CA17: Cohen receives blowback for supporting Trump

Donald Trump has the support of CA17 candidate
Ron Cohen and feeling push back for the decision.

Republican Ron Cohen is catching heat from all sides after declaring support last month for Donald Trump, the party’s controversial presidential front runner.

The Fremont certified public accountant is among five others hoping to unseat Rep. Mike Honda this June in the 17th Congressional District. Cohen says he’s received several angry emails to his campaign web site since announcing last month that he is backing Trump’s nomination.

One Republican voter said they would not volunteer for Cohen’s campaign since they believe Trump doesn’t hold requisite conservative credentials. “As a registered Republican I am disappointed that you are backing Trump for the Republican nomination,” they wrote in a email to Cohen.

He says others have sent him emails with various lines of criticism over his decision to back Trump. Cohen is also seeking to become one of Trump’s delegates to the Republican National Convention this summer, in the event the New York billionaire wins the 17th Congressional District in the June primary.

Cohen has also been challenged on Twitter, especially by a former Ro Khanna staffer who slammed Cohen’s endorsement, primarily over Trump’s strong stance toward immigrants and Muslims.

In fact, the congressional district boasts some of the largest Asian American and Afghan communities in the nation. In addition, Fremont’s population features a minority-majority bolstered by a large Asian and South Asian American population.

“Seriously why are you running? Are you a 50 Shades of Grey style masochist or something?” said one tweet to Cohen last week. Another read, “Reason number 666 why @RCohen4Congress is wrong for #CA17. He PROUDLY supports @realDonaldTrump for President.”

Cohen, though, shrugs off the attacks and says his support for Trump differentiates him from the other Republican in the primary, Santa Clara businessman Peter Kuo, who received the backing of the Santa Clara County Republican Party on Wednesday.

In an email, he said of the emails and recent tweet storm: “I do disagree I am: 1) Blind to Trump’s real meaning; 2) That there is any racism involved; and 3) That’s I’d be an abhorrent congressman.”

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  1. Just like to add that my support of Trump is based on my agreement with his positions. Kasich wants Social Security to be paid based on “means testing”…so he's out. Cruz, I just don't believe. See the long discussion on my website of the reasons I support Donald Trump. He'll be a great President. Ron Cohen For Congress 2016


  2. By MW:

    Of course a place as “extremely enlightened” as the totally politically correct Bay area considers it to be outrageous that anyone would back Donald Trump.

    In the extremely politically correct Bay area we would rather back such scam artists and phonies who pretend to be liberals as Jim Jones (and later of Jonestown infamy), Willie Brown, and Yusef Bey, and similar ilk.

    And let's also not forget that for a long time Reddy Lakireddy also was strongly backed and protected by the Bay area's liberal establishment, and who “knew” that he was a wonderful person and a legitimate businessman.

    In fact, I am going to set up a business that will be far sleazier than anything Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti, or Pablo Escobar ever created or even dreamed of.

    However so as to stay out of prison, I will not have my base of operations in Chicago or New York but instead in the Bay area.

    And since the normal method for deciding who is the US Attorney for each district is a US Senator for that state makes the selection, and especially if one of the US Senators is of the same political party as the US President, and since Boxer and Feinstein are both Democrats, and as Obama also is, that means Boxer and Feinstein get to decide who is appointed to be the US Attorney for each district in California.

    So I will make large political contributions to all important politicians in the Bay area and California, and including Feinstein, Boxer, Willie Brown, Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, and Nancy O'Malley, etc, and then I will be untouchable, and no matter what I do.

    (NOTE: Boxer and Feinstein do not merely decide who gets to be the US Attorney for each district in California, but also whether that particular US Attorney gets to keep his job – or is instead fired for “incompetence.” And many US Attorneys also see the position as a stepping stone to eventually being appointed to a federal judgeship. So in other words the US Attorney will not make a determined effort to go after anybody who is as much of an insider as Willie Brown, and no matter how many people “jump” through windows, and supposedly in “suicides,” in such places as Walnut Creek or anywhere else.)


  3. “That there is any racism involved” For Cohen not to understand or care about the racism and xenophobia Trump exhibits tells us that if he were to become an elected, his policies would only strengthen the structural racism our country is built on. This should – I know it doesn't – but should, disqualify him. Ron, attend this event:


  4. By MW:

    As a followup to my earlier post, I have always assumed that the reasons all relevant agencies, and including the FBI and US Attorney's office, did not leave Ed Jew and Leland Yee alone is that: one, they were not big enough; and two, they probably showed horrible etiquette and extremely bad manners by keeping most or all of the money for themselves, and rather than properly sharing it with the other crooks and big boys in high places.

    In other words they were not high enough in rank to get away with acting so independently. And since the various investigatory and regulatory agencies have to pretend they are committed to protecting the public, therefore they get themselves favorable publicity by going after some of the crooks, and even though usually only the outsiders and some of the lower ranking ones, but almost always leave the insiders and the highest ranking crooks alone.

    So therefore when I set up my sleazy organized crime ring that will be far sleazier than anything that Capone, Luciano, Gotti, or Escobar ever had or even dreamed of, I will not be so stupid and selfish as to keep all of the profits for myself.

    Instead, I will: one, share the profits with the other big boys and make plenty of large election campaign contributions; two, also provide plenty of lightly disguised bribes, but which I will pretend are legal fees, to the biggest and most politically connected law firms; three, “prove” that I am a wonderful person by contributing about fifty thousand dollars a year to charities and churches, etc; and four, treating the publishers and most influential reporters on the major newspapers to steak and lobster dinners at the fanciest restaurants.

    And of course, and just like Jerry Brown, Willie Brown, the Clintons, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy O'Malley, and Nancy Pelosi, and so forth, I will still further “prove” I am a wonderful person by pretending to be a liberal.

    Then the Scams FraudsFIXso Comical will make me into an even bigger hero than it did Jim Jones, and virtually everyone will “know” that I am a totally honest, fantastic, generous, wonderful, and extremely generous person, and in fact a real credit to the community.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


  6. Replacing my reply after fixing some typos…

    Thank you for your comments rememberanceDK. I looked at the facebook link you provided.

    Respectfully, I have no idea what you are referring to. How does the Holocaust Memorial even remotely relate to Mr. Trump?…but, I respect, that in your mind it does…and that's OK, because we all have a 1st Amendment right to free speech.

    The political ploy is to cast Mr. Trump’s views as “hate speech” and therefore, the 1st Amendment does not apply…and so, some argue, he should be silenced. I strongly disagree.

    It is very interesting that if you go back and listen to political speeches of 30 years ago, Mr. Trump seems very tame.

    Our country has endured largely by putting America first…knowing that many other parts of the world are in continuous cycles of economic and cultural suicide. There is no xenophobia in that. Yet stating this obvious fact enrages many.

    I do not share your views. Much of the world means us great harm. Immigration, without Assimilation, is invasion. Let me be clear. The assimilation I ask for is simply to accept our laws, NOT our popular culture, which is very unhealthy! But our laws stemming from the Magna Carta and the Constitution, that are the envy of the world. One only need look at the current-day problems in Sweden, France, Germany and Belgium to understand something is going very wrong when Western countries give up the way of life and allow “No Go” zones where a nation’s civil laws do not apply.

    Further, one can quickly review the historical record of the successful U.S. immigration of the Irish, Vietnamese, Indians, Jews, Greeks, Russian, Cubans, many Latinos and Blacks, and so many other groups of outstanding people of all colors, who in one or two generations move from penniless, to well-off, via hard work and the adoption of our legal system, with a re-birth of “rugged individualism” and self-reliance while ENGAGED IN AN ENDLESS BATTLE AGAINST TYRANNY to prevent this country from becoming the wastelands immigrants risked everything to LEAVE. The streets of the 17th Congressional District are a shining example of the success of reasonable multi-culturalism…in that the newcomers accept their new creed, to become Americans! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO RACISM in that. I/We want more of the same, not less.

    That is Donald Trump's message. Many refuse to hear it.

    Mexico has some of the world's strongest immigration laws. Illegal aliens are imprisoned and tortured to get information on the whereabouts of other illegal aliens. The pure hypocrisy of expecting an open border with the U.S. is just a form of cultural bullying.

    So, I appreciate this dialogue. That is what elections are for…to decide what view of the future you want. I hope my reply, is some small way will help you to awaken to what I view to be the truth.

    I have no apologizes to offer, and wish Mr. Trump great success.

    Thank you to all readers of my rant.



  7. By MW:

    Related to the above post of 8:48.

    Modern style “liberalism” is heavily infested with creatures who are extremely afraid of free speech and the truth. As to why such an extremely high percentage of modern style “liberals” try to deny other people their Constitutional rights, and including the right to free speech, a considerable portion of the creatures composing modern style “iberalism” are: one, nothing more than stooges and puppets on a string, in other words totally incapable of engaging in any real thinking; and two, another considerable percentage are scumbags, parasites, scam artists, thieves, rip off artists, and blood sucking leeches, and who realize that the most effective way to rip people off is by pretending to be a liberal.

    So since most modern style “liberals” are so extremely afraid of the truth, and in fact they and their scams are extremely endangered by the truth, therefore they are always coming up with “reasons” to “justify” denying other people the right to free speech, and such as for instance describing the comments of their opponents as “hate speech.”


  8. Replying to MW at 10:28.

    Well, OK: “another considerable percentage are scumbags, parasites, scam artists, thieves, rip off artists, and blood sucking leeches,…” Yes, indeed, I get your point; and your are certainly fully exercising your right to free speech! I, for one, do try to avoid flat-out name-calling, as there are usually better ways to make a point — but respect your use of the English language!




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