Not all bills are equal, but some of State Sen.
Loni Hancock’s have more primacy than others
among her East Bay legislative colleagues.

LEGISLATURE | Five members of the East Bay legislative caucus celebrated the signing by Gov. Jerry Brown of 14 of their respective bills over the past week. On Monday alone Brown signed six.

AB 773 Changes expiration of two-year psychology licenses in the state from the date of the person’s birth date to the date when the license was issued.

AB 1401 Requires Office of the Adjutant General to provide veterans of the National Guard, State Military Reserve and Naval Militia with brochures, applications and contact information for student financial aid.

AB 1197 Allows for court deposition reporters to disclose contractual relationships, if any, with party involved in the deposition to protect impartiality. Also prevents price gouging when attorney’s request deposition copies.

AB 599 Allows cytotechnologists, those who examine specimens for cancer, to use other technologies to perform the function. Previously, said Bonilla’s office, cytotechnologists are limited to using microscopes and many are moving out of state. Some companies, says Bonilla, are sending samples out of state for analysis.

AB 486 Requires hospital packaging pharmacies use machine-readable barcodes to allow crosschecking of correct dosage and administration of drugs with those dispensed to patient.

AB 625 When a school district requests an emergency apportionment through the state superintendent it must accept the terms, including having the state controller perform annual audits of the district’s finances. This bill allows the school district, state superintendent and controller discuss these terms beforehand.

AB 1028 Allows former judges and justices who are retired from the state Supreme Court because of disabilities to administer oaths and affirmation. Judge must be certified by Commission on Judicial Performance and submit medical confirmation.

SB 644  Allow Department of Human Resources to allow applicants with developmental disabilities the opportunity to complete a written exam, readiness examination or internship as a alternative for applying for a job in the state civil services.

SB 421 Regarding turnarounds at oil refineries, periods when the plant is closed down for maintenance and repairs: Information in this report sometimes includes oil company “trade secrets,” which oil companies attempt to defend in court. This bill remove requirement for courts to award attorney’s fees to prevailing party during such conflicts.

SB 196 Authorizes a county adult protective services agency to file a protective order to restrain any person abusing an elder or dependent adult. Under existing law, only certain persons can seek the order on behalf of the elder or dependent adult.

SB 188 Allows municipal utility district to make permanent the ability to file liens on real property for unpaid water and sewer utilities. The provision in the law sunsets on Jan. 1, 2016.

SB 725 Few bills affected more specific people more quickly than this bill signed in late August. It exempts some 2015 high school students who have met all other graduating requirements from the state exit exam.

SB 225 Changes the definition of biohazard bag used for disposing medical waste.

SB 474 Eliminates prohibition during state auctions of real property the act of persons purposely increasing bids solely to drive up the auctioneer’s price. Instead, this bill prohibits the auctioneer from stating a bid greater than previously offered by the last highest bidder.