Hayward superintendent Dobbs offered school district terms for his resignation

Hayward superintendent Stan Dobbs wants to be
indemnified against any potential legal action. 

HAYWARD SCHOOLS | Hayward school superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs is looking for an exit out as the school district’s top administrator, according to letter he sent to the school district last month. Dobbs, who was hired in 2013, has sent the school district a letter detailing the financial terms of his resignation effective June 30, according to sources.

Dated May 23, the letter obtained by the East Bay Citizen, lays out a negotiated settlement offer from Dobbs to the school district that would lead to his resignation later this month. Included in the offer from Dobbs is one years termination pay, accrued vacation pay and $25,000 for moving costs.

In addition, Dobbs is asking for a non-disparagement clause to be applied to all members of the school board who might publicly criticize his tenure as Hayward superintendent of schools. Dobbs also wants to be indemnified against any legal claims against him while serving as superintendent.

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The timing of the letter is important as it is believed to have been sent to the school district amid widespread rumors the Hayward school board had sent their own letter to Dobbs notifying him of his removal from his job on June 30. Such a dismissal is unfounded, say sources.

In fact, any decision by the school board to remove Dobbs would not unfold in this manner. The slightest hint from the school board that they were at least raising the possibility would occur in closed session and agendized under a general description pertaining to the superintendent.

The superintendent is hired by the school board and conversely, also fired by board, at any time, provided a majority of the five members agree.

Dobbs’ tenure in Hayward has been successful in raising the profile of the struggling school district in the area. The marketing aspect of “Made in Hayward” tagline has attracting mostly positive attention.

However, the decision to invite Ray McDonald, a former 49er defensive end currently on trial for rape, to speak to at-risk youths at Tennyson High School upset some parent and was even debated on an ESPN talk show.

Then, following a physical confrontation between Dobbs and two school board members in closed session last September, Dobbs kept his job without incident. But in the months since, his standing among some board members has dropped.

NOTE: Additions to this article was made Wednesday afternoon to reflect the date of the letter sent by Dobbs to the school district and that it was obtained by the East Bay Citizen.

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40 replies

  1. please tell me how this crooked lying thief still thinks he is in any position to “negotiate” terms of anything?

    I know all to well what this aggressive, hostile, demeaning man has been up to and he literally gets amused by trying to destroy lives.

    He creates a hostile work environment, he demeans those lower in the district hierarchy than him, in addition to the degradation he imposes on the board members themselves.

    His acts are willfully intentional, severely violating and committing 132A tortious acts, tortious interference, criminal allocations, violations up the yin-yang of work environment conduct and standards in accordance with the Labor Code.

    Enabling a violator instead of putting him in a cell where he belongs? Get rid of his butt now before Hayward suffers even more for it. Hayward will go bankrupt as a result of his willful violating acts. He's breaking the law repeatedly people. I have dear friends that have been through hell because of him. Watching him try to destroy them- how dare he! He is a criminal. He belongs in a cell.

    sorry Board Members, but instead of playing nice, put his but in county lock where he belongs and hit his butt for willfully violating his employees. The school has been paying far too much to “indemnify” back or finance his illegal acts.

    Someone needs to hold him accountable now. Pay him out? Nope. I suggest enforcing the law, enforcing that little thing we call an employment contract.

    FIRE HIM!!!!! Hayward will be better for it.

    Raised in Hayward- Don't send him back to San Diego to ruin them too. Don't pay him off either just to let him think he is invincible. Instead…set an example with him paying for exactly what all he has done to others. Karmic Retribution the legal way. He did this to himself. STOP protecting him and get rid of him. This is a complete shame.

    NOTE: so much for Hayward being cleaned up before. Now we have crooks and criminals like him running the show.

    Raised in Hayward Schools- I am utterly disgusted. I know just the person perfect to clean up his mess. Sorry but she did it once before and she could do it again. I firmly believe- Hayward CAN BE GREAT AGAIN. Wake up Board. People don't want this. Hayward is better than this.

    The Heart of the Bay deserves better than Him.


  2. Another carpet bagger trying to stuff money in his bag and running to another district.


  3. By MW:

    Including related to the post of 6:59, Dobbs and the HSD should have his resignation, severance payments, and any non-disparagement clauses worked out and negotiated by Libby Schaaf and Sean Whent. In other words they can fire him, but they should all stick together and all lie together and pretend that it is a totally voluntary and unforced resignation.

    In fact, they should not only have severance payments and a non-disparagement agreement, but they should also include in the separation agreement clauses forbidding anyone from ever admitting that that there was a non-disparagement agreement and any severance payments.

    In fact, and so to help keep the general public in the dark and from learning what an extreme ripoff modern government is, both Dobbs and the HSD should put out a joint statement insisting that there were no separation payments and no non-disparagement agreement, and just in case any of this later becomes public, they can hire some sleazy lawyers to provide some lies and garbage denying the obvious meaning of clearcut English.


  4. I think you guys just make stuff up as you start typing. Having worked for Supt. Dobbs for almost 3 years I can TELL you that he is an honest, hard-working, go-get-'em son-of-a-gun who is much needed and WANTED by the school district. The Board are nothing but a bunch of opportunists who spend hours decrying the very programs and expenditures that are making Hayward a viable place to live and raise children. This Board will shoot off its own foot, then complain that the paramedics didn't stop the bleeding fast enough.


  5. Goodbye Dobbs Your incompetence did you in. Next up, School Board Bozo's need to be replaced. Hayward deserves better. Played in Hayward.


  6. Interesting how at tonight's board meeting, Stan Dobbs stated in no uncertain terms that he has every intention to remain as superintendent through June of 2017. So, where did this letter come from? Was it typed up by little green aliens who had nothing better to do? Nice smoke screen though. The only conclusion I can some to is that while Dobbs may have every intention of remaining as superintendent of HUSD through June of 2017, IF he should be asked to resign, the letter states the terms he wants under that resignation.

    The students of HUSD who are trying to get a quality education, deserve better than this. The employees of HUSD, who are trying to provide for themselves and their families, deserve better than this. This is like watching a train wreck that just never gets cleared from the tracks.


  7. BS, is just that!


  8. Fire his ass. This superintendent should never have been, and after watching ghetto all last night on TV coming to his defense…. HUSD is in BiGGGG trouble.


  9. is this a joke


  10. What those parents were saying last night about students graduating without doing the work is true. 2 years ago my niece graduated without all her unites she retook the classes that summer. This year her brother was able to graduate because he did some work for teachers 2 weeks before graduation. He was always absent and getting F's in all his classes I know because my son had classes with him. The next day he was bragging about how little bit of work he was able to get done by teachers and the principal changed his grade and let him walk the stage. What else can you expect, that's how Dobbs low expectations are for our kids. Dobbs only cares about the numbers and he will do anything to make himself look good. The parents that were there supporting him are the parents from college bound, I know because I have my kid in college bound and I got a call telling me to go to board meeting to support him. I don't like the way college bound uses parents. This is the reason why I stayed home.


  11. MW you are an idiot.


  12. By MW:

    Related to the post of 12:11, a lot of high schools issue diplomas to “students,” actually almost total illiterates, who are not capable of doing the type of work that even any slightly competent fifth or sixth grader would be able to easily do.

    However that makes that particular school system look good, since it keeps the percentage of dropouts fairly low.

    Still furthermore, since each local school system collects from the state a substantial daily fee for each student who is enrolled and present that day, therefore the school system has huge incentives to not force the students to: one, work hard; two, pay attention in class and do their homework; and three, stay in the classroom, and rather than wandering around the hallways.

    In other words if the school got tough with the “students,” made them work hard, and enforced standards, then a lot more of the students would drop out, or at the very minimum take even far more sick days than they already do, and which would cost that school system a fortune, since it would collect a lot less in reimbursements from the state.

    So therefore a lot of school systems, and including their principals and superintendents, have become little more than sleazy players in a big games of scams and schemes to see how much money than can rip off in state reimbursements, and while they simultaneously go through their choreographed charades of pretending to be in the education business.


  13. Meanwhile, in the real world, every superintendent, city manager, special district general manager, etc. who is responsible to the board of directors, has an employment contract (a public document.) The employee is an “at will” employee who can be terminated without cause, simply that the board wishes to let him/her go.

    The contract anticipates that and has a clause documenting the remuneration and benefits accruing to the employee upon dismissal. Usually it includes some (several) months salary and other benefits, intending to tide the employee over until he/she has a new job.

    Because dismissal without a specific cause is often distasteful for the board members and a possible litigation issue, a negotiated agreement is usually made which both parties agree to and the employee resigns.

    The negotiated agreement usually is better for the employee than dismissal, but not much better. It puts the board and the employee in a much more comfortable place and eliminates most future problems. And, MW, the lawyers don't get any of the district's money.


  14. It appears you've been sipping the punch and/or maybe you've brown nosed enough to not place the bulls-eye on your back. Anyone exposed to his direct instruction would truly know the truth and having witnessed it many times (since you said you have worked for him for 3 years), it can only make me question YOUR integrity with you declaring he is the most honest man. I find that phrase alone disturbing so much that you have been indoctrinated into lying without a conscience. Very sad to hear for Hayward that they have you “looking out” for them. Quite shameful. Good luck when you tell him no he is breaking the law, and I guarantee ya he will place that bull-seye target quickly. FYI: San Diego Unified employees speak horrors of this man and the nightmares of cleanup efforts needed that he left behind in his wake. Like a bad hurricane, the truth flooded in faster than they saw it coming. Truth is an amazing thing. I helped personally to expose this man's lies. Good for you that he hasn't targeted you- YET. Be very thankful. Like a snake, you never know when he will strike you as prey. I certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of his horrific tantrums and tirades of violent aggression. At this point I just feel sorry for you.


  15. LIAR LIAR… that's what he is .He lie in front of everybody in a public meting ,even when taylor ask him if send the resignation letter, he said no he didn't. This is bs nothing else .he has a bounch of fans every meting ,and i mean fans because he act like a celebrity posing everywhere for pictures and bragging about a lot good things that acordling to him are happening in HUSD. There is in fact good things happening in our district but i tell you something,before him, we always have good things too,the only difference now is the he spends crazy amounts of money to advertized everything in social media.What about those cute videos that he presents to board metings every now and then, those videos came whit a price!! money that is suppost to go to our kids classrooms.
    The funiest thing i see here is that all hes fans are trying very hard to make him look like a hero!! really, pleaseeee. to all his fans: why in hell do anybody will try to cover his ass so good in his way out like him, if everything he do in our district was legal and transparent.


  16. By MW:

    Hayward should arrange for Dobbs and Hillary Clinton to be co-superintendents of the school district and to run it together.

    Then, and no matter how outrageous the scams they pull and arrange, they can just keep on repeating, “It's for the children.”


  17. A May: don't feel sorry for me, as nothing bemoans me at this time. Your wanton speculation, baseless fabrications, and plain ignorance does nothing to lessen my respect for this man and what he trying to do here. Drivel on, honey.


  18. Lots of talk, no evidence. Please state ONE illegal thing he's done. Specifically. Not this “yelling at board members” crap. Thank you, kindly.


  19. Superintendent incompetence and ignorance along with a behavior for violence as said on police report and lying about not wanting to resign is proof enought for a poor choice of a liar dobbs superintendent. Fire his assistant for a poor choice of sup. Asta la Vista lying stan dobbs you piece of s***.


  20. @ Anon June 20, 2016 4:44pm

    1. hostile work environment, yelling, screaming, berading, profanity, belittling, insulting, discriminatory comments about race and gender are all violations of labor laws

    2.Unauthorized Commitments in the Purchasing Realm of HUSD is against both state and federal laws- to literally go out and contact people within 15 minutes of him being exposed to the board to attempt to dissuade their cooperation (a.k.a. witness tampering) payment was made from his own personal funds where he illegally violated the law. HUSD does not use certified checks for payments made.

    3.Unlawful allocation of HUSD vehicles for non-emergency responder employees (which he has never been one) and enticing the Board President with monetary gain in violation of laws and board policies for profit and gain, by unlawfully allocating the usage of a school district vehicle by the Board president himself- again in violation of School Board Representative laws that dictate no personal gain for governing board and elected officials.

    5. Applauding this “Made in Hayward Campaign”- to make himself likable, he took credit for intellectual property of another for personal gain and even has had the audacity to label himself as “CEO of HUSD”. HUSD is not a private company to which he owns or operates. CEO is never a title any superintendent can claim for school districts. That would actually subject the school district to very high scrutiny and violations of taxation laws, grants, funding, private vs. public status, and so many governing laws under the Dept of Education- of which they have expressed a deep interest in his self-proclaimed title.

    Would you like me to go on? I have plenty that has been exposed…Or would you prefer I cite the actual laws by legal citation that have been violated specifically? Oh wait, School District Lawyers already know what he has violated as does HR since they are all scrambling to cover their butts. An FOIA or CPRA request can achieve so much- maybe try completing one?

    so no, I speak not of hearsay but of direct facts that have all been thoroughly documented and presented to the Board.

    Have a wonderful day 🙂 enjoy the truth…


  21. Truth hurts in Hayward when you have a school board that just can't do their job in firing that violent clown of superintendent Stan Dobbs. Save us Jesus.


  22. It will be interesting how this all plays out. HUSD doesn't pay one damned dime toward medical coverage for its' employees. It's all 100% employee paid. If Dobbs does leave on June 30th and the district agrees to ANY of the monetary requests in his letter, the little respect I still have left for HUSD will be destroyed.


  23. @ Anonymous June 27, 2016 7:17 am

    CalPERS and CalSTRS retirement is based on wages and not compensatory packages (ie medical benefits or other “fringe” benefits). Therefore, a little over 15 yrs ago, the Unions went to the District Administrators (before the regime incoming of “Area” Administrators before Kowal era) and requested that the money they district was allocating for medical benefits for each employee, the value monetary wise (i.e. medical $$= $$ added to their check). As a result of this increase in their “wages” they are now going to receive a higher income in their PERS or STRS retirement based off their new wages. THEY chose it this way for sacrifice now to pay out later. They have been receiving the money in their paychecks to pay for that specifically. How they opt to spend it, whether frivolously or otherwise is entirely their discretion now. They chose it that way. Sorry but they made that choice and now everyone else that follows in their footsteps, whether they chose that path themselves or not, the Union made that choice for them over 15 yrs ago.

    I also recall that bargaining members were afforded the opportunity to have input and ratify these changes. They agreed and jumped on so fast because it meant a heftier retirement.

    HAYWARD HAS HISTORY. Unless you know it, do not jump to conclusions. It has been people's mistakes in the past of making these same conclusions without knowing what was done and by whom and for what purpose that causes problems today such as your argument.

    The teachers strike as well was their way of payback. They chose their wages to include the monetary medical increase. It wasn't enough. They went greedy. At the end of year 2 of increase wages in effect prior to 2010, the District was once again nearing the hole after no longer meeting state requirements of 3% reserves. So you want to blame anyone, blame the Union for their greed.

    Don't get me wrong- I strongly believe that in order for our children to learn what is necessary, the teachers need to be valued. In order to accomodate this, teachers should receive appropriate compensation. However, when they get more pay- sorry but I expect and demand that our children be taught as required and not having these bird courses implemented. I know personally that there are and have been some truly amazing teachers in Hayward that were willing to sacrifice everything if it meant their students had everything necessary to excel. Greed gets these people nowhere.

    During the strike, reporters were asking about specific teachers saying their wages earned were at 70k+ for base pay. what they were not told by the Union was that she was also receiving over $30k in stipends for all the additional things she chose to be compensated for, longevity degrees, extra-curricular stipends, etc etc.

    There is so much that has happened in the past 20 yrs of Hayward that it is very easy to get caught up in falsities and emotions when you don't know the history behind what happens today.

    I can only suggest that if you truly are concerned, please studythe history of HUSD.

    I think maybe the Unions should forego any future increase pertaining to medical coverage if theywish to complain about it now.

    As far as Dobbs demand of medical be paid, the administrators requirement changed to 10 yrs of vested interest in HUSD in order to start having medical paid. He has not earned that. I say can his butt now and do not give in. He has not earned his keep nor the privileges he demands.


  24. Let's see, a drunken Fire Chief Garrett Contreras, City Attorney Lawson accused of stealing from a blind vendor at an Oakland courthouse (prior to being hired by Hayward), Dobbs shenanigans-what's next? Time to clean up Hayward and fire those overpaid jerks who should either be fired for breaking the law and putting others at risk. Hayward city government and the School District rolls out the red carpet to overpaid misfits and the half wits who hire them. Stop selecting candidates for responsible jobs from the Screw Up list.


  25. I agree with 6/15, 4:34, but I've been around a lot longer than three years. Long enough to remember accusations of late-night paper shredding at the DO, Dr. Vigil (*shudder*), and oh-so-much more. HUSD has come a long way since the bad old days… we have more programs for kids, more support for teachers, new schools, and a renewed spirit of collaboration and optimism (that the board does not seem to share). Keep Dobbs, fire Reynoso in November.


  26. HUSD not paying for medical cost is NOT the fault of anyone in the district except for HEA. HEA union negotiated this a long time ago that we pay for our own medical because too many people had coverage elsewhere and they wanted the $$$ in their pockets !!!


  27. Thank you 10:41for bringing this out. Previous post that shared history on medical coverage and HUSD notpaying was removed by ebcitizen. Apparently too many facts were given in the post. HEA did vote for the medical to be put in the employee's pocket as it added money to their retirement as it was now part of their gross income and no longer a “Benefit”.

    So unfortunately, WE at HUSD pay the price for pevious Union's acts. Kathy Crummey, Sam DeHaven and Ms. Faraj all played a part in getting the medical money in our paychecks.


  28. Angela May I know who you are and you need to stop spreading lies. If your husband got ripped off with HUSD don't take it out on Dobbs. I am not fond of Dobbs either but your claims are way off. BTW I work at HUSD and everything you are saying is non-sense.


  29. @ 1:22 pm

    you must have me confused with someone else, but nice attempt of deflection. Im not married NOR have I ever been married. Get YOUR facts straight before motoring onward as I too have worked at HUSD. I AM “MADE IN HAYWARD”


  30. also @ 1:22 thinking about your statement…

    HUSD ripped off someone else ? good to know.

    CPRA requests will be submitted since it was that easy for you to think I was someone else. Good to know. Thank you for that inadvertent exposure of information.

    For this mystery “Angela” whose husband may have gotten ripped off by HUSD: feel free to contact me. I'd love to chat with this unknown Angela since apparently HER husband may have been ripped off. Nice to know more shady things need to be exposed. Thank you for that 1:22 🙂


  31. Hello Angela if that name is true? I rather prefer the anonymous because at least we all know we are protecting our identities and not pretending to fool people with made up names.

    Angela you remind me of those sour ex-employees of HUSD that claim something happened to them but yet they hide behind made up events and exageraciones and always use things like “public record” and “evidence” and “skeletons in the closet” yet you know nothing . I have been working for HUSD for over 15 years and yes we have problems but nothing like what you mentioned. Learn to actually state the facts and not pretend you know. I think you really are a closet Dobbs supporter that works for that awful College Bound program at HUSD that is getting paid $2,000 per hour.

    I too know who you are but will protect your privacy. <--- Good person Lets be real here Angela is another chicken little pretending they know by just saying they know and givng you all bad made up news.


  32. @9:21pm

    sorry Hun, but I am a real person and this is my legal name. I do not hide behind the shell of “Anonymous” why? because I have nothing to hide. If you don't like my name, then i guess my mother wouldn't care much, would she?

    The reason why I use my name is because the evidence I speak of that the board already has is because Dobbs or anyone else that knows first hand that may see this, THEY will know my name and say “oh crap”…so why my name? because I don't need to hide. The truth is presented and they all know it and for whatever reason, they haven't exposed it to the Hayward Public yet. they for some reason have been hiding this bag of “tricks”. Sorry people. Tricks are for kids. Grow up.

    more than half of all past and even some current staff, I either know personally, or at one time or another had an affiliation with them. Since you “think” you know who I am…spit it out. Who exactly do you think I am?

    My legal name is ANGELA MAY. I am 31 years old and a proud graduate of MEHS. nOW 9:21PM…

    Who are you to “think” you know me?


  33. To 9:21 pm:

    Quite amusing… I know who she is. She is right. Knowing her and history – I guess her calling the County Health Department years ago regarding the pizzas at the schools has probably not made any more points than her exposing other things that have gone on recently within the district. She is definitely in the know….. She is NOT a disgruntled employee or former employee….. She DID graduate from Hayward…. and will not sit back and accept someone covering up wrong doing. I am glad she has stayed true and consistent to her upbringing.

    She is definitely not using some made up name as a front.

    Angela: will reach out to you separately. Keep the information coming. Public has a right to know.

    Information I too know is that Dobbs is not good for Hayward.


  34. By MW:

    Since I think it would be an excellent idea that he be rode out of town on a rail, therefore as far as under which conditions he would agree to leave, it would seem that really the only thing left to negotiate would be the size and particular metal composition of the rail.


  35. If Dobbs is fired we do not have to pay him anything. There is more talent out there and someone who is not violent or corrupt. Since the school district did not hire a person with an educational background, I suggest Bill Parker for superintendent. Parker ran for Board of Supervisors in Alameda County.


  36. ANGELA MAY, I am proud of you. Please keep it up.
    Why would any parent support Dobbs ,since the state standards have been lower to pass kids through the system? I want the bar raised. Children will not be ready for college. They have to take remedial reading and math for no credit, at college prices, until they will be at the level to start their AA courses for credit. This is more time and expense for the students. Many dropout of college, because they are NOT ready to go. They don’t have extra money, or the time, to take high school reading and math at the community college prices.
    This is worst than No Child Left Behind. I tutored children in East Oakland, for No Child Left Behind. I did get them to do the computerized studying after school, three days a week. My class finished the most projects and passed. Those days are gone.
    Now just pass them through. Make them feel good about themselves with useless certificates. Build their esteem with unless certificates, when taking low standard test, they can’t fail. Parents should be angry about this. Their kids will not be competitive with the Asian immigrants who come here, well educated. Hayward failing schools has graduated incompetent community college students. It cost students more to retake high school classes in college. Minimum wage will be their life standard.
    Bryan Parker would be a good replacement for Dobbs. Parker is an educated, ethical person of good moral standards and values. He would be a good mentor to the children. When he speaks is a great communicator who you can understand: not like Dobbs. He is a black man who will fight against corruption, follow the law, and do the work.


  37. Dobbs is now suing the school districts trustees. This piece of work belongs in a mental hospital.


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