Sources: Desley Brooks allegedly smacked civil rights icon Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown, Desley Brooks with Alameda County
Supervisor Keith Carson in an undated photo.

OAKLAND | Former Black Panther and civil rights icon Elaine Brown filed a police report last month alleging she was assaulted by Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks at a downtown restaurant, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The report adds the alleged incident occurred during city business at Everett & Jones BBQ last Oct. 30. Brown filed a police report and issued a $10,000 claim against the city. She also sought medical attention, said the Chronicle. However, what specifically occurred is unclear.

But, sources told the East Bay Citizen that the altercation between Brown and Brooks stemmed from an argument over affordable housing in Oakland. The alleged assault, sources said, was preceded by Brown telling the often irascible Brooks she was “in the pocket of developers.”

The comment may be a reference to Brooks’ involvement in reviving the controversial 12th Street remainder parcel sale and proposed luxury apartment tower which the Oakland City Council nearly voted against last summer.

The alleged assault occurred in the restroom, said the sources, and included Brooks smacking Brown in the back of the head.

19 thoughts on “Sources: Desley Brooks allegedly smacked civil rights icon Elaine Brown

  1. By MW:

    Including in regard to the comments of 8:03, 5:02, and 7:55, regardless of whether Desley Brooks was black, white, green, or purple, I would be extremely embarrassed to have a person such as her of the same ethnic or racial background as myself and/or have her representing me in any way whatsoever.

    In fact, the way she acts and normally conducts herself is extremely outrageous even based on the “standards” of politics.


  2. Sounds like we have blacks agreeing with Donald Trump. As Trump said “They have become the professional victim and they can behave any way they choose to… and you can just say black lives matter and you can do what ever when ever with that comment”


  3. I am a brotha too as you say so. As fr As I am saying I get ticked off every time one of us says “nigga” to each other and I am not talking about our ghetto cousin cause we all have them. Funny that we all get ticked when whitey says nigga too. hmmm time to like you say keeping it real and have more black correct black.


  4. to 10:06 it's a terrible representation for people of color. I am a brotha so don 't preach to me I am anti black. I am more turned off by that superintendent Dobbs being violent. Aren't they in charge of schools for kids? Not enough black correcting black that is the problem I think just to be real.


  5. Black people do not have a lock on people behaving badly. The Fire Chief in Hayward who is still working when he should have been fired. The police sergeant in Kensington who paid for a hooker who took his gun and intimidated a Board member who led the charge to fire the Police Chief and let's not forget Greg Jones who is a Council Member in Hayward and was having an affair with his boss and lied to the City Council about it. Get over yourself!


  6. Nothing but African-Americans in high places misbehaving. Look at all the stories lately where high public officials being violent. Jeffrey Belle from Antioch school boar, Stan Dobbs from Hayward school board, and I am sure there are more that people are keeping silent about. It seems professional African-Americans do not know how to behave. It is the victim hood mentality that allows these people to think we all need to feel guilty and therefore keep them in those positions without question. Let's all keep silent and pretend there is nothing going on.


  7. Chip Johnson is right, she is out of CONTROL. It's time to hold her accountable for her actions – just like everyone else in this city.


  8. Melvin Belli was of another era completely where unethical behavior was celebrated and mythologized. Having observed Belli in the flesh (decades ago) I am confident that he never threw anyone down any stairs except possibly for himself.

    Yesteryear, public behavior among lawyers, politicians and other criminal types was far more amusing than today when our most egregious liars and fools, meaning any of the elected-for-lifetime residents of Oakland's city hall, will never say s**t even if their mouth is full of it.

    A lawyer chum once told me of how opposing counsel dealt with M. Belli during an extended litigation. Belli liked to pronounce his name “bell eye.” His opponent steadfastly referred to him as “Belly” which after several weeks burrowed deeply under Belli's skin. Actually “Belly” isn't too far off the proper Italian pronunciation which is something like “bay lee.”


  9. By MW:

    If you look up the entry for Elaine Brown in Wikipedia, you will see that she attended law school for a few years. (While I am not sure if she completed law school or ever actually practiced, however law school students are brainwashed by the professors there into believing that: one, lawyers are better than everybody else; and therefore if they as a lawyer said it, then it is automatically true, and even if it is far below severely mentally retarded lies, garbage ,and nonsense. In fact, Exhibit A of that are some of the statements and positions Nadia Lockyer has made and taken over the last few years.)

    And lawyers, and as I have stated before, are the runaway “leaders” among all major professions in alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, divorce, and just about everything that is a major negative. In fact when Melvin Belli had a falling out with his longtime law office partner, and therefore decided he wanted to dissolve the partnership, he then even boasted about the fact that he had thrown his partner, and who he wanted to get rid of, down the stairs.

    And then some years ago when there was a call for lawyers to treat each other and the witnesses they used with more respect, Belli took the position that such requests were a waste of time, since he believed that most lawyers were nothing more than a bunch of sleazy, sadistic, uncivilized, and totally out of control wild animals – and that could not be reformed and converted into civilized human beings.

    So agues both Desley Brooks and Elaine Brown should be happy that the other one did not arrange for them to be lured to Walnut Creek (Mark Coon style), and then murdered by being thrown through a window, and then having the murder declared to be a suicide.


  10. She sure as sh*t was on city business.

    I wonder if our brand new, much-heralded, but seemingly nonfunctional “Public Ethics Commission” could possibly take a look at “smackdowns” as official public policy.


  11. Desley Brooks was representing her office at this event and was advocating for policies and projects at this meeting. She sure as sh*t was on city business.


  12. By MW:

    Just like most of the very extreme nut cases in politics, Desley Brooks is a lawyer. (While I do not know if she ever practiced law In California, she did practice law in Washington State.)

    Some of the other politicians who were also lawyers, and also paragons of honesty, integrity, stability, and sobriety, were Richard Nixon, Sprio Agnew, John Mitchell, Bill Clinton, and Nadia Lockyer, etc.

    In fact among those who knew Nixon the best, his nickname was “The Drunk.”


  13. The superficial reportage of the smackdown raises some important, if quasi-technical, questions.

    Why is Elaine Brown filing a claim against the City of Oakland? Sounds to me like the smack was an expression of Desley Brooks as a private person.

    On the other hand did dear Desley deliver the smack on behalf of the City of Oakland? How would this be determined? Is Elaine Brown, as a former Panthers boss, still considered to be a Public Enemy by our fair, and utterly non-racist, city?

    Lots of important questions to ask but I've got a beer to drink and a soap opera to catch up on.

    By the way, I much prefer the ethics of even a former Panther to those of our lifetime residents of city hall.


  14. I'm not surprised. CM Brooks has the reputation and the tendency to be harsh and threatening. Especially to those who she sees as beneath her. I've seen this first hand, with her staff and other city staff. That's why no one wants to work for her. She is also known to direct, bully and/or threaten city staff to get her way. This is why Brown called her out for “being in the pocket of developers.” She is one of the strongest behind the scenes supporters of projects that are pushing residents out of Oakland. She is a corrupt psychopath. She almost lost reelection last year, but the turn out was so low. The city will be better off when she is gone. Nothing will come of this, she always works out a deal.


  15. By MW:

    Concerning the above assertion that Oakland City Council members are not only stupid but also violent, plenty of people are extremely good at one thing, BUT ONLY AT ONE THING. Such people are specialists.

    However I have always had great respect and admiration for people who are among the very best in two or more different areas, in other words people who are versatile, rather than just specialists in one area only.

    So while most of our local politicians are scumbags and/or total jokers, however anytime we find a politician who is an “allstar” in two or more relevant specialties – and such as including stupidity, violence, lying, drug addiction, or all around sleaziness – we should arrange for that politician to be be given a big pay raise and also an Olympic gold medal.


  16. What wonderful, well-written reporting! I particularly liked the statement about the “proposed luxury apartment tower which the Oakland City Council nearly voted against last summer.” So it was a close call? Or what the hell does that statement mean.

    Also, many many thanks for the slugfest news. It's heartwarming to know that not only are our Council members stupid, but they're also violent.


  17. I don't know what's more disturbing that we have a council member who's a lunatic psycho or that this isn't new and I'm not surprised.


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