Renters at Bay View Apartments in Alameda last 
Saturday. Earlier this month, its new owners 
issued a 60-day eviction notice.

ALAMEDA CITY COUNCIL | A loophole in Alameda’s recently passed 65-day moratorium on rent hikes and evictions was quickly exploited by at least one landlord to evict 33 families from their apartments. As a result, the Alameda City Council may close the loophole at its next meeting, City Hall sources said Wednesday.

The council is set to schedule an agenda item for the December 1 meeting to propose removing the provision in the ordinance passed two weeks ago that allows landlords to serve eviction notices for the purpose of making capital improvements to the property worth eight times the current rent. The agenda item will likely become public on Thursday.

Just days after the urgency ordinance was approved, renters at the 33-unit Bay View Apartments at 470 Central Avenue on the island’s West End, received 60-day eviction notices. The building’s new owners, San Jose-based Sridhar Equities, Inc. used the capital improvements provision to justify evicting all of the tenants in the building.

The city council may also attempt to nullify any eviction notices served during the moratorium using the just cause provision of the new law, said a source, although its legality is uncertain…