Is Swalwell’s endorsement up for grabs in Alameda County supervisors race?

Rep. Eric Swalwell

ALCO BOARD | DISTRICT 4 | Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley was not happy last week when proponents of giving unincorporated Castro Valley more self-governance through an elected advisory board trotted out the endorsements of Rep. Eric Swalwell and state Sen. Bob Wieckowski.

“I resent the fact that we have a congressman and a state senator that’s weighing-in on a local matter without even consulting with my office around that,” said Miley. “It’s purely local. It has nothing to do with state significance and nor does it have anything to do with national significance and I want the congressman and the state senator to know that.”

The board, known as the Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Committee, has its members appointed solely by Miley, which has caused consternation to some Castro Valley residents who want greater local control, possibly leading one day to incorporation. However, the proposal was met with some resistance and was later tabled last week by the Board of Supervisors, but not before Miley admonished the local state and federal leaders for interceding.

However, the outburst is far more significant than it appears, especially with Miley facing a tough re-election campaign this spring against the well-financed Bryan Parker. That’s because the endorsement from Swalwell and possibly Wieckowski could be in play.

The main reason is Parker’s campaign consultant, Lisa Tucker, also ran previous campaigns for Swalwell against Stark in 2012; and Wieckowski in a mud-slinging extravaganza against Mary Hayashi in 2014.

The possibility of Swalwell delivering a high-profile boost to Parker’s bid to unseat the long-time county supervisor would strengthen the challenger’s chances in Pleasanton, where Swalwell is increasingly popular. It’s also a portion of the district where Miley is not well-known after redistricting in 2011 cobbled the city with East Oakland and Castro Valley

Parker also appears to have been building the groundwork for seeking Swalwell’s support for months, at least, since word of his interest in the supervisorial race first surfaced via a telephone poll last summer. According to campaign finance records, Parker contributed $1,500 to Swalwell’s re-election campaign on June 20.

In a statement, Parker said Swalwell and Wieckowski were within their rights to voice an opinion on the Castro Valley issue. In addition, he called Miley’s comments “nonsensical.”

“Any public official serving the population of Castro Valley has a right to weigh in on what is a matter of democracy concerning their shared constituents,” said Parker. “Nate’s outrage over them weighing in seems a further attempt at thwarting the democratic process and having an elected MAC and keeping it appointed.”

4 thoughts on “Is Swalwell’s endorsement up for grabs in Alameda County supervisors race?

  1. By MW:

    The eighth word on the first line of the last paragraph of the above post has an error.

    In other words that word should NOT be percent but should be PERFECT.


  2. By MW:

    As a result of the death of Antonin Scalia, Nate Miley should forget about trying to get re-elected to the AC Board of Supervisors, and instead he should aim for a seat on the US Supreme Court.

    As far as his “qualifications,” he: one, is a law school graduate; two, pretends to be a “liberal;” three, just like most phonies who pretend to be “liberals,” has extreme delusions of grandeur; four, since as a phony who pretends to be a “liberal” he “knows' that he is “right,” and therefore that he is on fair and firm ground when he attempts to intimidate and silence opponents by ranting and raving, and also yelling and screaming at them, when they say they something he does not like or considers to be “stupid;” five, as a “modern” version of a “liberal,” he hates free speech; and six, and even though he pretends to be a “liberal” and pretends to believe in democracy, actually he wants a dictatorship run by phonies who pretend to be “liberals,” and which is why he does not want Castro Valley residents to be allowed to vote for which people will be on their MAC, but instead wants their MAC to have its members be appointed by himself, and so that way he can have an “independent” board composed of his puppets on a string.

    To summarize, Nate Miley is a virtually percent example of a modern “liberal,” and including in his deep commitment to an “improved” version of “free speech,” and therefore the type of nominee for the US Supreme Court that Dianne Feinstein and the rest of the “liberals in the US Senate could enthusiastically support.


  3. By MW:

    Miley is just a big sleazy windbag – and in addition to being a hypocrite.

    In fact, he has in the past even strongly and vehemently weighed in on issues relating to various matters in such far away places as Chicago, and how he believes Chicago city government and its leaders should have handled various matters much differently.

    But getting back specifically only to Castro Valley and its MAC, what are Miley and Haggerty really so afraid of, in other words why are they so extremely afraid of CV residents electing their own Board, and rather than having a Board that is composed of Miley's stooges and puppets on a string!!!

    In fact, is Miley afraid that if CV has a Board that its residents elect themselves, and rather than a Board composed of Miley's puppets on a string, that Alameda County might even have to repair the section of road in CV that has been nicknamed “Dead Man's Curve,” and before a lot more people die on that section of road that the AC Board of Supervisors and its totally corrupt Public Works Agency for years have been refusing to repair!!!

    And what if Swalwell also attempts to save lives by getting involved in trying to get AC to repair “Dead Man's Curve,” will the ranting and raving and yelling and screaming Nate Miley then insist that Swalwell is showing bad manners and lack of respect by not deferring to Miley's lies, garbage, and nonsense???

    And what if the next time that one of Miley's close political associates, in other words a future Yusef Bey, starts grabbing teenage girls off the street and holding them as slaves for years, and if Swalwell tries to stop it, will Miley then insist that Swalwell does not have the right to get involved??

    In fact, Miley is unusually sleazy even based on the “standards” of politics.


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