Oakland’s Noel Gallo was thinking about quitting his council seat next year

After initial reservations, Oakland Councilmember
Noel Gallo says he’s now in it to win it in 2016.

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | 2016 | One of the oddest pieces of political chatter over the past few months in Oakland went like this: Councilmember Noel Gallo was planning to quit after just one term in office. The rumor, no matter how ridiculous it seemed at first glance, began to grow feverishly among City Hall politicos.

Preceding Wednesday night’s state of the city speech by Mayor Libby Schaaf, numerous City Hall insiders expressed certainty that Gallo was out of the race for 2016. And it turns out there was a good reason for why Oakland’s political class was sure that the Fruitvale district councilmember was going to retire.

Gallo said Wednesday that he was seriously thinking about not seeking reelection and broached the subject with some community members. However, he has now decided that he will run again for the District Five seat. “Man, it’s frustrating being on this council,” Gallo said while wearing a Raiders T-shirt over his dress shirt. In the past few weeks, Gallo said he changed his mind about quitting. “I’m running for sure,” he said…


3 thoughts on “Oakland’s Noel Gallo was thinking about quitting his council seat next year

  1. By MW:

    It is a shame that most of the Bay area's elected office holders have not made a strong and definite decision to retire, and definitely not to run for re-election.

    In other words, it is hard to imagine that whoever their replacements were could be worse, and in general it would be very positive to frequently throw the rascals out and bring in some new and fresh blood.


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