Hayward appeals state finding it illegally imposed wage cuts on city employees

SEIU Local 1021 members in Hayward staging a 
three-day strike in 2014 to protest the city’s 
then-alleged unfair labor negotiations.

HAYWARD | Months after a state Public Employment Relations Board found the city of Hayward’s five percent wage imposition two years ago on 300 city workers was illegal, the city is quietly appealing its findings.

Hayward City Manager Fran David, though, did not use the word “appeal” to characterize the move, but labeled the filing last month as an exemption. The procedural move allows the city to continue to discuss its option, said David, and to continue ongoing negotiations with representatives of the Service Employees International Union, Local 1021. “The city and SEIU are still talking,” she added.

Last week, a representative from SEIU Local 1021 was critical of the city for making the decision to appeal without much fanfare. Weeks after the Hayward City Council finally approved the decision to appeal, the city had made no official mention of the action.

Discussion over appealing the PERB ruling has been listed as a closed session item for months without a determination by the current City Council. During the same time, SEIU members have routinely voiced opposition to the city appealing the PERB decision, saying the cost to taxpayers and time could be better used toward mending relations between city management and public employees.

The report issued last December by the Public Employment Relation Board found Hayward city leaders illegally imposed the unilateral five percent wage cut without engaging in good-faith negotiations with the union. It also ordered the city to pay back city workers.

The report also detailed instances where city department heads pressured city workers to vote for management’s offer, in addition, to describing one scene when the city’s police chief was shooting video of union members inside the council chambers and outside City Hall during a rally.

Meanwhile, some members of the Hayward City Council, up for re-election this June, told the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee Wednesday that negotiations between city management and SEIU were going reasonably well.

However, one member of the central committee with knowledge of the negotiations strongly disagreed with the councilmember’s description, saying the current offer made by the city will not make workers whole and still amounts to a pay cut.

Furthermore, there is no timetable for a resolution and waiting for the Public Employment Relations Board to make a final decision on the city’s appeal could take years. Both sides acknowledge it could take between 1-3 years before the item is actually heard by the state board.

6 thoughts on “Hayward appeals state finding it illegally imposed wage cuts on city employees

  1. By MW:

    Let's say that John Doe were to become a federal employee. If so and if he started as a buck private, he would get a small increase in pay when he was promoted to private first class and another small increase in pay if he was later promoted to corporal. And each promotion from corporal to sergeant and all the way up to five star general would each cause a slight increase in pay, and meaning that a colonel would get paid only slightly more than a major. a one star general only slightly more than a colonel, and even a five star general only slightly more than a four star general, and regardless of whether we are talking about the actual US army or instead the equivalent ranks in the federal civil service.

    However in Bay area local government we have plenty of situations in which the one star general is making drastically more money than the colonel and the five star general is making twice as much money as the four star general, and with Alameda County Administrator Susan Muranishi an excellent example of that.

    And to give an example to Hayward specifically, and rather than to the Bay area in general, just think of the outrageously high salary Hayward is paying five star general Data Dobbs, and who is such a totally useless clown that he would be extremely overpaid even if he were paid only ten cents a year.

    So as far as the financial problems that various Bay area governmental entities, and including Hayward and Alameda County, are having, the first step should be to cut the salaries of a lot of “wonderful” and extremely highly paid “experts” who have no real skill other than being extremely competent at totally screwing up virtually everything they touch.


  2. CM David is the mama bird and the council members are her baby birds. Instead of reading the PERB decision, they let mama bird regurgitate the decision in their little baby beaks. They down played the appeal because this is an election year and we all know council loves labor, especially when its an election year.


  3. The Media Guru for Hayward issued a press release in January 2016, stating the city would appeal the judge's decision. I think it is still on the newly revamped city website. Not surprising that the city spends a mint on public relations, media consultants, and videos to change its image. Only to subsequently proceed to shoot itself in the foot again.


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