LISTEN! East Bay Citizen Show with special guest Brian Copeland


Brian Copeland

EPISODE 8 | No other writer and comedian is more synonymous with the East Bay than San Leandro-raised Brian Copeland. He sits down with the East Bay Citizen Show this week to talk about San Leandro and its amazing turnaround from a White-Only enclave a generation ago to one of the most diverse cities in America.

He also discussed the subject of his one-man play “The Scion” that focused on the brutal slaying of two USDA inspectors at San Leandro’s Santos Linguica Factory. Evidence of UFOs is touched upon along with the shocking and precipitous downfall of Bill Cosby.

Earlier this year, Copeland took heat for initially standing by Cosby as women first began speaking out alleging sexual assault over the past decades. His support for the beloved comedian is not what it used to be, he says.

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