After all that, Nate Miley routs Bryan Parker

ALCO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS | DISTRICT 4 | In the end, there wasn’t much doubt. Facing his most difficult re-election yet, Alameda County for Board of Supervisor Nate Miley won re-election Tuesday night with a go-away victory over Bryan Parker.

The hard-fought and expensive supervisorial race did not come down to Pleasanton, as most believed. Instead, Miley routed Parker with a 24-point win.

Miley received nearly 62 percent of the vote. Parker managed just 38 percent despite spending more than $140,000.

Alameda County Supervisors Scott Haggerty and Keith Carson also won re-election Tuesday, but were unopposed.

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  1. By MW:

    Of course while things are looking wonderful right now for Miley and his friends in such departments as the Public Works Agency, on the other hand if: one, a Republican is sitting in the White House next year; and two, that Republican president also makes sure that the Northern California offices of the FBI and US Attorney are headed by serious prosecutors who are fanatically dedicated to doing something about bigtime political corruption, then things could get extremely interesting for certain Bay area scam artists, parasites, and blood sucking leeches who for years have been pretending to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians.

    And even if the quality of work done by the Northern California offices of the FBI and US Attorney does not improve, still national publicity on certain issues could cause the general public to learn that we have “public servants” in Alameda County even far sleazier and even far stupider than the jokers, scam artists, and professional pathological liars who were in charge of “protecting” the water “quality” in Flint, Michigan.

    And if any of the above happens, Miley will then wish he had lost the election, and rather then remaining in power and still front and center when the national publicity starts.


  2. The race was the tightest in Castro Valley, with Miley getting only 54%. 5 of the 7 precincts Parker won were in CV


  3. My take: to the extent Parker became known, it was as a mayoral candidate, where the main thing distinguishing him was opposing the minimum wage ordinance. Not too endearing to the Oakland flats! And granted it was a very crowded field, but it's still notable that he came in 6th with under 8% of the first-choice votes.


  4. By MW:

    If things stayed just basically ordinary and boring, then most likely Alameda County's voters would keep on rubberstamping such jokers as Miley forever, and therefore never vote him out, and regardless of how outrageously he acted.

    However the future downfall of Miley and similar Alameda County politicians will be bigtime national publicity in regard to certain items.

    In other words, the type of publicity that: one, exposed the lies and frauds of the scumbags who were in charge of “ensuring” water “quality” in Flint, Michigan; two, let everyone know a little bit more about the real “standards” of such characters as Ted Kennedy (for instance if not for the Mary Jo Kopechne incident, Kennedy almost certainly would have eventually become president); three, related to the Fannie Foxe incident, let virtually everyone learn that WDC powerhouse Wilbur Mills, and who at the time was a serious contender to eventually be elected to the Oval Office, was actually nothing more than an extreme clown, phony, and completely erratic alcoholic; four, caused Gary Condit's reputation and viability in bigtime politics to be totally destroyed by suspicions in regard to his relationship with Chandra Levy; five, as a result o the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, the public finally deciding it had had enough, and therefore it was time to got serious about prosecuting Al Capone and putting him in prison.

    And the incidents in the Bay area, and including in Alameda County, are so many, that therefore all that is needed is for someone to tie them all together and expose the pattern. For instance in regard to the extremely weak balcony that collapsed in Berkeley and resulting in six deaths, I have often wondered whether a building inspector received an under the table bribe so as to overlook and ignore obvious and blatant building code violations – and/or perhaps one or more parties involved in the building construction was so politically connected, that therefore the lower level employees involved in building inspections were well aware that they had dare not cite and write up major violations.

    In fact in regard to the “standards” of government in Berserkley, and which is part of Alameda County, for a long time Reddy Lakireddy was not only untouchable there, but furthermore the Berserkely Police Department would harass and threaten to arrest anyone who was considered likely to expose Lakireddy's scams. But don't ever forget that the Bay area is the world's capital and headquarters for intelligence, sophistication, enlightenment, and commitment to human rights.


  5. By MW:

    While the voters in Alameda County have had an extreme tendency that once someone is in office, and especially as far as retaining members of the Board of Supervisors, to then keep on rubberstamping that person forever, and rather than sometimes at election time seriously considering replacing the incumbent, however the present scandal – WELL ACTUALLY, THE TOTAL CIRCUS – involving the Oakland Police Department, Oakland City Hall, and Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf may end up having major repercussions in the Bay area, and especially in the East Bay, far beyond Oakland.

    In other words it might finally awaken a much larger portion of the general public to the fact that, and especially in the Bay area, we have a government of, by, and FOR the clowns, crooks, phonies, parasites, scam artists, blood sucking leeches, and professional pathological liars, and no matter how much those thieves and parasites in high places pretend they are great liberals and wonderful humanitarians.

    And if Libby Schaaf's present handling of problems in the OPD, and also if any “solutions” she comes up with, cause Oakland to have a much higher crime rate, and perhaps also a much higher murder rate, don't ever forget that Libby Schaaf, and just like Nadia Locker, is a lawyer.

    In fact if I was engaged in an all out war with a large organization and was then allowed to do just one thing to my opponent in an effort to weaken it, and in fact to hopefully destroy it, I would require it to hire a lot of lawyers, since any organization that is heavily infested with lawyers will very likely totally destroy itself.



  1. After once raising the possibility of retirement, Miley is running for re-election next year

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