Rep. Barbara Lee

Rep. Barbara Lee, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said she has not offered support for any Democratic presidential candidate, despite the announcement Thursday that its Political Action Committee is supporting Hillary Clinton.

During an interview Thursday with Democracy Now!, Lee said there is a distinction between members of the Congressional Black Caucus and its PAC, which made the endorsement for Clinton over the more progressive Bernie Sanders.


“There’s a clear firewall. there’s a clear distinction,” said Lee, who is not a member of the PAC, she said, and had no input in its selection.

“I have not endorsed in the campaign. I think what is important is that the issues be addressed. I think it’s important both candidates answer these questions in a forthright manner,” said Lee.

Getting out the vote and blocking a Republican from becoming president is her highest priority, she added.

Before the 2008 presidential primaries, Lee offered an early endorsement of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.