The time is right for California to get rid of
daylight savings time, says Assmeblymember
Kansen Chu.

ASSEMBLY | 25TH DISTRICT | South Bay Assemblymember Kansen Chu wants to rid the phrase “spring forward and fall back” from the lexicon of Californians.

The freshman assemblyman who represents parts of San Jose and Fremont in the East Bay introduced legislation last week (AB 2496) that would end the biannual ritual of changing clock one hour forward in the early March and one hour back in November.

Chu said his constituents, mainly older voters, have lobbied him to make the change that, if passed, would join Hawaii and Arizona as the only other states to eschew daylight savings time.

“I heard some complaints last year from some of the senior citizens (in my district) and their care providers who say this one-hour difference really impacted their lives,” Chu told the Sacramento Bee.

Voters approved daylight savings time in 1949. But Chu admits bringing the proposal into law could be difficult, despite encouraging polling, he told the paper. “This could be a very controversial one.”