Parker’s bid to unseat Miley has nearly $100,000 in reserves for stretch run

Bryan Parker, left, with Alameda County Supe
Nate Miley at a forum in Castro Valley.

A day after announcing a major endorsement from East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell, upstart Alameda County supervisorial candidate Bryan Parker reported nearly $100,000 in cash reserves for the final six weeks of the campaign.

Parker, who raised $117,000 through the end of the year, according to finance reports, gathered another $95,000 in contributions during the most current fundraising period from Jan. 1 through April 23.

A campaign finance report for Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley’s campaign has not yet been released. End-of-the-year reports showed Miley had just $4,043 in cash on hand with nearly equal amounts of debt.

However, a series of recent fundraisers is expected to fatten Miley’s campaign coffers. The Alameda Labor Council, for instance, made a $10,000 contribution to Miley’s campaign earlier this month.

It is also notable to mention, Alameda County campaign finance limits at $20,000 per election cycle are much higher for Board of Supervisor races than other municipal races.

Meanwhile, a second consecutive positive fundraising report for Parker, will surely gain further attention following high profile endorsements over the past week from State Sen. Steve Glazer and Swalwell—both popular among moderate voters in the Tri Valley portion of District Four.

During the first of two pre-primary reporting periods, Parker raised $94,890 and spent $71,669. The campaign holds $6,055 in debts, and overall maintain a campaign account with $99,882 going forward to the June 7 winner-take-all primary.

One thought on “Parker’s bid to unseat Miley has nearly $100,000 in reserves for stretch run

  1. By MW:

    However there is an absolutely sure way to guarantee Miley will win the election, and even if he is low on money.

    And that is eliminate allowing people to vote in private. Instead, let's require everyone to vote while everyone else observes who they vote for, and let's also allow Miley to rant and rave and yell and scream at anyone who makes voting choice he disapproves of.

    After Miley rants and raves and yells and screams like a totally out of control maniac at the first few people who vote, or even voice an opinion, in a manner that he does not approve of, he will have most of the remaining voters so intimidated, that they will then be too scared of doing anything to get him upset.

    However since he is a “liberal,” in other words a wonderful person, therefore there is nothing wrong with him putting the fix in and/or manipulating people to do and rubberstamp whatever he wants. (NOTE: For more details on that, contact Jonathan Gruber, and who has a Ph.D. from Harvard University, and who is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars everytime he does the phony “research” that “proves” whatever Nancy Pelosi wants “proven” at that particular moment.)

    Or as an intimidation tactic, we could just arrange for Alameda County's DA's office and/or County Counsel's office to do an “investigation” of Miley's opponent. Certainly if the DA's office or County Counsel's office looked hard enough, it could find something on almost anybody, and even if they couldn't, those professional pathological liars with law licenses could just invent something out of thin air to be used as a weapon and threat against Miley's opponent.


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