Islamophobia comes to Castro Valley

CASTRO VALLEY | Several cases of Americans experiencing abuse for their Muslim faith have made national headlines in recent weeks. It appears the East Bay is not immune.

Arab American News reports a woman at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley berated a group of worshipers praying in the park.  “You are very deceived by Satan!” said the woman. A portion of the incident was captured on video, including the woman throwing her coffee at the group.

The Bay Area News Group identified the woman in the video as Denise Slader, 50, a Castro Valley resident who works for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. A police reporte was filed following the incident and the Alameda County District Attorney’s office is considering whether in the incident is a hate crime, it was reported.

The confrontation occurred last Sunday afternoon, according Arab American News and quickly devolved.

Albeshari was waiting in the car for his three friends to finish their prayers when he saw the woman, since identified as Denise Slader, confront them. She had been walking on the sidewalk and appeared ruffled that the Muslim men were praying in the park. “She was saying ‘Allah is Satan and you are all murderers,’” Albeshari recalled.

Albeshari approached Slader and began taping the confrontation on his cell phone.“One of my friends was trying to tell her ‘We believe in Jesus. We love Jesus,’” he said.

But those words fueled the woman’s animosity even more. A park ranger disrupted the argument and asked Slader to move away. Instead, she assaulted Albeshari with an umbrella and threw coffee in his face. He captured the tail end of the incident on video.

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  1. Several Christian religious groups meet at Chabot on Sunday, and I've heard similar verbal abuse aimed at them. Instead of getting confrontational and whipping out their cell phone cameras, they turn the other cheek and go about their business.


  2. In the mean time Christians are persecuted and being beheaded by Muslims in the middle east.


  3. I just saw the video and she got mad at the person video recording her. She then tried to to stop that person from doing that as she swept her umbrella across at the phone and not at the person with the phone. Did the muslims get her permission to record her? I would be mad too if someone was video recording me with out my permission. Being mad at someone recording you with out your permission is not a hate crime.


  4. I think the muslims at the park antagonized the woman by using their video app on her. When I go to the restaurant and pray with my family I never whip out my phone when people ridicule my family. We just go about our praying with out making things worse.

    INFEDELOPHOBIA- “Behead those who insult islam”

    I shall cast terror in the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers. Quran 8:12


  5. By MW:

    Regardless of what the Second Amendment says, we should pass extremely tough laws prohibiting anyone from possessing a cup of coffee unless the person first passes a thorough background check proving that he or she has never committed a felony and is also mentally stable.

    In fact, some news reports also stated that she assaulted one or more of her victims with an umbrella. So in addition to laws controlling the sale and possession of guns and coffee, we also need plenty of tough laws regulating the sale and possession of umbrellas.

    And still furthermore, decades ago a co-worker was entertaining us with an account of how when he had been in a bar a few days earlier and made a comment to a woman that she took as an insult, she then swung her purse, and like a weapon, at him, so we should not allow anyone to buy, or even possess, a purse unless the person can first pass a thorough background check.

    And back when I was about seven years old, during recess I once hit a classmate over the head with a package of Tastycakes. So we should also ban both recess and snack foods.


  6. You don't need permission to record video of someone in a public place. Just ask Stanley Roberts. He makes a living doing just that.


  7. neither is recording. but being hateful because people are praying…… can definitely lead to a hate crime.

    people who feel terrorized have only one defense these days and that's to record it. and it's only half of a defense because of people like you. if recording prevented a hate crime, then GREAT. best form of a weapon i can think of, IF it's effective.


  8. If Islamaphobia was going to hit anywhere in Alameda County it was going to be Castro Valley and Pleasanton. I met a lady from Castro Valley last week who said she had recently met her first Black person.


  9. Good for her, she did what Obama failed to do.


  10. Can we please stop with the BS notion that Christians are being persecuted in America? You all run everything and have every religious privilege there is.


  11. Not all Muslims are jihadist terrorists, but all jihadist terrorists are Muslims.

    Nothing wrong about saying the obvious and for the US to protect their population by identifying where most of the terror comes from.


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