Alameda County judicial candidate was Facebook friends with woman involved in Oakland police sex scandal

The campaign of Alameda County Superior Court 
candidate Scott Jackson took a hit Tuesday.

ALAMEDA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT | Be careful who you befriend on social media, especially if you’re running in a competitive three-person race for Alameda County Superior Court judge.

Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Scott Jackson’s Facebook page showed he was friends with Celeste Guap, the then-underage woman involved in alleged sexual dalliances with some Oakland police officers.

One of the four officers involved with Guap alleged killed his wife and later committed suicide. The scandal threatens to take down the Oakland Police Department. Two officers involved in the allegations have already resigned.

The East Bay Times reported Tuesday that Jackson said he unaware of his social media ties with Guap. “I have no idea who that is, to be frank. I’ve never even heard the name,” said Jackson. “I’m not active on Facebook at all.” He added. “Now I’m going to unfriend her. Why would I want to be associated with her? I’ve never seen her before in my life.”

The embarrassing news could threaten Jackson’s campaign. He is in a competitive race with another Alameda County deputy district attorney David Lim and Alameda attorney Barbara Thomas.

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  1. By MW:

    To Mr. Steven Tavares,

    I went to the California State Bar's website, and which is “,” and could not find a record of any lawyer by the name of Scott Jackson in Alameda County.

    And after first putting in the name Jackson in the last name section and the name Scott in the first name section, I then also tried putting the name Scott in the middle name section, and still did not find any lawyer by the name of Scott Jackson in Alameda County.

    Then I also tried various other name combinations that included a Scott and/or Jackson, and including in both the CSB's website and also the AC DA's office website, and still nothing came up for a Scott Jackson in Alameda County.

    However on the CSB's website a few Scott Jacksons did come up in such places as San Francisco, Mission Viejo, Encino, and Palm Desert.

    But the CSB has over 200K active lawyers. If the Scott Jackson who is running for judge is an active lawyer and also registered with the CSB, what is his real and full name, and in what city is his office address?


  2. Ro Khanna was also friends with her on FB. He quickly unfriended her when her name came out.



    He works as a law professor in San Francisco. He lives in Oakland.


  4. By MW:

    Related to the above posts. While I had never even heard of Scott Jackson until reading this article, in other words about two days ago, however once I did read this article on him and then began to do a tiny big of research as to who the Scott Jackson running for judge was or supposedly was, I did begin to suspect he very likely was the Scott Jackson who evidently has ties to a SF law school, and if I remember correctly Golden Gate. (NOTE: Golden Gate's law school does have a very poor reputation. While it does not seem to be considered quite only a diploma mill, however on the other hand it is definitely considered to be very much lower tier.)

    But since Scott Jackson is supposedly a member of the Alameda County DA's office, if he is also teaching at a law school, how many hours does he actually work, or at least supposedly work, each week in the DA's office, and how many hours does he actually work, or at least supposedly work, each week as a law professor.

    For instance, I have known people who had two jobs SINCE THEY LOVED THE FACT THAT HAVING TWO JOBS CAUSED THEM TO RECEIVE TWO PAYCHECKS, but a high percentage of them cheated like crazy.

    In other words, many of them did such things as: one, sleeping on one or both of their jobs; and/or two, if they had a manager who liked them, then coming in very late, and sometimes even hours late, on one of their jobs, and yet still getting paid for the full eight hours every day; and/or three, spending most of their hours on one of their jobs resting due to using various gimmicks to manipulate their co-workers into doing their work.

    But then, and on the other hand, since the totally corrupt California State Bar insists it will not issue anyone a law license unless its supposedly “very thorough” background check “confirms” that the applicant has the “very highest standards” of “honesty,” “morals,” and “ethics,” I would assume that means if a person is licensed and approved by the totally corrupt CSB, that then us laymen do not have the right to doubt him.


  5. Scott Benjamin Jackson shows up as an attorney admitted to California. His bar # is 191401


  6. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 10:32 and my first post of 8:53.

    As soon as I started a search for a lawyer by the name of “Scott Jackson” mentioned in this article, I began to strongly suspect he was the “Scott Benjamin Jackson” with an address in San Francisco. However since California is INFESTED with over two hundred thousand active and licensed lawyers, and in addition also some who are not licensed and/or who the California State Bar has suspended or disbarred, and who are therefore NOT presently considered active (and although some of them illegally and surreptitiously practice law), therefore when mentioning the name of any lawyer or supposed lawyer with a name much more common or ordinary than Engelbert Humperdink, there is always the distinct possibility of referring to the wrong lawyer or person.

    For instance when hearing the name “Bill Clinton,” most people think of the person who is a former President of the United States. However there are also other people, and including also other lawyers, in the US named Bill or William Clinton, a few decades ago there was a shortstop in MLB named John Kennedy, back when I was about ten years old the mother of one of my classmates (their family name was Kennedy) named her new baby “John Fitzgerald Kennedy”), there are a bunch of people in the US named “Richard Nixon,” and a few decades ago I had a co-worker named “Booker T. Washington.”

    So therefore when referring to a particular lawyer, and especially since California is INFESTED with over 250K lawyers and the United States is INFESTED with over two million lawyers, it is best to give the lawyer's full name, office address, and state bar number.

    So that way everyone will know exactly which particular paragon of honesty, virtue, and integrity you are referring to.


  7. Did Jackson have a go with the underage sex worker as well?? So many in law enforcement seem to have…


  8. Looks like it! Exactly what we need, another judge who doesn't take sex crimes or women seriously…I wonder how Mr. Jackson would handle a case like Brock Turner!


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