DA O’Malley has difficulty understanding how cellphone surveillance device works

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley
struggled this week with how one controversial
surveillance device actually works.

ALCO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS | Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley denied surveillance equipment that mimics a cell tower to surreptitiously monitor bulk cellphone data does any of that before later conceding ignorance about its capabilities.

O’Malley made the statement in reference to the device known as a Stingray this week during questioning by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. The Sheriff’s Department is asking the board to approve $113,000 for an upgrade to the Stingray equipment allowing it to function with 4G cell phone networks.

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley said he had previously met with privacy advocates who registered opposition to the upgrade. This led Miley to ask O’Malley if law enforcement can also gain access to other cell phones?

The Stingray can be used by police to monitor cell 
phones by mimicking a cell tower.Opponents say
it captures bulk phone data from innocent people.

“No, you cannot not,” O’Malley answered.

Brian Hofer, an Oakland resident and an author of two digital surveillance policies in Oakland, was exasperated by O’Malley’s testimony. “I’m unbelievably alarmed by the responses to your questions, Supervisor Miley. that I just heard,” said Hofer. “They were were flat-out factually incorrect. He added, unequivocally, the Stingray equipment can intercept communications from third-party cell phones and knowledge of this capability is common.

Later, O’Malley was called back for questioning and described a meeting with a representative from Harris Corporation, the manufacturer of the hardware. “He showed me what the equipment will do what we’re requesting,” said O’Malley. “So, I don’t know if it has the capacity to do more but I’m telling you that the way we’re using it is what I told you and not any more than that.”

O’Malley added any use of the Stingray would only occur in all cases after a warrant is issued. A policy for its use has been drafted, said O’Malley, but not vetted by the Board of Supervisors or available for the public consumption.

The board made no decision on the allocation until early December, at the earliest, even though the possibility exists the federal grant will not be available after the end of this year. In this event, Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan suggested the county coffers could be used, instead.

LISTEN HERE for audio and commentary on DA Nancy O’Malley’s comments to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors on the East Bay Citizen Show podcast.

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7 replies

  1. Omally the corrupt idiot da.


  2. I like how Miley self-confessed that he's a criminal.


  3. By MW:


    In regard to the degrees of mental retardation, first of all most psychologists would assert that anyone with an IQ of below 75 or 90 should be considered to be mentally retarded, and as to whether mental retardation starts at below 75 or 90, that is a matter of opinion depending on the psychologist.

    And psychologists are generally of the opinion that there are four or five degrees of mental retardation, and with the most severe form of mental retardation in those people with IQ's of approx. 20 or less.

    However there is an even much more extreme form of mental retardation, and one that has not generally been recognized, and that is the level of mental functioning a lot of lawyers operate at, in other words IQ's of far below zero, or even absolute zero.

    Keep that in mind whenever any lawyer from Alameda County's DA's office or County Counsel's office tries to feed you the standard lawyers' lies and garbage.

    And if you have a big business with a huge problem, but rather than solving the problem instead you want to make it many times worse, then pay big money to a bunch of lawyers to “help” and “assist” you, and I promise they will do everything in their power to make things many times worse.

    For more details on the ability of highly paid parasites with law licenses to screw up virtually everything they touch, contact GM or Volkswagen.


  4. By MW:

    While I have not seen Nancy O'Malley in person, however I have occasionally seen pictures of her, and those pictures gave me the impression that more than likely she is a short and somewhat heavyset person in her late fifties or sixties.

    And then more recently I checked her on the California State Bar's website and saw that she has had a law license from the CSB since 1983. Supposedly she has a degree, perhaps a B.A., from Cal State Hayward/East Bay, and a J.D. from Golden Gate School of Law, so if she graduated from CSEB in about 1980, and perhaps at about age 22, and perhaps from Golden Gate in about 1982 or 1983, and perhaps at about age 25, that would make her in at least her late fifties.

    And now this article is just the latest example of her level of “intelligence” and “abilities” in “analysis.” In other words when it comes to thinking, she does not even qualify for the very lowest level of Little League composed of seven and eight year old children.

    And yet in regard to the Berkeley balcony collapse, and in which six people died, Nancy O'Malley in her delusions and hallucinations thinks she is going to take on and defeat the big boys, and such as that multibillion dollar entity known as BlackRock, its associates, and their high powered. expensive, and sophisticated law firms.

    I would instead suggest that Nancy O'Malley take her short and heavyset body, and which I am guessing is in at least its late fifties, and play center field in MLB's World Series or play cornerback in the next SuperBowl trying to cover ALL Pro caliber wide receivers, since her body is still far more qualified for either of those assignments than her brain is qualified to take on such big boys as BlackRock, its associates, and their sophisticated and high powered lawyers, and even though she is probably thinking and hoping that a big win in the case involving the Berkeley balcony collapse she could use as a springboard for election to higher office.

    Of course O'Malley has very likely already convinced herself that she is a genius, since her office has probably won over fifty percent of the cases it has prosecuted in which the opponent was the Public Defender's office. However that would be very similar to if a baseball team made up of considerably below average nine year old children managed to have a winning record since it only played teams made up of five and six year old children.

    Does Alameda County's Board of Elections refuse to allow anybody on the ballot unless the person is both a clown and a fool!!! And when it comes to practicing law, Nancy O'Malley should not attempt to play at any level above the very lowest level of Little League, since if she does she is only going to make herself look extremely silly.


  5. Don't do it! Nancy O'Malley's office has been caught in several prosecutorial misconduct situations. They have no ethics and will misuse this equipment for illegal purposes…like illegally gathering information to use against people who want to challenge the seat of an elected official. They are unscrupulous.


  6. By MW:

    We could discuss all sorts of things in re regard to Nancy O'Malley, and including the fact that O'Malley in her delusions and hallucinations of grandeur imagines she is a real lawyer.

    (NOTE: Members of the so called “legal profession,” in other words the creatures who individually refer to themselves as “lawyers” or as practitioners of the “law,” are the “leaders” in all sorts of categories, and not just having far and away the highest rates of all major professions of alcoholism and drug addiction, but are also the “leaders,” and in fact the runaway “leaders,” of all major professions in also having the highest rates of suicide, divorce, domestic violence, mental disorders, auto accidents, and, of course, delusions of grandeur.)

    We could discuss the fact that if O'Malley, and who is the legal profession's equivalent of a seven year old Little Leaguer in C-League, follows through on tackling certain big leaguers in regard to the Berkeley balcony collapse, she will very likely end up looking even sillier than if I just picked the first extremely overweight eighty year old person I saw at Lucky or Safeway, and then gave that person the assignment of playing center field in the World Series, cornerback in the SuperBowl, or guarding LeBron James. (In fact I wonder if even O'Malley really thinks she can defeat BlackRock and its law firms, or whether she is just hoping that BlackRock will settle for PR reasons, in other words to avoid further embarrassment.)

    But let's just refer to the title of this article, and of which the first words are, “O'MALLEY HAS DIFFICULTY UNDERSTANDING…”

    The creatures who call themselves lawyers that infest the Alameda County DA's office have extreme difficulties understanding all sorts of things/ To give just a few examples:

    1. The US Constitution.

    2. That it is illegal , AND ALSO TOTALLY CONTARY TO REAL AND TRUE JUSTICE, to have secret and off the record meetings with witnesses just before trials so as to script and choreograph testimony.

    3. That no legitimate organization would have its equivalent of board of directors meetings by having the higher ranking lawyers in a DA's office get together for late night dinners in which they would all get as drunk as could be, and then in that extremely drunken state discuss cases. make plans, determine priorities, and also formulate strategies for the department's future policies and endeavors.

    4. Whenever someone brings up the issue that this or that high ranking AC public official is obviously awarding contracts on the basis of under the table bribes, a legitimate DA's office would do a real investigation, and rather than just a scripted, prearranged, and choreographed coverup and whitewash that had no real purpose other than protecting the big boys.

    In fact if O'Malley takes on BlackRock, and which was one of the major parties involved in that apartment building in Berkeley that had the balcony collapse, if BlackRock and its law firms decide to declare all out war, and rather than just settling for PR reasons, Little Leaguer O'Malley will have just as much chance as if an ordinary seven year old child had taken on Joe Louis, Sonny Liston, or Mike Tyson in their primes.


  7. By MW:

    Nancy O'Malley most likely thinks her prosecution of certain parties in regard to the Berkeley balcony collapse – and since the collapse of that balcony and the resulting six deaths got extensive national and also international publicity – she could use as a launching pad for much higher office. However it is very likely that also other Alameda County politicians believe the County's prosecuting that case will give them unlimited PR opportunities to make statements in which they will pretend they are horrified by those who show little respect for safety, health, and human life, and therefore perhaps other AC politicians, and such as for instance certain members of the Board of Supervisors, also have their own plans to use that case as launching pads for higher office.

    However most likely any AC politicians who try to use the County's prosecution of that case to help their future political ambitions will find that instead they shot themselves in the foot, and as more and more items become better known and more publicized, and including the County's extreme mishandling of such situations as Dead Man's Curve, the road in Castro Valley the County for years, and in fact many years, has been refusing to repair, and even though its defects have led to deaths.

    In fact, there is a whole laundry list of items in which over the years various high ranking AC politicians, and including in both the DA's office and also among various members of the Board of Supervisors, have shown absolute and total contempt for human life and safety, so I am just waiting for those demagogues and charlatans to give their PR statements in which they will pretend they are decent and caring human beings.


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