LISTEN! East Bay Citizen Show with special guests Robert Gammon; Dr. Death


East Bay Express Editor-in-Chief Robert Gammon
and Raiders superfan Dr. Death.

EPISODE 5 | A very eclectic podcast this week. East Bay Express Editor-in-Chief Robert Gammon and I discuss the growing use of police body cameras in the East Bay and elsewhere. Specifically, the issue of when or if the public ever sees footage captured on tape when it potentially shows police misconduct.

Later in the show comes a change of pace. The silver and black face-painted Raiders superfan, Dr. Death, stops by to chat about his rise as one of the Black Hole’s menagerie of character to City of Oakland and Alameda County insider. In addition, we discuss the impression held by some that the local media’s coverage of Oakland’s stadium saga is often misaligned with reality.

And briefly, in the news, the state of Oakland’s poor roads and sidewalks put my on the Disabled List this week. I’ll tell you why I won’t sue the city and what I want in return.

Categories: Alameda County, Alameda PD, Black Hole, body cameras, Dr. Death, East Bay Citizen Show, East Bay Express, Oakland PD, police, Robert Gammon

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