With Hayward election a month away, Mendall, Marquez are flush with cash

Hayward Councilmember Al Mendall reported
more than $35,000 in cash available for 
the June election.

If cash is king in Hayward, and that’s a big if, then Councilmembers Al Mendall and Elisa Marquez could be on their way to victory this June.

Mendall reported $35,865 in cash on hand to top the field of 10 candidates seeking four open seats on the Hayward City Council. But, while Mendall has cash to play with over the final six weeks of the campaign after raising $12,685 this year–third highest in the race–according to finance reports, he’s spent noticeably less for the amount of cash available to his campaign, just $7,367 since the first of the year. One reason: Mendall still holds $20,094 in campaign debt and among the candidates, by most accounts, his place in the top four is the most likely.

Hayward Councilmember Elisa Marquez has
proven to be an excellent fundraiser during her 
first official city council campaign.

Marquez, who was appointed two years ago to fill out Mayor Barbara Halliday’s council term, continues to pace the field in both contributions and spending. Her first campaign for the city council raised $25,692 over the past four months while spending $16,325, the highest amount on both ledgers. In addition, Marquez reported $34,980 in cash on hand for the stretch run to June 7, and with no campaign debt.

Meanwhile, there is a significant drop off in campaign activity within the rest of the field. Former Councilmember Mark Salinas holds less than two-thirds the amount of available cash of Mendall and Marquez, and while Councilmember Francisco Zermeno was the second-biggest spender since Jan. 1 with $14,338 in expenditures, his remaining cash is just $3,807 with $16,000 in personal loans to his campaign.

Conversely, first-time candidate Matt McGrath, a former Hayward city department director, raised an impressive $13,467 during just the first few months of his campaign.

Below is the totals from the most recent campaign finance reports, covering Jan. 1 through April 23. A second pre-primary finance report will be due May 28: 

            | JAN 1-APR 23 |
HAYWARD CC       IN      OUT     CASH    DEBTS
MENDALL     $12,685  $ 7,367  $35,865  $20,094
MARQUEZ     $25,692  $16,325  $34,980  $     0
SALINAS     $11,280  $ 6,118  $12,317  $     0
MCGRATH     $13,467  $ 7,908  $ 5,559  $     0
TAYLOR      $ 2,113  $ 2,504  $ 4,617  $     0
ZERMENO     $14,515  $14,338  $ 3,807  $16,000
SCHOTT      $ 5,246  $ 2,383  $ 2,383  $ 5,394
GRCICH      –no report–
RAM         –no report–
ROLLINS     –no report–

5 thoughts on “With Hayward election a month away, Mendall, Marquez are flush with cash

  1. Typical city scare tactic, we are broke so let's raise the taxes to pay for essential city services. Doing the grunt work with lesser paid workers who do more with less, while useless managers and administrators get hired, and promoted for being inept or related to someone higher up. They want to play with your tax dollars and reinvent the wheel. Wasteful spending like that new 90 million dollar library. All the bragging about balancing the city's budget that goes on during an election and yet our politicians can't handle their own campaign finances. The local paper endorses them for being astute and financially savvy. What a joke!


  2. Al takes credit for everything, except Hayward Schools. You would think that as a parent of school aged kids, he would be more involved or even a tiny bit interested in improving HUSD, but he doesn't mention Hayward Schools as a priority on his Al 4 Hayward website. He carries on about parks and open space because he says his kids ask him why Hayward doesn't have any nice parks. They should ask their Dad why Hayward Schools don't deliver adequate educations to their students. Parks are great, but a quality education and a school Superintendent who doesn't behave like a street thug would benefit all of Hayward's kids. Al crows about “The New 21st Century $90k Library, The New Firestation & Training Center $$$ and The Soon To Be New Police Department Building-projected cost $100k” but most likely $130k when all is said and done. Follow the money on that one people of Hayward because you are paying for it all!


  3. If Mendall is the best that money can buy, the Hayweirdos are in big trouble! Okay, more trouble because their Mayor is a useless, hollow, figurehead. Nothing will change because the younger people on council bend to the will of the old fart career homemaker, retiree politicians on council. More ugly high rise boxed housing, more traffic, more empty storefronts, even less parking on city streets and one damn expensive library across the street from the Hayward Fault and smack in the middle of an infernal Loop!


  4. By MW:

    I wish we could come up with a method to flush away most of the Bay area's politicians, and it would definitely be worth it even if the method required tons of cash.

    In fact rather than spending billions of dollars building nuclear bombs to deter and threaten our enemies with, let's instead just announce that any foreign country or terrorist group that conducted itself in a manner we objected to we would dump all of our politicians and lawyers on.

    So then if the residents of that foreign country looked up at the sky, they wouldn't say, “It's raining cats and dogs,” instead they would say, “It's raining sleazy lawyers and crooked politicians.”


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