LISTEN! East Bay Citizen Show with special guest Kevin Dowling


Kevin Dowling served on the Hayward City Council
for 12 years; ran for county supervisor in 2010.

EPISODE 10 | The June Primary is just around the corner and this is the time of the year when prospective campaigns begin forming their teams and begin strategizing for next spring. Under the radar for June is a big race for four seats on the Hayward City Council.

The field in Hayward is quickly growing–possibly up to the seven candidates thus far. Former Hayward Councilman Kevin Dowling helps break down the June at-large race, along with the recent suspension of Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan’s suspension of her State Senate campaign–also another big June race.

Later, I take a look at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors just because nobody else will, along with the odd testimony on cell phone surveillance offered last week by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley.

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13 thoughts on “LISTEN! East Bay Citizen Show with special guest Kevin Dowling

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  2. Most likely Barbara Haliday, maybe Elisa Marquez and Weird Al Mendal think Dowling has political skills. Aside from those three and Dowling's mother-I would say no one has anything positive to say about him. Unless the three merely tolerate him for his self proclaimed “political expertise.” The School Board is already a 3 ring circus. Good thing Dowling keeps failing to get one of his hollow candidates elected to the School Board. Guess City Elections are easier to rig than School Board elections.


  3. By MW:

    One of the things I found the most interesting, is that in response to this article not even one single person in the entire East Bay had anything even slightly positive to say about Kevin Dowling. Since he was very prominent in East Bay political affairs for a long time, I would think, and even though I myself found him to be as untrustworthy as could be, that at least a few people would have had positive experiences with him and/or had something nice to say about him, however it seems absolutely no one has.

    Even in my initial experiences with him I found him someone I would not have given a C minus, or even a D plus, for ethics and integrity, BUT STILL FURTHERMORE THE MORE I SAW HIM IN ACTION THE STILL MUCH LOWER THE OPINION I HAD OF HIM.

    However is there not even one person in the entire East Bay who had positive experiences with him!!! For instance, whenever there is an article on Nadia Lockyer, and even in spite of the facts that she is a proven drug addict, pathological liar, and world class nitwit, still at least a few people defend her and have nice things to say about her, and even after a ton of information became public in regard to Watergate, Richard Nixon still had some defenders, and in fact even Al Capone and John Gotti had at least a few people who thought they were wonderful.

    So let me ask again, is there even one person out there, and with the possible exception of perhaps his mother, who thinks Kevin Dowling is wonderful – or even slightly good and/or even slightly trustworthy???


  4. Buying other labor groups off with praise, no PLA's and raises doesn't make up for imposing on 300 of their own lowest paid workers.


  5. Dowling's political insights are full of crap, just like he is. He successfully helped “Holiday” get elected. Not a great accomplishment because old folks voted her in. Just what Hayward needed, another empty Sweeney vessel to continue to muck things up, raise taxes & spend freely.


  6. Vote the incumbents out of office. All the do is spend taxpayer hard earned money on stupid surveys and public relations campaigns. Got a dumb idea? Need money to fund it? Why not go to the usual places? Residents, people who pass through Hayward and Hayward Workers. The Chamber of Commerce should be paying for part of the PR campaign. They are going to be funneling money into Nerdy Greg's campaign. Which does not benefit Hayward in any way. Just Realty World and Anna May. Oh and Police & Fire's hearty contracts.


  7. Jones is a loser, just like Salinas. Jones will have FF Local 1909 & the cops going door to door for votes. He was always a giving City Manager and a rubber stamping councilman for giving PD & FD whatever they want.


  8. Barbara Holiday? Wouldn't hire that turd to run a campaign. Lamdin? Note to Dowling, pronounce people's names correctly.


  9. By MW:

    In regard to the above comments, based on the occasional conversations I had with Kevin Dowling some years ago I found him to be an intelligent person. However I did not find him to be trustworthy, but instead someone who was a smooth and sophisticated weasel and someone who knew how to play the angles and cute word games, and in ways that end up selling the general public downriver.

    For instance back when he was an aide in Alice Lai Bitker's office, he would regularly respond to questions and comments with statements that while technically correct were intentionally extremely misleading. In other words the more I dealt with him and got to listen to his various statements, the less I trusted him.


  10. Another Sweeney disciple who “knows what Hayward needs.” Hayward won't thrive until Ringmaster Sweeney's clowns get voted out.


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