LISTEN! East Bay Citizen Show with special guest Hayward Councilman Francisco Zermeno


Hayward Councilmember Francisco Zermeno

EPISODE 6 | Hayward Councilmember Francisco Zermeno is a collector of things, not to mention two terms on the Hayward City Council. But he also boasts more than 8,000 pieces of Spiderman memorabilia and the collection is less a love of the comic book character and more a reminder of his unique immigrant experience. And yes, he has a noted tequila collection, too!

On this special Labor Day edition of the East Bay Citizen Show, I chat with Zermeno, also a long-time Chabot College Spanish professor, about his controversial vote against Hayward city employees two years ago, the fallout, and how he plans to win a third term next June in a council race destined to be one of the highlights of the 2016 local election season.

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14 replies

  1. LOL! Remember when Francisco used to sell porno videos in the back of his shop? That was hilarious. Oh, and the time when he suggested planting fruit trees in all the street medians so homeless people could eat the fruit? At the time, the EBCitizen called it “Francisco Zermeno's fruity idea”. Keep up the comedic material Mr Z., so we can send you packing with a hearty laugh in 2016. HAHAHA!


  2. That's 'Franco' [to his buds!] Zermeno you're disparaging!


  3. More like 'Blank-o'. There's not much going on upstairs there. You can blow into his left ear and snuff a candle on the right.


  4. Still a pariah! Imposition is never a solution. It hurts Union Workers, their families & local merchants. Kissing up to other Unions will only get you so far FZ.


  5. As we say in Hayward, 'Down with the union whores!'


  6. @9:22 pm As we self-respecting union whores in Hayward say, “We wouldn't want to have you anyway.” However, Fran David might be interested because she needs more mindless lackeys who blame unions for the havoc that she wreaks and the taxes council votes to raise.


  7. Mr. Gombly and I don't support the union whores–ever!


  8. Here's a blast from the past – a Daily Review blog item about ol' Zero's porn video store.

    Posted on November 24, 2010 by Eric Kurhi

    City Councilman Francisco Zermeno’s loss could be your gain. His Z Video rental store is about to close at the end of the month, and he’s selling off all his inventory. He specialized in Spanish-language films, and was proud to have a pretty extensive collection of movies from what he called “Mexiwood” era of the ’40s ’50s and ’60s.

    There aren’t many mom-and-pop video stores around anymore. About a year ago when Hayward Video was robbed, the lady there told me they get by on account of the porn. In fact, she said the previous time they were robbed, the man demanded a bag full of porn.

    Since Hayward Video is right by the Daily Review, I got a membership — not for porn, there’s nothing but RedBoxes near my home and I like to browse. But when I rented a movie one night — I think it was District 9 or Cloverfield or something involving aliens — it came in a DVD box with a label that boasted a XXX type of title, crossed out. Found it sort of disconcerting that they were mixing porn cases with mainstream titles, only on account of what porn aficionados are up to before putting the CD back in the case.

    Zermeno said he had a “very limited” porn collection, and lasted longer than other video stores because of the Spanish language niche. I didn’t ask if he has any Spanish-language porn.



    How boring can anyone be at anything..?


  10. Vote for the spineless who will waste your tax dollars on their expensive pet projects and reward lucrative City contracts to their best buddies. That new library is a good example of the nonsense that goes on in Hayward.


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  12. This clown is the weakest most stupid viejo sin huevos in hayward


  13. An old gizzard with no spine with no brain cells.


  14. Zermeno is a true stupido with no manhood


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