Quan won’t commit to run for Oakland City Council, but calls Kaplan lazy

Former Oakland Jean Quan and Oakland At-Large
Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan.

OAKLAND | Former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has been keeping quite a high profile over the past six months or more.

Since losing re-election to Libby Schaaf in November 2014, Quan has been part of the vocal opposition to the proposed plan to ship coal through the city’s port and has repeatedly raised the issue of Oakland’s affordable housing crisis in her monthly online newsletter.

Her continued involvement in Oakland has many political insiders suspecting Quan will mount a serious challenge to Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan’s at-large seat next November.
While handing out anti-coal literature to delegates at last weekend’s California Democratic State Convention in San Jose, Quan sidestepped the question of whether she will run for the council seat.
“Retired Jean is the same as when I was in office,” said Quan. “I’m always going to be involved in Oakland.”
But when pushed further about her interesting running for Kaplan’s seat, Quan could not resist taking a jab at her former mayoral campaign rival. 
“I think Rebecca thinks I’m running. Seems like it’s making her work harder, which is good” said Quan. “You know, Rebecca has always been kind of a lazy legislator.”
The sentiment should sound familiar. Over the past few months, many of Quan’s supporters have privately issued the very same criticism portraying Kaplan as work-shy. 
As the Oakland council races begin to take shape over the next few months, keep an eye on whether this becomes Quan’s vessel for attacking Kaplan, if the former mayor indeed enters the race.

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3 replies

  1. By MW:

    So Jean Quan said, “I'm always going to be involved in Oakland.”

    However, isn't it illegal to make threats. In fact, that comment by Quan reminded me of the comic strip “The Lockhorns” in which the wife suggested to her husband that he invite his boss over for dinner, and which caused the husband to respond, “He doesn't respond well to threats.”

    In fact since the Bay area has a total population of several million people, I suggest we have a special tax of one dollar per person, and with the grand total to be presented to Jean Quan on condition that she immediately move out of California and never come back.


  2. By MW:

    Concerning Quan's accusation that supposedly Kaplan is lazy, while I have no idea as to whether or not Kaplan is actually lazy, however it is truly comical that someone such as Quan would accuse someone else of being lazy, since Quan is one of the very laziest creatures in the history of politics.

    And as someone commented, a meeting is not an official meeting until Quan falls asleep.

    However if Quan does get heavily involved in politics again, then I hope she stays extremely lazy, since she totally screws up virtually everything she touches, so if she stays extremely lazy then she will not screw up nearly as many things.

    In fact if Quan does get elected again to anything in Oakland city government, my suggestion is that for the good of the citizens of Oakland it be arranged to have a topnotch person be hired and assigned to be Quan's number one assistant, and to actually run Quan's office, and even if doing so is expensive, and just let Quan be a figurehead, have the title, and collect a paycheck, but actually do nothing, since it would cost far more to have Quan involved and screwing up virtually everything she touched.


  3. The Oakland City Council does not need Jean Quan (again) to remain hopelessly stuck in the dysfunctional past.


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