Ro Khanna announces his candidacy in May.

CONGRESS | 17th DISTRICT | It may not be the harbinger of a bad year ahead for Rep. Mike Honda’s re-election, but the loss of union support Wednesday could prove troublesome.

The Laborers’ International Union of North American (LiUNA) announced last month their endorsement of Ro Khanna’s campaign in the contested Seventeenth Congressional District, wrote Politico.

The labor union which boasts of 63,000 members in California had backed Honda in 2014.

The endorsement is the “beginning of the end” for Honda, boasted Khanna.

An exodus of larger, more locally active unions would surely degrade Honda’s re-election chances this year, but there is no hint any of them are planning to follow LiUNA’s lead.

In addition, the local and state Democratic Party will almost assured back Honda when its members meet later this month to hand out endorsements for congressional and statehouse races.