Hayward council candidate John Taylor says supe who attacked school board members is ‘best in the country’

Hayward council candidate John Taylor is
also a member of the city’s school board.

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | Hayward City Council candidate John Taylor is taking credit for luring the school district’s superintendent who was later alleged to have attacked two members of the school board last fall.

While seeking the endorsement of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee last week, Taylor, one of 10 candidates seeking four open seats on the City Council this June, said he personally recruited Hayward Unified School District Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs for the job three years ago.

Taylor, a current member of the school board, also described Dobbs as the “best superintendent in the country.”

Taylor, second from the right, at the Alameda County
Central Committee meeting Apr. 6 in San Leandro.

Hayward school board members William McGee and Luis Reynoso both filed police reports following the alleged closed session incident. No charges were filed, but the reports document Dobbs behaving in an aggressive manner toward both officials. The ordeal also precipitated other members of the five-person board to restrain Dobbs, according to the police reports.

During the endorsement meeting with county Democrats Taylor was also critical of a majority of the Hayward school board—including McGee, Reynoso and Board President Lisa Brunner—for “still creating chaos” for the last decade or more.

A variation of the criticism is common among Hayward business leaders and some elected officials, but the audience last Wednesday may not have taken kindly to criticizing a progressive Democrat like McGee, which the group had endorsed for re-election two years ago.

Taylor did not receive the central committee’s endorsement, which went to appointed incumbent Councilmember Elisa Marquez and newcomer Matt McGrath, a former department head for the City of Hayward.

7 thoughts on “Hayward council candidate John Taylor says supe who attacked school board members is ‘best in the country’

  1. The only one worth voting is Wynn Grcich, community activist. She is the only candidate with plenty of “balls” to change things at city hall in Hayward. Everyone else talks about supporting tax measures and the need for more high salary administrator. But, not Wynn, she will make sure that our money is well spent. My vote goes for Wynn, we need something better.



  2. Stan Dancing Data Dobbs and John Taylor are your typical Made In Hayward shit. Race has nothing to do with anything. These two need to be fired.


  3. Not sure what you mean by your comment but nobody is mentioning anybody's race here. If the people involved are black then so what. Black folk can also be violent and bullies and they too need to be kicked out just like anyone else that is violent. The color of your skin does not protect you by being corrupt, dumb, or violent. Violence comes in all colors.


  4. Hayward community, please do not re elect John Taylor for School Board and definitely not as a City Council member.


  5. HUSD School Board needs to think about what happens in their schools if they allow this Supt Dobbs to continue working there. Lead by example if you do not want your schools to be violent. Fire the bullies and people that are violent. Good bye Dancing Data Dobbs!


  6. By MW:

    Hayward is part of the Bay area, in other words the section of the US that made a huge hero of Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, when Jones was still in the US, specifically in San Francisco and Alameda County. In fact when Jim Jones was still in the Bay area, in other words before he moved to Jonestown, Guyana, Willie Brown, SF mayor George Moscone, and the SF Chronicle never stopped eulogizing Jones and constantly “informing” and “educating” the general public in regard to what an extremely fantastic person Jones was. In fact, WB and Moscone even gave Jim Jones testimonial dinners at which they further eulogized him and praised him to the skies.

    And speaking of Willie Brown, the Bay area chapter of the American Cancer Society gave Willie Brown, and who over the last few decades has received far more money from the tobacco companies than any other politician in the entire country, its Humanitarian of the Year award.

    And Nate Miley and various other Bay area politicians “knew” that Yusef Bey, in other words the human trafficker and enslaver, was an extremely wonderful and totally trustworthy person.

    So now the Bay area has its latest two bit joker of a politician , specifically John Taylor, to “educate” and “inform” us. In fact, the entire Bay area should change its name from the Bay area to “THE POLITICALLY CORRECT SCHOOL AND UNIVERSITY OF LIES, GARBAGE, NONSENSE, MISINFORMATION, AND GETTING VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING BACKWARDS, SIDEWAYS, ADD UPSIDE DOWN.”


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