Ro Khanna is crying foul.

With less than two weeks until Primary Day, things are getting tense in the 17th Congressional District.

A pair of article in the last week is shading a different light on Democrat Ro Khanna and a growing pattern during past campaign of avoiding financial obligations.

First, former campaign staffer Bill Ferguson, who revealed emails showing Khanna acknowledged owing him money for his work on his 2004 race. Ferguson said Khanna failed to fully pay him in 2014.

Now, a former Silicon Valley executive named Chuck Bellavia says Khanna donated $1,000 to an event celebrating the birth of Jesus in 2012 and later canceled the check.

Khanna has suggested the Ferguson story is the work of Honda’s campaign and possibly the Bellavia claim, too.

Khanna said Wednesday night, “The last three blogs make me question whether the East Bay Citizen has become the National Enquirer.”

He aaded, “What I find is interesting is that every person with an ax to grind is going to the East Bay Citizen to smear me. I’m looking forward to next week’s blog to learn about my school detention. I’m sure the Honda campaign is already tracking down the story.”

It should be noted the National Enquirer in 2010 was in the running for a Pulitzer Prize following its reporting of former presidential candidate John Edwards’s extramarital affair and love child.