Bonta bill calls for transparency between ICE and local cops over deportations

Assemblymember Rob Bonta unveiling legislation
Friday in Oakland that supports undocumented 
immigrants. PHOTO/Steven Tavares

ASSEMBLY | 18TH DISTRICT | Pedro Figueroa’s story is well-known in Latino communities throughout the Bay Area. In December 2014, the undocumented immigrant from El Salvador went into a San Francisco police station to report that his car was stolen. Police found a warrant for Figueroa’s arrest, but uncovered no further details. When Figueroa walked out the door, agents from the US Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) were waiting for him.

A bill introduced on Friday and authored by Assemblymember Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, intends to make sure that secret agreements and communications between local police and ICE undergo public vetting and approval by elected officials in the state.

Bonta unveiled details of Assembly Bill 2792, also to be known as the Transparent Review of Unjust Transfers and Holds (TRUTH Act), at a press conference at the state building in downtown Oakland, along with labor and civil rights groups and with immigrants who have dealt with ICE in the past.

ALSO: Watch video of Bonta’s press conference here.

“California’s immigrants [are] an integral part of our state’s social fabric, but when Immigration and Custom Enforcement coerces local law enforcement into carrying out deportations, families are separated and community trust is destroyed,” said Bonta. Undocumented immigrants are afraid to report crimes for fear of being obtained, he added.

A previous bill dubbed the TRUST Act and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brow in 2013 gave undocumented immigrants some relief by requiring that holds placed by ICE can only be for those convicted of violent crimes. But ICE found a loophole that Bonta said will be closed by his legislation.

“When the TRUST Act went into effect, ICE undermined the law by requesting local law enforcement notify them of personal information, such as their release time, so they could be waiting with a white van to pick up our immigrant community members.”

The bill hopes to create transparency for local detention and deportation policies and require any agreements with ICE to be vetted by the public and approved by elected officials.

Law enforcement groups across the state are expected to oppose the bill as it winds through the legislature. “We expect it,” said Bonta. Pushback from law enforcement against the TRUST Act in 2013 was also strong, he added, before it was eventually signed into law.

In Alameda County, the sheriff’s department’s coordination with ICE has been controversial in recent years. In 2013, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution asking Sheriff Gregory Ahern to not participate in the federal immigration program known as Secure Communities, which came under criticism for creating mistrust in Latino communities toward law enforcement and often splitting up families due to deportations. [CONTINUED AT EASTBAYEXPRESS.COM]

2 thoughts on “Bonta bill calls for transparency between ICE and local cops over deportations

  1. By MW:

    In regard to the above SF office building (the building's ownership and management pretended it was a union building), it not only had the majority of its janitorial – and virtually all of its asbestos removal, asbestos “cleanup,” and asbestos dumping – performed by undocumented aliens, but furthermore that building also served as an office, headquarters, and dispatch center for sending crews of undocumented aliens to janitorial accounts all over the Bay area.

    So undoubtedly those other business locations, and many of which were Bay area restaurants, became heavily contaminated with asbestos fibers from the vacuum cleaners and other asbestos contaminated equipment that they had brought with them from that headquarters building.

    And then the sleazeball and scumbag San Francisco lawyer who represented the building, and who also represented its management company and ownership, really put his foot in his mouth BIG BIG BIG TIME.

    (Perhaps at the time he was drunk and/or on drugs.)

    In other words he accidentally told the truth. (Some people define a gaffe as when a scumbag, coverup artist, con man, and professional pathological liar accidentally and unintentionally tells the truth, in other words lets the cat out of the bag.)

    More specifically while in a debate he was having with a whistleblower during a kidnapping, harassment, and intimidation session that he pretended was a legitimate deposition, he STRONGLY, REPEATEDLY, AND VEHEMENTLY EMPHASIZED the extreme dangers of being exposed to even very small amounts of asbestos, and including that it could lead to mesothelioma, and which, as he strongly and vehemently emphasized, would kill the person who got mesothelioma.

    And even though he was there to deny and lie about anything and everything, he also made some other huge admissions and monstrous gaffes. But then, and as previously mentioned, he was very likely drunk and/or on drugs. In fact his stupidity exceeded even his extreme sleaziness. While he was as stupid as could be and probably also an extreme drunk and/or drug addict, however from the viewpoint of the building's management company and ownership he was the “perfect” lawyer, since he was so extremely sleazy that he was therefore willing to do absolutely anything, and including arranging illegal backroom fixes in exchange for under the table bribes.


  2. By MW:

    The highest ranking members of the Demagogue Party, and as part of their choreographed act of pretending to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, pretend to sympathize with the plight of the poor and disenfranchised, and including undocumented aliens.

    However to give just one example of the real motivations and actual position of the Bay area's, and also the nation's,leading liberals and the highest ranking members of the Demagogue Party, for many years the primary owner of one of the Bay area's largest office buildings was a particular organized crime kingpin AND MAJOR TRAFFICKER IN UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS, and who I will refer to as Mr. X, and who went thru a light charade of pretending to be a legitimate businessman.

    And since he was an important source of large election campaign contributions and he and his lawyers were major sources of huge under the table bribes, therefore the highest ranking members of the Democratic Party, and including in San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, the SF area, and Washington DC, all pretended to believe that X was a legitimate businessman.


    And altho that was repeatedly reported to a large variety of the very highest ranking members of the DP, however none of those great liberals and wonderful humanitarians gave a hoot since X was a major source of large election contributions and huge under the table bribes.

    And still furthermore many of the people who were tenants in that building during the time X was its primary owner will eventually die of lung cancer due to for years being regularly exposed to those clouds of asbestos fibers that most of them thought were just ordinary plaster and dust. And even when the highest ranking members of the DP were also informed of that – THEY STILL DID NOT GIVE A HOOT SINCE MR. X WAS A MAJOR SOURCE OF ELECTION CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS AND UNDER THE TABLE BRIBES.

    But one of the tenants who suspected he was being secretly exposed to asbestos did report his suspicions to SF city government. However, and as I previously mentioned, the building's primary owner was a major source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes. So therefore the building management was tipped off that the city inspectors would be coming in for a “surprise” the following week. SO THEREFORE THE BUILDING MANAGER ARRANGED FOR SOME OF THE BUILDING's EMPLOYEES TO WORK OVERTIME THAT SATURDAY SANITIZING THINGS SO AS TO GET READY FOR THE “SURPRISE” INSPECTION THAT WOULD BE COMING IN A FEW DAYS.


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