Bryan Parker posts big early fundraising numbers in bid to unseat Nate Miley

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley, left,
is hoping to fend off Bryan Parker this June.

Bryan Parker’s nascent campaign for Alameda County supervisor is showing mettle after posting year-end fundraising totals of $117,000, his campaign announced Wednesday.

The totals, compiled since Parker began his campaign last September to unseat long-time Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley, are some of the largest seen by any supervisorial challenger in years.

Parker’s fundraising figures also signal the June primary campaign will be a hard-fought affair, a first for a portion of local government that has rarely seen an incumbent supervisor face a contested race over the past three decades.

Miley’s campaign has not yet released its 2015 year-end campaign finance report, but through the end of last June, Miley had reported just 4,043 in available cash. However, that was wiped out by $4,407 in outstanding debts to his campaign.

Although not known as a prodigious fundraiser, Miley’s campaign is expected to have ramped up his fundraising over the past few months with help from former state Senate pro tem Don Perata, who is believed to be aiding Miley’s effort.

Perata supported Parker’s bid in 2014 for Oakland mayor and reportedly sent him a highly negative letter urging Parker not to run for county supervisor. Instead, suggesting Parker run in 2016 for Oakland’s City Council District Seven or Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan’s at-large seat.

That Parker was able to post such significant early fundraising is not surprising based on his 2014 mayoral campaign. During that race, which Parker finished seventh in a 15-person field, he posted over $300,000 in campaign contributions in a race that limits donations to $700.

The general consensus among East Bay politicos is Parker could register similarly high fundraising amounts since the county caps contributions at $20,000.

In addition to Miley and Parker, a third candidate, Ronald Pereira, has filed campaign papers with the county registrar to represent the supervisorial district that includes East Oakland, large portions of unincorporated Alameda County and Pleasanton.


8 thoughts on “Bryan Parker posts big early fundraising numbers in bid to unseat Nate Miley

  1. By MW:

    Last night while on the Internet, I bumped into an interesting article. According to that article. there is a town in Ohio named Sebring, and supposedly, and just like in Flint, Michigan, the residents of that town for awhile had been drinking water with high levels of lead, and which evidently the town had kept secret from the residents.

    If so, that would not even be the barest tip of the iceberg of the fact that various organizations, and including many government agencies, are basically engaging in slow mass murder by regularly secretly exposing the general public to all sorts of things, and including in the water we drink and the air we breathe.

    And in Alameda County we have some of the very sleaziest agencies in the entire United States, and including our Public Works Agency, and although Nate Miley “knows” that AC's Public Works Agency is run by people of such extreme “intelligence,” “competence,” “Honesty,” and “integrity,” that therefore anything said by AC Public Works we should automatically accept as though it was a letter straight from heaven.


  2. By ME:

    Let me make a followup to my above post.

    In regard to the “standards” of Nate Miley and his buddies in the management of Alameda County's Public Works Agency, if the PWA had been supplying water to the lower and middle income sections of Alameda County (but in other words NOT to such wealthier sections as Castro Valley), and if the water it had been supplying had been of even much lower quality, and also many times smellier and also many times more causing of rashes and other medical conditions, than the residents of Flint, Michigan had been getting from the Flint River, in regard to any complaints the residents of AC would have undoubtedly made about such stinky and horrible water that most likely would have caused many diseases and also slow mass murder: one, the PWA almost certainly would have lied about it and insisted that the water was fine, clean, healthy, and unpolluted, and also hired some “experts” to do the “research” and “investigations” “proving” the water was “safe” and “clean;” and two, Miley most likely would have pretended to believe any lies and garbage put out by his buddies in the management of the Public Works Agency, and therefore he would have “educated” and “informed” us members of the general public to the “fact” that the water that was in reality causing slow mass murder was actually, absolutely, and definitely “safe” and “clean,” and that therefore we had nothing to worry about.

    In other words, Miley is a Pelosi/JonathanGruber style “liberal,” and who therefore decides what members of the general public are supposed to believe, and who therefore invents any additional necessary deceits, deceptions, and frauds so as to “support” and “prove” his original lies, garbage, and nonsense.

    However since he is a “liberal,” or at least he pretends to be one, therefore, and no matter what he pulls and tries to get away with, we should automatically assume he is a wonderful and totally trustworthy person, and therefore we should always assume whatever he does is in our best interests.

    And finally, if he does not win re-election, will that be the end of the employment opportunities on the public payroll his adult children have been given by various other members of Alameda County government!!


  3. By MW:

    In regard to government agencies engaging in practices and policies that are extremely detrimental to the general public's health and safety, right now most of the attention is focused on Flint, Michigan.

    However Alameda County government, and largely due to Nate Miley, also engages in many extremely unhealthy and unsafe practices and policies, but items that have gotten very little coverage and publicity.

    While I do not have the time to go into details now, however to quickly summarize, AC's Public Works Agency engages in all sorts of practices and policies that are not only extremely stupid, but also major threats to safety, health, and life, and yet Miley of all of the members of the Board of Supervisors is far and away the biggest defender and protector of the extremely corrupt and world class stupid Public Works Agency.

    In fact Miley has taken the position that members of the general public should not be allowed to challenge and nor appeal decisions of the Public Works Agency, since Miley “knows” that the PWA is composed of people of the very highest “intelligence,” “competence,” “honesty,” and “integrity.”

    Actually, the management of AC's Public Works Agency is even much more heavily infested with jokers, incompetents, snakes, frauds, parasites, and professional pathological liars than at least most other County agencies, however it is not at all surprising that Miley would very strongly support an agency with a management as extremely sleazy and totally corrupt as the PWA, since Miley specializes in getting virtually everything backwards, sideways, and upside down.


  4. County supervisors should have term limits in the first place. What is is very unhealthy for county politics, bureaucracy and citizens. Check out recent Grand Jury reports.


  5. I really hate the fact that politicians go around telling people NOT to run. I consider that election rigging because it's not the people choosing a candidate, it's some creepy, corrupt politician. Miley has a list of sins a mile long. I have not heard a positive thing said about him in several years. It's time to change things for the better. NO MORE NATE!


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