CA17: GOP candidate says he’s backing Trump; interested in being his delegate

Silicon Valley GOP congressional candidate
Ron Cohen wants to make the South Bay 
great, again.

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Seventeenth Congressional District Republican candidate Ron Cohen says he needs to differentiate himself from his opponents in the seven-person June primary headlined by Democrats Rep. Mike Honda and Ro Khanna.

Will coming out in support of Donald Trump do the trick? Probably, yes. Cohen announced his support Thursday for the leading Republican presidential candidate.

But, Cohen says his pledge of support for Trump’s presidential campaign Thursday is not entirely a case of political expediency. “I wanted to announce it now before it becomes a sure thing,” he said of Trump’s push for the GOP nomination. “Saying it now, it’s not gratuitous or jumping on the bandwagon.” said Cohen, a first-time candidate who is also a Fremont certified public accountant. Cohen said he is a former Rand Paul supporter.

He would also welcome a chance to be selected as one of Trump’s delegates if the New York billionaire wins Cohen’s 17th Congressional District on June 7. Each Republican presidential candidate on the ballot has the opportunity to select three delegates and three alternates if they win one of California’s congressional district. Cohen said he would be beholden to voting for Trump throughout several rounds of the nominating process if picked.“If we can be so lucky,” he added. “I’ll do whatever is required.”

Donald Trump 

Part of the impetus for the announcement, he said, is also the recent addition of another Republican in the field earlier this month, which is forcing him to fight for every sliver of the region’s small conservative voting electorate.

In recent weeks, Cohen has criticized fellow GOP candidate Peter Kuo, a Santa Clara insurance broker who finished a surprising second in the 2014 10th State Senate District race to Democrat Bob Wieckowski, for lacking policy heft and a reliance on telling his immigrant story. Although Kuo started his campaign a bit late, he has shown the ability in the past for attracting large contributions from the South Bay’s large Asian American communities.

“If I’m going to distinguish myself in this way, I want to do it because I really believe in it,” Cohen said of support for Trump. However, he doesn’t agree with Trump every issue, including disparaging comments the candidate has made against women, his support for waterboarding and what Cohen calls Trump’s “childish behavior.” But, Cohen stands with Trump when it comes to illegal immigration, the specter of some Muslim groups trying to attack the U.S., and believes he will “end one-sided trade deals that cost U.S. jobs.”

4 thoughts on “CA17: GOP candidate says he’s backing Trump; interested in being his delegate

  1. MW: Well said. John Kaisch is old school (R) and wants to “means test” Social Security (Heard from his mouth on CNN), so that's a socialist concept, so he's off my list. Ted Cruz has teamed-up with the (R) Establishment, putting aside his real honesty issues. But, you hit the mark, that there is a big issue, much bigger than these men. Woodrow Wilson and General Smedley Butler called it back in the 1920s as you refer to. Wilson realized the excessive powers of the FED and the IRS were terrible mistakes, and Butler warned us (as well as Eisenhower) of what is today the “military industrial” and banking complex. You give a politician some money and power, and usually you own him. If nothing else, Mr. Trump seems to be immune to that subversion. We need to give that a try.


  2. By MW:

    Regardless of whether or not Trump wins the upcoming presidential election, or for that matter even succeeds in becoming the Republican nominee, the issues that he, and to some degree also Bernie Sanders, has brought to much greater public attention will in the long run cause great destruction to that sleazy organized crime ring of parasites and blood sucking leeches that going back to at least the 1920's, and while pretending to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, has controlled the Democratic Party and been scamming the general public.

    In fact Trump is most likely a huge danger to not just most of the big boys in the DP, but also to most of the big boys in the Republican Party.

    For example if Trump had been put in charge of building the new Bay Bridge, in other words the bridge that replaced the bridge that was badly damaged in the 1989 earthquake, rather than the new bridge taking over twenty years to build and it costing over seven billion dollars to construct (and even though the original estimates were only about one eighth of that, in other words about eight hundred million dollars), the new bridge most likely would have been completed in one year or less and also been completed for eight hundred million dollars or less.

    In other words there are a lot of entrenched interests, and in both the Democratic and Republican parties, who are in love with inefficiency and whose operations are based on screwing up virtually everything they touch, and whose entire way of doing business has as it cornerstone that the more things are screwed up the larger the profits they make.

    And that is a major reason, and probably the biggest reason, that they see Trump as a huge threat. However they are not going to admit that they are scared stiff Trump might destroy their extremely profitable scam operations. So instead they are trying to distract the general public by pretending that the reason they object to Trump is because supposedly he is: one, a racist and a bigot; and/or two, extremely erratic and a total nut.


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