Oakland to hear plans restricting high-capacity clips, theft of guns from cars

Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb, above, along
with Rebecca Kaplan and Annie Campbell
Washington are proposing a slate of gun-related laws.

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | Oakland public officials will offer a slate of gun-related legislation later this month to limit access to high-capacity gun magazines and required gunowners to safely store firearms in their homes. In addition, two proposed ordinances intend to stem the rash of guns stolen from unattended vehicles.

A pair of proposed ordinances offered by Councilmembers Dan Kalb and Annie Campbell Washington during an Oakland City Council Rules Committee Thursday would make it unlawful for the unauthorized possession of any large-capacity magazine in the city.

The occurrence of high-powered firearms in deadly tragedies over the past two weeks in Colorado Springs, Colo and San Bernardino has again reignited concerns over the prevalence of such weapons on American streets. The proposed ordinance is scheduled for the Public Safety Committee on Dec. 15, the Rules Committee said Thursday morning.

Kalb and Campbell Washington are also proposing a “Safe Storage Firearms Act” to require gun owners in Oakland to store their weapons in a locked container or render them disabled with a trigger lock. The proposed legislation will also direct the City Attorney’s office to return within four months with an ordinance requiring safe storage of city-issued firearms in automobiles.

In recent months, a spate of stolen guns from government-issued automobiles has raised concern over the safety of such practices. Oakland artist Antonio Ramos, who was gunned down recently while painting an anti-violence mural in the city, is alleged to have been killed by a suspect using a gun stolen from a car belonging to law enforcement. The death of a Kathryn Steinle earlier this year in San Francisco was allegedly caused using a gun stolen from a vehicle belonging to an officer of the Bureau of Land Management.

Similarly, Oakland Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan is also proposing an ordinance to stop the theft of guns from unattended cars.The ordinance proposed by Kaplan is sponsored by Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker.

Kaplan said Thursday that the overall rate of auto burglaries in Oakland continues to be problematic. Around 300 firearms, mostly handguns, were stolen from cars in Oakland between August 2014 and November 2015, according to the Oakland Police Department

“First, we want to warn the public: Don’t leave a gun in your car,” Kaplan told the committee. “You may not want to leave anything in your car, but definitely not a gun.”

In a statement, Parker added, “Thousands of Americans are killed by guns every year in our country, including dozens every year in Oakland, almost all young Black and Brown men. Unfortunately the U.S. Congress is suffering from some kind of political psychosis when it comes to guns, refusing to pass common sense reforms such as universal background checks and licensing for all gun purchases. In this legal context, we in Oakland have a moral imperative to do everything humanly possible to address this crisis with our own legislation.”

Kalb told the Rules Committee, he and Campbell Washington are currently in discussions with Kaplan to merge their proposals into a complimentary piece of legislation before the committee hearing later this month.

8 thoughts on “Oakland to hear plans restricting high-capacity clips, theft of guns from cars

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  2. BY MW:

    In regard to the people who recently shot to death fourteen individuals in San Bernardino, Obama has referred to the shooters and people of similar beliefs as the “culture of death.”

    However of the approx 2.5M people who die in the US every year – and which is approx. 7K per day, 300 per hour, and about five per minute – only the very tiniest fraction of one percent are killed in mass murders or by those who we generally refer to as terrorists.

    At least thousands of times more people are murdered or suffer a premature death from other items.

    For instance, the estimates of the number of people who die every year from hospital acquired infections is generally thought to be at least 80K, and with some estimates as high as 250K. And I have seen cooks working in restaurants, and also other people who work with food handling equipment, coming out of restroom stalls, and which they have exited after most likely defecating, not bothering to wash their hands, and which certainly leads to at least hundreds of deaths from food acquired infections every single year. And how about all of the soap dispensers in public restrooms that are empty, in other words do not have any soap in them.

    And how about all of the health, building, and safety inspectors who in exchange for under the table bribes overlook the very most extreme and deadly violations.

    And how about all of the crooked judges, and who in exchange for under the table bribes from sleazy lawyers, use their “wisdom,” “intelligence,” and “best” judgment to decide that it is desirable that various findings be sealed, in other words covered up, and so that way wealthy white collar criminals are free to continue poisoning the general public, and which therefore leads to slow mass murder, SINCE IGNORING HEALTH AND SAFETY OF TENANTS AND OTHER CUSTOMERS OFTEN LEADS TO GREATLY INCREASED PROFITS.

    In other words, of all the people who over the last several years have gone to parties, meetings, seminars, and various other gatherings – and such as similar to the recent one in San Bernardino, a lot more have been killed by food poisoning than by terrorists, and undoubtedly a lot more, and while driving back and forth to the party or seminar, have been killed by drivers who were impaired due to being drunk or on drugs than by terrorists.

    And I myself realize I am at least thousands of times more likely to prematurely die from any of the following items, and such as for instance: one, eating too much salt or sugar; two, consuming a lot of junk food in fast food restaurants; three, food poisoning caused by uncaring and lackadaisical employees in a restaurant or grocery store; four, second hand cigarette smoke; five, not sufficiently carefully watching my cholesterol; or six, allowing myself to get overweight – than from being shot to death by an Arab terrorist. (NOTE: In fact in recent years, and out of health concerns, I have considerably cleaned up my diet and also gotten rid of least most of my excess weight.)

    To sum up, if we are trying to preserve life, we are worried abut the wrong things. In fact, and rather than referring to Arab terrorists as the “culture of death,” let's instead refer to sleazy lawyers and the judges and politicians they provide under the table bribes to, and so that those judges and politicians will overlook health and safety violations, as the CULTURE OF DEATH.


  3. By MW:

    Including related to the post of 10:21, yes, we can pass all sorts of laws, and including in regard to gun control or anything else, but are we going to actually make a serious effort to enforce those laws, or are the legislators who are proposing, pushing for, and voting for those laws nothing more than demagogues who are pretending to be trying to help the general public and improve things in response to the latest fad, and of course right now is gun control, and including due to the recent incident in San Bernardino, and in which fourteen people were killed!!!

    However, let's put things in some perspective. For instance of the approx 2.5M people who die annually in the US – and which is approx 7K per day, 300 per hour, and about five per minute – . you are much more likely to be killed by a drunk driver or a driver who is impaired due to being on drugs than by a terrorist. You are much more likely to die due to getting lung cancer as a result of being exposed to second hand smoke than from being shot by a terrorist.

    Bay area residents are much more likely to die as a result of having an overgrown tree fall on them than from being shot by a terrorist. Residents of Alameda County are much more likely to die as a result of the conditions on that stretch of road in Castro Valley that has been nicknamed “Dead Man's Curve,” and which the County's Public Works Agency for decades has been refusing to fix, than from being shot by a terrorist.

    Residents of the US are at least hundreds of times, and probably at least thousands of times, more likely to die as a result of developing lung cancer that was caused by having been secretly exposed to invisible clouds of asbestos dust in an office building or public school that was covered up as result of a sleazy lawyer paying an under the table bribe to a crooked judge than from being shot by a terrorist.

    (In fact related to all of the major health and safety hazards that are covered up as a result of sleazy lawyers paying under the table bribes to crooked judges, if legislators were really serious about protecting public health and safety, they would warn all employees of the California State Bar that the next time they put the fix in for a crooked lawyer, they would receive a lengthy prison sentence However since lawyers and law firms are major sources of large election campaign contributions and under the table bribes to legislators, therefore those sleazy parasites, scumbags, and fifth columnists who refer to themselves as the legal profession have carte blanche to do anything they so desire, and including covering up conditions, and such as huge long and continuing asbestos exposures, that lead to slow mass murder.)


  4. A small problem unrecognized in the city of Oakland is that you need effective law enforcement for the laws you pass.

    No enforcement means that passage of new laws is meaningless.


  5. How sad. Dan Kalb, the inventor of our new, highly-effective “Public Ethics Commission” lives in fantasyland. Now that Oakland city hall's ethics problems have disappeared, he's taking on guns. Not that there aren't plenty of gun laws in Oakland, Alameda County and the state of California.

    Poor Annie Campbell Washington. She's even more feebleminded than Libby Schaaf who she replaced on the Council.

    It would be so refreshing, not to mention helpful, for us to get some real problem-solvers to work in city hall. We won't until we get more than a small fraction of Oakland's electorate to actually vote.


  6. How about a proposal from Oakland to stop car burglaries? Does Oakland make use of bait cars? Do they even investigate car burglaries? The police just direct you to file your report online and call your insurance company.

    This is a basic crime story as much as it is a gun story.

    Are the police going to come down and throw you in jail after a criminal steals your gun?


  7. By MW:

    If the demagogue politicians were really concerned about the public's health and safety, they would not hire politically correct and extremely expensive “experts,” and such as for instance LaDoris Cordell,, to monitor and “improve” things in various government agencies, and including police departments, since when Cordell and similar “experts” get involved it is a virtually sure that the crime rates, and including the murder rates, will skyrocket.

    In fact rather than putting a lot of effort into pushing for more and stronger gun control laws, a much better idea would be to push for more and stronger laws to control demagogue politicians and the parasites, but who market themselves as “experts,” those demagogue politicians hire to serve as monitors, consultants, and special masters. .


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