Unchanged: Skinner still holds significant cash advantage over Swanson

SD9 candidates (clockwise): Nancy Skinner,
Sandre Swanson, Katherine Welch, Rich Kinney.

STATE SENATE | 9TH DISTRICT | Nancy Skinner is maintaining a cash reserve more than 10 times larger than Sandre Swanson, her top opponent this June and likely in the fall.

Campaign finance reports released last week show very little has changed in terms of fundraising in this race for the open Ninth District state Senate seat.

Skinner reported $1,016,568 in cash on hand during the first pre-primary period covering Jan. 1 through April 23. Last January, Skinner’s campaign similarly reported $1,095,336 in cash through the end of 2015.

The bulk of Skinner’s coffers, however,  was transferred from her former assembly campaign. Without the large transfer, Skinner’s fundraising prowess during the current election cycle has actually been in line with Swanson and another Democrat in the primary, Katherine Welch. Over the past four months, Skinner raised $147,282 and spent $235,660.

Swanson, meanwhile, again struggled to post strong fundraising numbers despite his strong candidacy. The campaign raised $112,344 since the beginning of the year, while spending $140,592 over the same period. Swanson reported just $81,482 in the bank going forward to the June 7 primary.

Welch, despite participating in her first political campaign, produced solid fundraising numbers. Welch posted $120,175 in contributions and $142,904 in expenditures, though April 23. It’s the second straight reporting period that Welch topped Swanson in contributions.

Republican Rich Kinney raised $6,354 and spent $8,213 over the past four months, while maintaining $1,082 in cash on hand.

Although the likelihood of a Skinner-Swanson rematch in November is high, there are likely to be continued concerns over how Swanson will be able to compete with such a large fundraising disparity while sharing with Skinner the same ideology and friends in local politics.

              –2015–     –JAN1-APR23–
SD09         IN     OUT        IN     OUT       CASH
SKINNER  847,265 173,549  147,282 235,660 $1,016,568 
SWANSON  205,346 113,463  112,344 140,592 $   81,482
WELCH    104,307  40,247  120,175 142,904 $   43,730 
KINNEY    11,999   9,045    6,342   8,213 $    1,082

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