Khanna begins election year with more than three times the cash of Honda

Ro Khanna’s ability to raise large amounts of
campaign cash continued in 2015.

CA17 CAMPAIGN FINANCE | As was the case two years ago, Ro Khanna will begin his second bid for the 17th Congressional District with a large fundraising advantage over incumbent Rep. Mike Honda.

Khanna reported more than $1.7 million cash on hand, according to year-end campaign finance reports. The amount is more than three times greater than his Democratic rival reported in year-end cash reserves..

Khanna’s stellar fourth quarter report also showed the campaign raised $501,808 from October of last year through Dec. 31, while spending just $117,884. For the year, Khanna raised $2.1 million, according to his finance report, and disbursed $478,753.

Honda, who consistently struggled to match Khanna’s prolific fundraising numbers during the 2014 campaign before winning re-election, reported $572,199 in available cash through Dec. 31. Additionally, Honda raised $292,211 during the fourth quarter of last year, while topping $1.3 million for the entire year.

Included in Honda’s $276,600 worth of fourth quarter expenditures is $86,225 for legal and public relations services related to the ongoing House ethics investigation into whether his former staffs blurred the lines between campaign and official duties.

         —-4TH QTR—-     —-2015—-
CA17          IN      OUT         IN     OUT       CASH
KHANNA   501,808  117,884  2,140,636 478,753 $1,709,881 
HONDA    292,211  276,600  1,308,436 845,599 $  572,199

2 thoughts on “Khanna begins election year with more than three times the cash of Honda

  1. I am surprised the media isn't scrutinizing Honda's FEC filings a bit more. In Q4 alone Mike Honda spent $86,986 on legal fees and $15,021 on a PR crisis firm. For the election cycle to date, Mike Honda has spent a staggering $176,485 on legal fees and $37,067 for a PR crisis firm. That is a grand total of $213,552 that he has spent fighting the ongoing ethics investigation so far.

    He has also spent $69,190 this election cycle to date on fundraising consultants. That is a lot of money for someone to spend on fundraising consultants who has been in public service for over 30 years. He should have an extensive network by now.

    It is surprising that his donors continue to contribute money when he's spending money like this. They are seemingly supporting a sinking ship.


  2. Wow. Honda spent >$200K for his legal crisis communications teams re: the investigation into his ethics scandal. I am blown away by Honda's 2015 “out” column. That's a lot of money to burn when you're already the incumbent with name ID.

    I find it seriously impressive that Khanna raised nearly twice as much, but spent only half as much. Honda must be freaking out about going to jail or being publicly sanctioned. I'm still amazed that anyone would contribute to Honda's campaign. It's literally acting like his legal defense fund rather than field, media, etc.


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