Why did Hayward school officials reignite the Ray McDonald episode?

Hayward Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs
invited Gloria Allred to Tennyson.

The plight of schools in Hayward has long been a drag on a city that can’t seem to take one solid step forward. When former 49ers defensive lineman and alleged rapist Ray McDonald visited Hayward’s Tennyson High School last February the negative attention again set back the struggling school district. Not only were Hayward residents reminded of their underperforming schools after news of the odd invitation of McDonald to Tennyson, but the entire Bay Area and even the entire country through ESPN were introduced to its ineptitude.

Thankfully, the scorn towards Hayward schools naturally subsided just a week or so after the McDonald story had run its natural course. So why did the Hayward Unified School District decide to wind up the story once again by inviting famed Hollywood civil rights attorney Gloria Allred to speak to Tennyson students about the McDonald allegations? Allred represents the woman McDonald is alleged to have raped while she was intoxicated. McDonald’s trial is scheduled to start in April.

Famed attorney Gloria Allred spoke to Tennyson
students about women’s rights. Her client alleges
Ray McDonald raped her while intoxicated.

Avoiding any possibility of reigniting a story negative to your position is Public Relations 101. Yet, the HUSD led by Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs did just that when he sent a letter to Allred inviting her to speak at Tennyson. For what purpose is not clear. But anyone who has watched television knows anytime Allred shows up she intends to stoke a media circus and bolster her client’s position using the public realm.

What occurred last Friday after Allred addressed students about women’s rights was easy to predict. She then stood before local TV cameras and blasted the defendant’s alleged actions and the school district for allowing McDonald to speak at Tennyson all the while being accused of felony sexual assault.

While Allred’s case may be just, it has absolutely nothing to do with Hayward or Tennyson students, only her own objectives. And so again, while Hayward school officials continually paint a new day for the city’s youth, they again allowed poor and minority children to be used, this time as props to Allred’s performance. However, this time nobody in Hayward, not even the poverty pimps, seem to benefit from this episode.

Former 49er Ray McDonald spoke to 250 Tennyson
students on Feb. 25 while awaiting a trial for 
felony sexual assault 

What is unclear though is who, among school officials, knew about McDonald coming to Tennyson last February and whether anyone understood what it meant? Hayward Promise Neighborhood, a $25 million federally-backed education program administered with help from Cal State East Bay, made it clear initially that Hayward Superintendent Dobbs was well aware of the McDonald visit beforehand. But, in a letter to Tennyson parents later, Dobbs laid the blame on Tennyson High’s principal and Hayward Promise. The latter never returned emails asking for a response to Dobbs’ claim and Tennyson’s principal, who’s job was in jeopardy as late as last year, similarly, avoided inquiries.

Recall, Dobbs is the superintendent who attacked two school board members–effectively his bosses–last September during a closed session meeting. He later blamed his demeanor that day literally on a pain in the ass (colonoscopy procedure) and was never publicly admonished for his actions. How can you blame the principal and Hayward Promise for keeping silent when every person of power in Hayward lavishes praise on Dobbs as the savior of the city? There’s certainly not much upside to being a martyr in Hayward.

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  1. By MW:

    The last sentence in the third paragraph of this article uses the word “CIRCUS” while describing the type of conduct and behavior the article alleges Allred normally engages in.

    However, and even though the overwhelming majority of lawyers are sleazy clowns, and Allred is one of the most extreme examples of a sleazy clown in the entire so called “legal profession,” still I deeply resent anyone using the word “CIRCUS” when describing anything related to that sleazy mafia of parasites, scumbags, embezzlers, scam artists, money launderers, professional pathological liars, and blood sucking leeches that likes to describe itself as the “legal profession.”

    In fact if I should ever publish my own newspaper, I will always when describing lawyers give them all due respect – OR AT LEAST ALL OF THE RESPECT THOSE SLEAZY PARASITES AND SCUMBAGS ARE DUE.


  2. By MW:

    Immediately after typing the previous post, I decided to look up Allred's educational background. Evidently she has degrees from both NYU and Penn.

    That she has a degree from NYU does not surprise me in the slightest, since NYU is one of the “top” five “educational” institutions in the entire country for producing scam artists, embezzlers, “sophisticated” fancy talking parasites, money launderers, white collar criminals, the very sleaziest lawyers, and fifth columnists.

    And while Penn does not make the “top” five in the above categories, however it does easily make the “top” twenty.


  3. Dobbs is head poverty pimping bully of HUSD. To say he didn't know who was coming or had no knowledge of any photo opportunities at his schools is complete BS. He takes credit when it's good and blames others when it's bad. And his credentials are fake. Con artist who oversees a district that serves thousands of children. Why did Ellen Corbett leave for less money again so soon after take a job at HUSD? Hmm…


  4. “Recall, Dobbs is the superintendent who attacked two school board members–effectively his bosses–last September during a closed session meeting. He later blamed his demeanor that day literally on a pain in the ass (colonoscopy procedure) and was never publicly admonished for his actions.”

    CORRECTION: Not colonoscopy procedure, rather, doctors were evaluating the stick lodged far up his ass. Prognosis is not good.


  5. Dobbs is a high functioning idiot, who gets praised by the Mayor of Hayward and Hayward City Council. Great minds think alike. Made in Hayward, Education City. The Fart of The Bay. Gloria clowned Dobbs and his dodo's. What Hayward needs is a new Superintendent, new school board,new Mayor and City Council. Time to really clean up Hayward and elect leaders who actually give a crap about what's going on.


  6. Hayward politicians should be seeking the removal of Dobbs, but instead they are posing for pictures with him because it is an election year. Buffoons.


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