone. Came close last year, but she is holding on tight and ain't letting go.


  4. By MW:

    Desley Brooks is one of the more extreme examples of a high ranking Bay area style “liberal” politician. Such creatures are phonies, demagogues, charlatans, and big windbags, and who pretend to believe in all sorts of things, and including free speech, the First Amendment, and the public's right to know.

    One of the more interesting examples of such was some years ago when extremely prominent Bay area “liberal” politician Angela Alioto decided that she did not like the type of questions a particular reporter for a major Bay area newspaper had been asking her, and especially the articles he had been writing about her of late (at the time AA was a high ranking public official in SF, and if my memory is correct, at the time she was on the Board of Supervisors), so she and her staff not only ordered him not to phone her office anymore with questions, but she and her father (her father was a practicing lawyer) began litigation in an attempt to get a court order prohibiting that reporter from contacting her office.

    Alioto did not even argue that said reporter had been contacting her office excessively and/or acting nasty or obnoxiously during his phone calls, but merely that his articles had shown lack of respect for her statements and positions, so that therefore basically he was a horrible person, and therefore someone she should not have to deal with.

    To summarize, most politicians who say they are liberals and/or pretend to be liberals are actually and in reality tyrants, demagogues, charlatans, phonies, and totally opposed to free speech and the public's right to know.


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