State Sen. Steve Glazer backs Bryan Parker for Alameda County supervisor

Alameda County supervisorial candidate Bryan 
Parker at an April 13 forum in Castro Valley.

State Sen. Steve Glazer is weighing-in on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors race on the side of upstart challenger Bryan Parker over long-time Supervisor Nate Miley.

Parker’s campaign announced the Glazer endorsement Monday morning.

“Bryan represents the kind of new leader we need in public office,” said Glazer, whose Seventh District covers large portions of Contra Costa County and Pleasanton to the south. “Bryan will be a responsive and trustworthy Supervisor who will pursue policy decisions in the best interests of the people in his district, not special interests.”

Monday’s endorsement is a clear sign Parker believes his path toward upending Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley runs through Pleasanton, which, in addition to Castro Valley and other portions of unincorporated Alameda County, holds a slight majority of the district. The other half is primarily East Oakland.

State Sen. Steve Glazer is popular in the Tri Valley,
not so much in progressives parts of District Four.

“I am honored to have the support of Senator Glazer,” said Parker. “I admire his service to his constituents and our state. I look forward to working with him to enact policies that help people in this district, including reducing traffic and improving roads and improving the local economy.”

While the endorsement has certain value among Tri Valley moderates in Pleasanton, the association with Glazer is likely to mean the opposite among progressive primary voters elsewhere. Glazer’s stances toward the BART strikes and public transportation unions of nearly three years ago still roil progressives.

But the Glazer endorsement is one of the first signs of life in this surprisingly low-key primary campaign which has avoided any conflict or much exposure in the public’s view. In addition, time is also in short supply from here to June 7. Since only two candidates are in the race, it assures there will not be runoff in November.

5 thoughts on “State Sen. Steve Glazer backs Bryan Parker for Alameda County supervisor

  1. I know Cleveland. He is like the HUGEST union whore of all time. Dude is gutter scum.

    Wants his union slut puppet Miley to rule forever!


  2. Sat, Apr 16, 2016 4:31 am
    Subject: FW: Op Ed: response to April 8 endorsement of Bryan Parker Alameda County supervisor

    Please get this out to your networks and have folks spread it and comment as well on post on social media and comment!!!!!!

    Documented Success vs. Untried Intentions: The Argument for Re-Electing Supervisor Nate Miley

    By Bradley Cleveland,

    Planning and Health Policy Consultant

    The East Bay Times’ April 8 editorial was more of a tirade against Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley than an endorsement of his opponent.

    As it pointed out, Supervisor Miley accepted a campaign donation from Corizon Correctional Healthcare, a contractor now under investigation for a death at Santa Rita County Jail. What the editorial failed to mention is that the donation was neither illegal, immoral nor uncommon.

    More importantly, it glossed over the fact that the bulk of the donation went to Measure AA, not Supervisor Miley's back pocket. Miley spearheaded this ballot initiative for essential healthcare services for Alameda County residents, and championed its reauthorized in 2014. To imply otherwise is to twist the truth.

    The editorial went on to fault Supervisor Miley for voting to approve an extension of Corizon’s no-bid contract for health services at Santa Rita Jail. Again, it skirted the truth.

    When approving this contract, Miley and his fellow Alameda County supervisors acted on information and recommendations from the Sheriff and County staff–the job for which they are tasked. Bryan Parker’s political naiveté and inexperience may cloud his understanding of process. But any seasoned news editor knows that governing bodies–especially those of elected officials–base contract decisions on an array of trusted sources and professional staff.

    It is important to hold political representatives accountable by their voting records, but it is equally vital to recognize those representatives' success in tackling complex social problems and win on key issues. A balanced editorial would have credited Supervisor Miley with leading the charge to hold healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to practice corporate social responsibility. This resulted in the nation's first ordinance requiring drug makers to pay for the proper disposal of unwanted drugs.

    Nowhere is that mentioned in The Times editorial.

    Instead, the editorial trumpets “It's time for change” and declares that “Parker is well-prepared to step in,” without offering one example of Parker’s leadership, ability to address healthcare issues, or actual community accomplishments beyond his board appointments and memberships.

    And perhaps worst of all, the editorial glaringly omits the fact Parker has never held an elected office and failed dismally in his recent attempt to capture the Oakland Mayor’s seat. Not once does the editorial mention Parker's current donations from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, in spite of his professed stand against the Corizon donation.

    This sad editorial is journalism at its yellowest. Savvy readers will recognize the editor’s obviously personal bias and Parker's lack of political readiness, and re-elect Nate Miley to Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

    Bradley Cleveland

    Planning and Health Policy Consultant

    374 Santa Clara Av, Oakland 94610



  3. All right! Clean Bryan Parker gets our vote.

    He must be another union-whore buster like Sen. Glazer.

    Two gentlemen who are THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE!


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