Bill Quirk labels Steve Glazer a ‘So-called moderate Democrat’

Assemblymember Bill Quirk said moderates like
Steve Glazer vote to keep people in jail.

LEGISLATURE | To the uninitiated, Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk may look like a standard-issue Hollywood curmudgeon, but the exterior often masks a warm, paternal manner. So, when Quirk, a Democrat, unleashed some intraparty venom towards State Sen. Steve Glazer recently, it was a bit out of character.

If there is one issue that rankles Quirk since joining the Assembly in 2013, it’s the state’s top two primary election system, and its help in elected moderates, but especially moderate Democrats, like Glazer.

As Alameda County Democrats gathered last week to issue their endorsement preferences for the statewide party, Quirk used his speaking time to rail against moderates, who, he said, are hindering the progressive agenda in Sacramento.

Glazer, who was elected last May, is making few
friends in the party’s progressive caucus.

“The top two allows more challenges from so-called moderate Democrats,” said Quirk, in reference to Glazer, a Democrat who won the special election last May in the Seventh State Senate District. Glazer, however, often labels himself a progressive, but labor unions loath him for his continuing stance against public transit employees and their right to strike.

Quirk, a member of the Assembly Public Safety Committee, used as an example, the push by progressives for reform of the prison justice system is being stymied by a coalition of Republicans and moderate Democrats. Quirk said, “Glazer votes to put people in jail more.”

The criticism of the top two format is nearly identical to one Quirk lodged during his re-election in 2014 against two Republicans. During a candidate forum, he said,“We are getting more and more so-called New Democrats, moderate Democrats, and it’s getting very difficult now to get some very good legislation passed.”

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6 replies

  1. I don't usually agree with Quirk, but even he sees that Glazer is full of bullshit. The Man of The People is a Republican butt smoocher.


  2. If they're criminals they damn well deserve to be in jail–three squares a day on the taxpayer's dime! It's the LEAST we can do for the punk criminals.

    Quirk is full of shit. We need more dynamic duos like clean Steve Glazer and clean Cathy Baker–they're the People's Choice each and every time!

    Down with union whores!


  3. Baker is a Republican and will go down in November.

    Glazer is a conservative Democrat but will most likely win.

    Neither has done nothing so far for consumers and taxpayers.


  4. Dear Cathy Baker is with us for the next decade; she has another 10 years to serve us most well.

    1:30: Please do not show your great illiteracy by using double negatives, knucklehead. Thank you.


  5. By MW:

    In regard to Bill Quirk, a Democrat, openly and publicly making insulting remarks about Steve Glazer, and who is also a Democrat, and also some other Democrats, right now we are just in the preliminary phases of what will occur in the next few years, in other words the Demagogue Party totally collapsing, and as it does its various higher ranking members even speeding up the process as they get in really high gear attacking each other.

    But then, and as I have said before, the Demagogue Party, and especially its leadership, is a sinking ship, and now the rats are starting to desert. And just wait until a lot more of its lower ranking members, in other words ordinary voters, and largely thanks to such blatant and flagrant blood sucking leeches as Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, begin to more realize that the leadership of the DP is not the friend of the little people and is not composed of great liberals and wonderful humanitarians but instead fancy talking parasites, scam artists, phonies, and professional pathological liars.

    In fact if a few decades ago an earlier version of someone similar to Bernie Sanders had challenged someone similar to an earlier version of Hillary for the DP nomination for President, the “Bernie Sanders” probably would not have received even ten percent of the vote. However more and more of the general public is beginning to realize that the majority of higher ranking traditional politicians, and especially the politicians who portray themselves as liberals, actually are phonies, parasites, scam artists, and professional pathological liars. So I would suggest that the Clintons, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and other similar “liberal” parasites get into really high gear over the next few years grabbing as much money as they can, and before the general public finally wakes up.


  6. Yes, I agree. Glazer is a dynamic ass kisser. His platform on banning the Confederate flag in California and removing the tampon tax is astounding and groundbreaking. He should consider removing the tax on Chapstick. Smooches!


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