A’s owner, family maxes out donations to Steve Glazer’s state Senate campaign

A’s majority owner John Fisher has maxed out
contributions to Steve Glazer two straight years.

When it comes to progressive Oakland and its beloved baseball team there is some irony when you realize A’s owner John Fisher is one of the biggest backers of Republicans and conservative causes in the state. Fisher, whose family founded Gap, for instance, is major supporter of charter schools. The Fisher family is apparently a strong supporter of moderate State Sen. Steve Glazer’s re-election in the Seventh District.

Seven members of the Fisher family, including John and matriarch Doris Fisher, maxed out their contributions to Glazer’s campaign, according to campaign finance reports. John, Doris, Elizabeth, Laura, Robert, Sakurako and William Fisher each donated $4,200 to Glazer’s re-election on Mar. 31.

State Sen. Steve Glazer

The Glazer contributions would not be the first time John Fisher has participated in state political campaigns. In 2013, the Fair Political Practices Commission reported  Fisher secretly gave $400,000 in contributions to a shadowy Arizona-based group tied to the Koch Brothers that supported Proposition 32, a state initiative crafted to undermine labor unions in California.

John Fisher also contributed last year to the campaigns of failed Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

In addition to being an A’s co-owner, John Fisher is the chairman of KIPP Charter Schools.

After a failed bid for the assembly in 2014, Glazer, a moderate Democrat, won the special election last May in the state Senate’s seventh district over Susan Bonilla. John Fisher also contributed $4,200 to that campaign. Meanwhile, Glazer, is up for this June against Democrat Guy Moore and Republican Joe Rubay.

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  1. Glazer is a nerdy puppet of rich Republicans. The Man of The Rich People. Wonderful Glazer kisses Bonilla's Republican ass.


  2. Love CLEAN Steve Glazer, who will make BART safe for the PEOPLE again. He is the slayer of union whores!


  3. Glazer The Clean Corporate Whore.


  4. Written like a true, dyed-in-wool union slut.


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