Ray McDonald, ex-49er on trial for sexual assault, spoke to Hayward students about self-discipline; parents upset

Former 49ers defensive end Ray McDonald

HAYWARD SCHOOLS | Hayward parents are outraged that Ray McDonald, a former San Francisco 49ers defensive end who is scheduled to go on trial next month for allegedly raping an intoxicated woman, recently spoke to 250 at-risk students at Hayward’s Tennyson High School about self-discipline.

McDonald “doesn’t even know how to handle his own life,” said Hayward parent Eduardo Orozco. “I just don’t think it’s the right choice.” Orozco added that the allegations against McDonald do not send a positive message for teenage girls at Tennyson. “His record shows he doesn’t have much respect for women.”

Hayward Unified School District, however, seems proud about McDonald’s appearance. The district’s Facebook page described McDonald as “the perfect voice to help students recognize the importance of attending school daily and staying on track.” McDonald was joined at the February 25 event by a 49ers practice squad player.

“The two athlete[s] inspired students to stay focused and self-disciplined,” the Facebook post continued. “They engaged students in reflective questions about self-motivation and life distractions.”

The event was part of the school district’s Drop Out Prevention program, which is headed by Tennyson High football coach Anthony Jackson and funded by the Hayward Promise Neighborhood project, a $25 million federal program to help struggling students in South Hayward’s Jackson Triangle neighborhood. Cal State East Bay is also partner in the program.

But parents are strongly questioning the selection of McDonald as a role model for at-risk teens because of his many run-ins with the law. In August 2014, McDonald was accused by his ex-fiancée of bruising her arms and neck while she was holding their two-month-old baby. A Santa Clara County grand jury declined to indict McDonald of felony false imprisonment and domestic violence charges in that case, but did return an indictment of violating a restraining order filed by the ex-fiancée just two days after the alleged incident.

The 49ers then cut ties with McDonald after he was charged in December 2014 for alleged sexual assault of an intoxicated woman at his home in Santa Clara. In a statement, the team said it made the decision to release McDonald based on his “pattern of poor decision-making.” The Chicago Bears signed McDonald shortly thereafter, but then released him in May 2015 after he was arrested on suspicion of a domestic assault and child endangerment. Days later he was arrested again for violating a restraining order.

Some parents at Tennyson High, one of the most underperforming schools in the state, have complained to the high school’s administration and the superintendent’s office, along with school board in recent days, about McDonald’s address to students. Orozco, a parent of a Tennyson High student, said he was shocked when he saw the school district’s posting of the McDonald appearance on social media. [CONTINUE READING AT EASTBAYEXPRESS.COM]

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  1. By MW:

    Very likely those who selected Ray McDonald to give a talk on self-discipline were merely trying to continue the Bay area's program of being the universe's number one circus and insane asylum.

    T give just a few examples:

    For instance a few years ago the Bay area chapter of the American Cancer Society gave Willie Brown its Humanitarian of the Year Award, and even though over the last few decades WB had accepted far more money from the tobacco companies than any other politician in the entire country.

    And before Jim Jones moved to Jonestown, Guyana, and where he arranged the mass murder of over seven hundred people, he was the toast of the Bay area, and especially Alameda County and San Francisco, and with Willie Brown, Harvey Milk, the SF Chronicle, and SF mayor George Moscone engaging in virtually non-stop praise of Jones, AND STRONGLY AND VEHEMENTLY DEFENDING HIM FROM CRITICS. In fact, Milk even wrote a letter to President Carter asking that Carter force critics to stop making insulting remarks about Jim Jones. (In other words, the circus of clowns, demagogues, and charlatans that comprise the majority of modern “liberalism,” and especially in the Bay area, is heavily infested with phonies who are too stupid and/or too sleazy to allow the First Amendment right to free speech to anyone who does not go along with the standard liberal line of lies, garbage, and nonsense.)

    And at UC Berserkely the students practice “free speech” by stealing newspapers that print anything contrary to the standard “liberal” line of lies, garbage, and nonsense. (And rather than prosecuting the students who stole the newspapers, instead UC Berserkely hired some scumbags and parasites with law licenses to “study” the issue, and whose analysis and “thinking” then “proved” that the students had acted “legitimately” when they stole the newspapers.)

    So I suggest that next the Bay area arrange for Bernard Madoff, John Edwards, Pablo Escobar, Boss Tweed, Al Capone, and Lucky Luciano to go to local high schools and give lectures on ethics, honesty, and integrity.


  2. You forgot to add Leland Yee.


  3. @ 11:15 am

    Punctuation, spelling, grammar.

    Excellent example of the poor quality education folks in Hayward get. Maybe you should ask Reynoso for a tutorial. Oh wait, I'm just being a rigid a** for even suggesting that you learn to use the English language.


  4. Hey is Mac Donald Data Dobbs life coach? Another bad decision by HUSD. Stan The Man keeps them coming! Betcha City Council will give Mac Donald a special poem, proclamation or take photos with him and put them on Facebook.


  5. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 10:37, I will take your suggestion, and therefore add, and in fact with great enthusiasm. Leland Yee to the list of paragons of virtue who should be on the team of wonderful and fantastic mentors to provide instruction and guidance to impressionable teenagers.

    In fact, we should also add Bobby Baker, Billy Sol Estes, and Jim and Tammy Bakker.

    And we definitely need to add and include former federal judge Otto Kerner. In fact, no list of phonies and scumbags would be complete that did not include Otto Kerner. For instance for many years virtually everybody “knew” that Kerner, and even though actually he was as corrupt as could be, was one of the very finest, most intelligent, and most ethical judges, and in fact also public officials and people, who ever lived. In other words he was such an extreme example of a world class phony that it is hard to believe that he did not move from Illinois to the Bay area and become a San Francisco politician.

    It was actually amusing the incident that caused Kerner, and who virtually everybody “knew: was one of the most honest judges of all time, to be exposed as actually a judge whose standard way of doing business was to make decisions on the basis of under the table bribes.

    Specifically, a racetrack operator by the name of Marge Everett paid under the table bribes, BUT THEN LISTED THE BRIBES AS A BUSINESS EXPENSE ON HER INCOME TAX RETURNS, since Everett's position was that for a business owner in Illinois having to pay bribes to the big boys was an ordinary and necessary business expense. So that is how Otto Kerner, and after decades of being as sleazy and as phony as could be, was finally exposed as a crooked judge.

    Of course in California one of the ways that some of the very sleaziest crooks collect bribes, and in fact HUGE bribes, but keep everything “legal,” is if they are lawyers then getting elected to the state legislature, and then having anyone who wants to give them a bribe going through the charade of pretending the bribe is a consultation fee. Ask Willie Brown for details.


  6. O.J. can't have visitors? What a friggin' waste of money. Neighborhood Promise is another scam. Hayward is up to Shady business again.


  7. “sexual assault of an intoxicated woman at his home”, ye, if it happens, maybe this is not the first time.



  1. Hayward: After Title IX complaint over girls’ sports facilities at Tennyson High, shenanigans follow

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