More fodder suggesting Jean Quan is running for Oakland City Council

Jean Quan poses with a biker club in a photo
featured last week in her email newsletter.

OAKLAND | ELECTION16 | The question of whether former Oakland mayor Jean Quan is really serious about running for Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan’s at-large seat received more fuel for the fire earlier this month after she disseminated a highly detailed online newsletter prescribing how the city should fix its perennial affordable housing crisis.

The existence of the monthly newsletter, which calls Quan its “editor,” already had many Oakland political observers wondering whether the former mayor was eyeing a return to politics after editions continued to be posted after the November 2014 mayoral election, which ended in Quan being voted out of office.

But the October edition emailed on Oct. 30 ramped up speculation after it revealed an inordinate amount of policy detail. Titled, “Affordable Housing: The fight for Oakland’s Future,” Quan writes, “There is growing concern that the city is moving too slow” on finding solutions for the housing crisis. Included is a link to an East Bay Express editorial expressing the same thought. Quan also raised the possibility of passing a $200 million regional housing bond that she says will create 2,000 new affordable housing units.

If Quan runs, in what would be a bruising 2016 campaign against Kaplan, it appears she believes the housing crisis is the linchpin to her candidacy. For instance, the level of detail in Quan’s plan also extends to three specific overall strategies and a plan for both immediate and short term actions for the City Council to act upon. Most telling of all is how the opening narrative to the newsletter sounds very much like a candidate and end exactly like a stump speech. “We can and must do better. We must do it together,” she writes.

The November edition of Quan’s newsletter, released on Thanksgiving features two photos of Quan that any politico will clearly recognize as campaign-style photo ops. One shows Quan posing at an annual Thanksgiving BBQ with members of the East Oakland Goodfellas Motorcycle Club and another, in honor of Plaid Friday, is a photo with an Oakland small business owner.

Meanwhile, Quan isn’t the only one creating a suitable framework to run on in 2016. Kaplan’s own actions over the past two months show she is not taking lightly Quan’s overtures for the at-large seat. Kaplan has taken a megaphone recently to showing just how much she is doing to combat another perennial scourge to Oaklander’s quality of life, gun violence. An initiative backed by Kaplan culminated last week in a $1 million city budget expenditure to fund special gun investigations.

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  1. By MW:

    I have such great “faith” and “confidence” in Jean Quan's “abilities” as a “thinker,” an “analyst,” and as a “strategist” and “policymaker” that therefore if someone were able to bring to life an all time all star baseball team that had in their primes such players as Carl Hubbell, Walter Johnson, Sandy Koufax, Greg Maddux, Satchel Paige, Ron Perranoski, and Cy Young to the do the pitching, and such position players as Babe Ruth in RF, Willie Mays in CF, Ted Williams in LF, Rogers Hornsby at 2B, and Johnny Bench at C, etc but had Jean Quan as the manager, I would expect the team to play under .500, and in fact it would not even surprise me at all if such an all time all star team, BUT WITH JEAN QUAN AS THE MANAGER, finished in last place.

    Oakland has a population of approx. four hundred thousand people. The residents of Oakland, and to greatly aid the city's future and longterm health, should vote for a special onetime tax of two hundred-fifty dollars each to give Jean Quan one hundred million dollars on condition that she immediately leave Oakland, and in fact the entire Bay area, and never come back.


  2. The more things change in Oakland, the more they remain the same.

    Quan has never left city hall. The “new” mayor, a woman named Schaaf, is another confused incompetent who is better at PR but in other ways is indistinguishable from the old one.

    Kaplan's has always been running on a pro-pot, anti-gun platform. We can clearly see the benefits of all her “work.”

    If Oakland were ever to change politically, we could have a city which worked much better for many of us, rather than for the newcomers, the tourists and the well-to-do.


  3. Quan did the impossible:

    She made Dellums look competent. That is an achievment.


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