The campaign of Alameda County Superior Court 
candidate Scott Jackson took a hit Tuesday.

ALAMEDA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT | Be careful who you befriend on social media, especially if you’re running in a competitive three-person race for Alameda County Superior Court judge.

Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Scott Jackson’s Facebook page showed he was friends with Celeste Guap, the then-underage woman involved in alleged sexual dalliances with some Oakland police officers.

One of the four officers involved with Guap alleged killed his wife and later committed suicide. The scandal threatens to take down the Oakland Police Department. Two officers involved in the allegations have already resigned.

The East Bay Times reported Tuesday that Jackson said he unaware of his social media ties with Guap. “I have no idea who that is, to be frank. I’ve never even heard the name,” said Jackson. “I’m not active on Facebook at all.” He added. “Now I’m going to unfriend her. Why would I want to be associated with her? I’ve never seen her before in my life.”

The embarrassing news could threaten Jackson’s campaign. He is in a competitive race with another Alameda County deputy district attorney David Lim and Alameda attorney Barbara Thomas.