San Leandro elected officials speaking at a rally 
Oct. 20 in support of San Lorenzo teachers.

SAN LORENZO | The labor dispute between San Lorenzo teachers and the school district is getting tense by the day.

In recent days, the push by teachers for higher wages and increased benefits is being met with harsh tactics by school district administrators.

Last week a San Lorenzo High School assistant principal summoned police to break up a lunch time union meeting.

Video below of the encounter has been viewed more than 280,000 on Facebook.

Following the incident with teachers and sheriffs deputies, the San Lorenzo Education Association union said it filed an unfair labor practice charge withe Public Employment Relations Board on Oct. 23 against the school district.

The classroom confrontation on Oct. 20 occurred just hours before more than 600 teachers demonstrated in front of the school district’s offices. San Lorenzo teachers are  the lowest paid in Alameda County, says the union.

More than a week earlier, the teachers’ union declared an impasse in negotiations. A mediation session between teachers and the school administration is scheduled for Oct. 30, said the union.