Report says A’s owners are looking at other sites
in Oakland. Could Howard Terminal be on the list?

OAKLAND | STADIUMS | In a lengthy statement released Friday afternoon, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf pushed back against a news report suggesting that she is reversing a long-standing position against using taxpayer money to build a new stadium for the Raiders.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Friday that Schaaf’s presentation earlier this week to National Football League owners included a proposal for the city examine the possibility of using lease revenue bonds to help pay for a stadium. The news report also noted that Schaaf is considering the use of tax increment proceeds as a stadium financing tool.

In the past, Schaaf has consistently ruled out helping the Raiders build a new stadium on the public’s dime, although she has pledged up to $120 million for improving the infrastructure surrounding the future stadium.

“Since I took office I have been nothing but clear about how I believe Oakland can responsibly keep its sports teams without publicly subsidizing stadium construction. My position is unchanged. The San Francisco Chronicle’s suggestion that I would be willing to put public money at risk is simply not true,” said Schaaf in a 685-word statement.

“I am focused on responsibly keeping our teams in Oakland, which is why I am also open to exploring the use of dollars that could be created by a new project — money that the City would not otherwise have. I think that it would be appropriate to pledge money that is created by the Raiders for the Raiders so long as it can be done without ever putting the taxpayers at risk. But that’s it. I will not recreate the mistakes of the past in Oakland.”…