Parker backs use of county reserves for stadium infrastructure

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley, right,
is facing a well-financed challenge from former
Oakland mayoral candidate Bryan Parker.

The Oakland Raiders are about $500 million short when it comes to financing a new stadium in Oakland while Alameda County is sitting on budget reserves of around $1 billion. Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley and June primary challenger Bryan Parker both believe the county could tap some of those reserves for public infrastructure related to the construction of a new football stadium.

Parker, a former Oakland mayoral candidate from two years ago, said the county is “over-reserved” and could earmark some of the excess toward paying down unfunded liabilities, especially post-retirement benefits, along with contributing to public infrastructure projects connected to any future stadium at the current Coliseum property.

The exchange occurred Tuesday evening during a candidate’s town hall in Castro Valley. The Alameda County District Four Board of Supervisors seat represents East Oakland to Pleasanton and includes much of unincorporated Alameda County.

County reserves are not only set aside for emergencies but to help build a strong credit rating, Miley responded. “Reserves are important. It’s part of best practices,” said Miley. “No, I won’t touch reserves. I would only touch that in an emergency situation. That’s a cardinal principle. We want to have strong reserves if necessary to fall back on.”

In an interview after Tuesday’s town hall, Miley indicated a willingness for limited use of reserves for stadium infrastructure, along with bonding. “If we’re going to do something with the public resources, maybe infrastructure, maybe some bonds—and it’s got to be limited, even then,” said Miley. In an interview Friday, Miley said the use of county reserves are “sacrosanct” and should only be used for emergencies and not for stadium construction or infrastructure. (See note below)

Earlier, Parker lauded the county administrator for building up healthy reserve over the years, but added, “They should be used in bad times. We only have to look back to the crash in ’08 and see those are times that we might want to dig down, but that’s not the only time,” said Parker. Based on other municipalities across the country, Parker added, “We’re over-reserved, meaning that if we took some reserves off the table, we would still have a very good credit rating.”

Specifically with the Coliseum, Parker said, “I think we should only be putting our money into public infrastructure,” not toward the cost of the building the new stadium.

The general use of public money to fund infrastructure, such as roads, sewers and other public works projects connected to a new stadium has long been advocated by Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. The city and county jointly own and operate the current Coliseum property. Miley, though, has often suggested the county sell its stake in the property, although he said Tuesday night he still supports a much cheaper remodel of the Coliseum, instead.

NOTE: A clarification was added to Miley’s answer for using reserves on stadium-related financing.

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  1. By MW:

    So if Alameda County presently has approx. one billion dollars in the bank, I am extremely confident that the sleazy mafia of idiots, nitwits, and crooks which runs the County and pretends to be a legitimate government can find plenty of ways to waste the money and fritter it away.

    And on the other hand not even one billion dollars will seem like very much money once the County, and especially its Public Works Agency, starts getting hit with wrongful death suits related to its various actions and policies.


  2. By MW:

    Concerning my above comment, as far as Alameda County eventually getting hit with wrongful death suits, and including related to the actions and policies of its Public Works Agency, most likely one of the reasons Alameda County and its Public Works Agency have not done anything about repairing that section of road in Castro Valley that has been nicknamed “Dead Man's Curve,” and even though for many years the structure of that road has been causing major auto accidents that have been resulting in extremely serious injuries, and in some cases also deaths, is that no one has offered enough money in under the table bribes to any of the big boys, so therefore our wonderful public servants have chosen to leave that deathtrap as it is, and even though they have always found the money to drastically increase their own salaries.

    To give a little history, for many years the County, and including its Public Works Agency, has been pretending to be considering repairing “Dead Man's Curve. However each year it has come up with the same story, in other words that supposedly it cannot yet find the money to do it.

    And a year ago or so I read another interesting article related to Dead Man's Curve. According to that article, a woman who lived near it (and the newspaper article mentioned the woman's name and also included some direct quotes) had a teenaged daughter who would soon be old enough to get a driver's license.

    However since the mother was so afraid that her daughter, and who would soon be an inexperienced driver, might be seriously injured or killed while trying to navigate the extremely dangerous conditions on Dead Man's Curve, therefore she was planning on taking the huge financial loss of selling her house and instead moving somewhere else.

    Of course if the woman did sell her present house and then buy another house, that would be a huge bonus for our wonderful public servants, since that way homeowners who have been in their present houses for many years, and are therefore strongly protected by Proposition 13, would in their new and replacement houses have to pay drastically higher property taxes.

    NOTE: I found out about Dead Man's Curve in an interesting way. In other words I was discussing with another resident of AC's Unincorporated area, a person who lives a mile or two from my house, a condition on my street that the sleazy professional pathological liars who infest the upper management of Public Works had for years been lying about and giving me non-stop runarounds in regard to. However he was already very well aware of how extremely sleazy Public Works' upper management was, and therefore he was not at all surprised that Public Works had given me non-stop lies and runarounds, and he then further illustrated how extremely sleazy Public Works' management was by describing to me PW's actions in regard to Dead Man's Curve.

    So rather than that sleazy mafia of clowns, nitwits, parasites, and crooks who govern Alameda County spending OUR reserves on a sports stadium, instead they should spend the money to repair Dead Man's Curve.


  3. By MW:

    So Alameda County's big boys, and including Nate Miley and Susan Muranishi, supposedly, and agues just recently, “discovered” that our County government has approx one BILLION dollars that supposedly they did not know about until a few days ago.

    So if our County government supposedly over the last several years accumulated approx one BILLION dollars that supposedly Nate Miley did not know about, is it also possible that there has been all sorts of embezzlement, money laundering, funny business, and other secret funds that Nate Miley did not know about, or at least supposedly did not know about!!!

    In fact about fifteen years ago a woman who worked as a clerk assisting the nurses at one of Alameda County's public hospitals told me that she had previously worked in the Accounting department in the same County hospital, and that two of the highest ranking people in that accounting department had each been embezzling over TWO MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

    Of course if she had decided to be a whistleblower about it, most likely she would have ended up dead, in other words as a result of a murder that would have been professionally done, in other words designed to look like a “suicide” or a death from “natural causes.”

    Or if the crooks and their co-conspirators had really wanted to be sophisticated about it, they would have “sent her a signal” to shut up and to also renounce her earlier allegations by arranging for some of her relatives to one by one start dropping dead, and again from “natural causes.”

    And still furthermore, even if she had been willing to take the huge physical risk of having herself and/or her relatives being murdered by her becoming a whistleblower, still it would not have done any good, since almost certainly the County government would have “looked into” her allegations by having a team of sleazy professional pathological liars and common criminals with law licenses from the DA's office and/or County Counsel's office do a scripted, choreographed and prearranged whitewash that they would have pretended was a legitimate investigation.

    And as far as organized crime, if you ever write a huge five thousand page book about it, do not even mention Al Capone and Lucky Luciano, since they were far too minor to even be worth even a single sentence. In other words, the really big organized crime rings include the government and the lawyers. And that is why the big boys, and including in the US Senate, made organized crime kingpin M. L. “Larry The Liar- Arlington” Lawrence the US Ambassador to Switzerland, in other words they wanted someone to assist them in their money laundering.

    NOTE: You can read one tenth of one percent of the facts in regard to Lawrence's lies, sleaze, and phoniness (but he did pretend to be a legitimate businessman) by going to his entry in Wikipedia, and which has him listed as “M. Larry Lawrence,” and with the “M” standing for Maurice.


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