Mark Salinas plots return to Hayward City Council next year

Mark Salinas during a Hayward City Council 
meeting in 2014.

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | Former Hayward Councilmember Mark Salinas may have made the biggest gamble of the 2014 election cycle when instead of running for likely re-election to his council seat he unsuccessfully ran for mayor

Salinas placed a distance second to now Mayor Barbara Halliday and then failed to win appointment to her seat a month later. Now Salinas is plotting a return.

Salinas announced his will seek one of four at-large seats next June on the Hayward City Council. He declared his intent Thursday evening in an email to supporters.

Touting successes in public safety, the environment and economic development, Salinas, first elected in 2010, said, “I am pleased to report the work we have done together has paid off.”

“As your Councilman, I never veered away from our city’s priorities,” Salinas added. “I represent our City with a great deal of seriousness, discipline, and I always vote for what is best for Hayward. I am proud of my voting record and with your support again we can continue to work together and build a city for the 21st Century.”

Part of Salinas’s voting record, however, included the council’s controversial decision to impose a five percent wage cut on some city workers in 2014. But, Salinas will not be alone on the issue among likely 2016 candidates.

Three of the four incumbents seeking re-election next year—Councilmembers Greg Jones, Al Mendall and Francisco Zermeno–also voted for the imposition that shredded relations with many unions in the East Bay.

The other incumbent expected to run in 2016 is Councilmember Elisa Marquez, who essentially took Salinas’s spot on the seven-member council after she appointed to fill out the remaining two years of Halliday’s council term. Salinas was also an applicant for the appointment in July 2014.

13 thoughts on “Mark Salinas plots return to Hayward City Council next year

  1. Mark Salinas is incompetent. That's how Hayward likes its politicians. The City Manager likes them that way too, because they are easier for her to control and manipulate.


  2. Hey Steven, you should interview Salinas. I would like to hear him rip on his former council colleagues and tell everyone how much he supports Unions too.


  3. By MW:

    To elaborate on my above post, I have seen situations in which union members who were ordinary employees were promoted to lead man or to a low level supervisor position who stayed as union members even though they were now in management, altho low level management.

    While some of them tried to fairly steer the situation of being both and simultaneously union members and management, however some were so determined to try to get promoted to upper management, that therefore, and even though they were still union members, they tried to get in the good graces of upper management by always looking for ways and angles to stab their fellow union members in the back and sell them downriver. In other words some of them, and even though they were still members of the union, became snakes and functioned as fifth columnists,


  4. By MW:

    In regard to the above post of 11:11AM, if Salinas really did the things alleged I would not be surprised, since for example I have seen plenty of cases in which a former ordinary working person, AND WHO HAD BEEN A UNION MEMBER WHILE HE HAD BEEN AN ORDINARY WORKING PERSON, later got promoted to management and then immediately, or almost immediately, became an extreme snake always looking for ways to stab union members and ordinary working people in the back and to sell them downriver.

    I have also seen instances in which ordinary working people who were also union members later got promoted to low ranking management jobs in which they remained union members, for instance ordinary employees who were later promoted to lead man positions or low level supervisor positions, who became extreme snakes always looking for ways to help upper management stab lower ranking ordinary union member employees in the back.


  5. Salinas is a dope. Bragging about being in a Union at Chabot and how his mom was in a Union. Then he voted to impose on Hayward Workers and cried over not getting a Wal-Mart grocery store in Hayward. Not sure how someone can be in a Union and then deny good union jobs to the citizens of Haywatd, who could use the money to pay all those extra taxes that clown approved! I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to get Union endorsements from City Employees. I'm sure at least two of those groups will tell him to pound salt. He should concentrate on teaching, because he sucks as a Council Member.


  6. Gambled and lost. That makes him more of a loser than he already is. Hayward City Council has already filled its quota of spineless weaklings. Time to vote for people with fresh, new ideas that don't cost the tax payers millions of dollars. We need Council Members who can fire Fran David for being incompetent and putting Hayward at risk for keeping a lying drunk as Fire Chief. The good old taxpayers foot the $40,000 it cost to investigate Contreras' transgressions.


  7. Salinas only cares about himself. He was a very selfish man and paid the price. Hayward voters were smarter than he thought they were.


  8. Salinas only cares about himself. He was a very selfish man and paid the price. Hayward voters were smarter than he thought they were.


  9. By MW:

    Although I am not familiar with Mark Salinas, however since he is a Bay are politician, therefore I am one hundred percent sure he is a wonderful person and of the very highest integrity, and therefore I extremely strongly object to the use of the terms “plot” and “plotting” in describing his actions, since both of those terms in addition to their official definitions also have all sorts of negative connotations.

    And of the Bay are politicians that I have gotten to be somewhat familiar with, I have found that every single one of them has been an extremely wonderful person and of the very highest honesty and integrity, and in fact most of them have even been the best that money can buy.

    NOTE: That used to be a common way for residents of Chicago to describe Chicago's politicians and elected officials, in other words “They are the best that money can buy.”


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