Despite evidence, embattled Hayward supe says, I’m not going anywhere

HAYWARD SCHOOLS | Hayward school board member John Taylor, with some panache, publicly asked embattled Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs at a meeting Wednesday night whether or not he intends to leave the school district anytime soon. Dobbs, appearing to follow a script, defiantly answered that he was here to stay. Supporters of Dobbs, many of whom spoke in favor of him during two hours of public comment, cheered wildly.

However, a three-page letter sent May 23 from Dobbs’ attorney to the school board’s legal counsel shows his declaration is not entirely true.

The letter was obtained by the East Bay Citizen early Wednesday and contains 10 bullet points laying out Dobbs’ demands for a negotiated settlement to end his employment at the Hayward Unified School District, including a resignation date of June 30.

Aside from standard requests for post-employment pay and benefits, Dobbs is also asking for a non-disparagement clause against the school board punishable by a $25,000 fee for each occurrence and indemnification from any legal claims made against him while employed by the district.

This would not be the first time Dobbs publicly pledged allegiance to the Hayward school district despite evidence to the contrary. Just prior to be hired in 2013, Dobbs pulled his name out of consideration for the job. Days later, he had second thoughts.

The East Bay Citizen has chosen not to publish the entire letter (see below) due to concerns for Dobbs’ privacy. Passages at the beginning and conclusion of the letter describe personal details that are unrelated to his employment.

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38 replies

  1. Start with a clean slate and fire Dobbs. Mext, clean house and dump a few of the school board members. That meeting was off the hook. Teachers were snickering like pre-teens when a speaker called out Reynoso. Hope they don't teach that crap to the kids. Either people love Dobbs or hate him. He's done so many stupid things and hi “attack” on his bosses should have caused him to lose his job. Only on Hayward!


  2. Liar… Liar… Liar…Stan Dobbs Pants on Fire!

    Stan “Liar” Dobbs has been caught lying again to Hayward.

    Now I know why Stan Liar Dobbs paid the College Bound $2,000.00 per hour!! It's all paid to support the lying superintendent at these dog and pony show school board meetings. Yes, I was watching that one meeting when it was told that College Bound will make at least $2,000.00 per hour!! These people from College Bound show up in those TV board meetings supporting Dobbs and liar Dobbs tells these people to bring other people to give him awards and write songs for him because he is about to be fired. I want to know what liar Dobbs tells these gullible people? Why do these people want to have the school board pay Dobbs $25,000.00 anytime somebody has “disparaging” things to say about Stan Lying Dobbs? How can the school board agree to a resignation like that!?!?

    I am so happy and glad my kids don't go to HUSD. Thank goodness for transferring my kids from Fairview into Castro Valley. The Castro Valley schools are much better and we do not pay anyone like College Bound $2000.00 per hour, and we do not have ghetto teachers giggling in board meetings. If the school board of HUSD does not fire this Stan Liar Dobbs for his extortion of the Hayward students money then the school board of Hayward needs to be fired.


  3. By MW:

    According to the items I have read, Dobbs has both: one, offered to leave as of June 30 if he is granted various items; and two, also very strongly stated that he has absolutely no intention of leaving.

    So it sounds to me like he very likely has the “honesty” and “consistency” of the typical Bay area politician. In fact, we should consider giving him a job on a high school faculty, and his specialty could be teaching the students “ethics,” or at least from a Bay area perspective.


  4. The person who REALLY needs to go is board member Reynoso! Fired from Hayward, fired from Fremont, constantly bad mouthing HUSD. His only agenda is to destroy HUSD!


  5. HUSD is already trashed. Those giggling teachers were ghetto and most likely paid to be there in support of was outrageous and embarrasing for Hayward. Its not easy to teach or be a school board member, but we alwys seem to find trash who will step up to do the job. Hayward should stop lowering its standards and start taking out the trash.


  6. your an idiot. Odviusly your either whatch or attend board metings but i think your so blinded to really see the point here. attacking reynoso and fire him is your solution? your way off body. Reynoso is the only one that really advocate for a fair,legal,and transparent way of conduct bussines in the board, i can clearly see that your are so use to the typical corrupted system and most problaby even part of it. do you get money to do this??


  7. The board should just fire this guy Dobbs!!! negociating his resignation is not an option please take action and fire him. attacking and insulting board member are grounds for termination, and even that incident happen some time ago, remains as frehs as it happen just yesterday. thats the first thing. secondly, sending a resignation proposal and then lie in public meting saying he never did, that by itself should be enouhg reason for the district or board to fire him. this guy is trying to steel our kids money, tight everybody hands to not prosecut him ones he leaves our district and we find out all or any of hes crooket activities.. BOARD MEMBER!!!!!!!!! DO THE RIGHT THING!!! FIRE HIM.


  8. In what other job can you demand a year's pay, $25k moving out-of-town expenses, immunity from lawsuits, fine people $25k for speaking negatively about you, and get 2 letters of recommendation?

    Arrogant POS who lines the pockets of his “friends” with public money. Too bad your friend couldn't win a seat on city council. Your leverage and pull is gone.

    Take the money you made/stolen/laundered (certainly not earned) and GTFO.


  9. Oooo, well SAID, 1:10! If I got up in my manager's face and said, “…I deal with mother-fucking punks like you all day long!” that would be the end of my job. Why Dobbs thinks he deserves his demands, god only knows. Then he plays it off at the last board meeting like he has no intention of going anywhere; like that letter just dropped out of the sky. How can you trust someone like that to run a school district with as many problems as HUSD has?


  10. Dobbs and Taylor are bad actors and total liars. HUSD sex scandals (Armas), assault (Dobbs), what's next? Too much baloney! Focus on the kids for a change and stop fudging the numbers to make it look like Dobbs has improved things, because all the stupid shit he does cancels out the few things he did right. Overpaid, arrogant and under qualified nut job.


  11. Nice to see a bunch of people who don't work at HUSD (an cannot spell anything, but that's a different topic) talk all this crap about him. We that live here love him. Those who work for him love him. Seems only those who have nothing vested in HUSD hate him the most. Blah blah. Just shuttup with all the hate. I have no intention of leaving my job with the Fed. Govt., but if they came to me and asked, “What would it take for you to leave?”, I would sure have some pretty sweet demands!


  12. @ 5:15.

    It is always humorous when an internet troll criticizes other people's spelling and then goes on to misspell words on their own posts.

    “shuttup” should be two words with one 't'

    If you work for HUSD, no wonder the kids aren't doing so great.


  13. You don't have to work for HUSD to read or see Dobbs making the news for assault or condoning an NFL player accused of domestic violence as a motivational speaker for Hayward kids. Duh! I live in Hayward and I have no love for Dobbs or the school board phonies. Bottom line, they all suck and Hayward kids are paying for Dobbs and the school board's poor decisions and bad behavior.


  14. In my opinion, Stan Dobbs needs to be fired. His terms of resignation are extortion. He doesn’t fix the deteriorated schools, so he thinks he deserves a lot of money to leave? This shows he does care about the school district and the kids. He cares about filling his own pockets. Between his lying (no physical contact when chest bumping two trustees and being medicated), not doing his job when Dr. Reynoso asked him for the lease contracts over and over again, taking $20, 000 for a class at Stanford from the district’s funds, hiring an alleged rapist to be an inspirational speaker for teens, not being able to confirm his degrees, and not having an educational background, in education.
    What legal claims are made against Dobbs?
    “Aside from standard requests for post-employment pay and benefits, Dobbs is also asking for a non-disparagement clause against the school board punishable by a $25,000 fee for each occurrence and indemnification from any legal claims made against him while employed by the district.” By Steven Tavarrus

    ( Look up: Stan Where is his written doctorial denotation, so we can read what Dobbs has published for his PhDs? (Where are his diploma’s, in his office?) Why does he want to be called Data Dobbs. Two PhDs should be called Doctor Dobbs. Data Dobbs should sound like Ben Carson, or Colin Powell when he speaks. Sometimes I can’t understand him and wish they showed subtitles when he speaks.
    (Look up: Superintendent of San Diego Stan Dobbs.) Did he get fired from there? The people in San Diego hated him. How much money did Dobbs get, to get out of his contract in San Diego, after 6 months? Did he ask for money to leave San Diego? He gets a military pension.
    Who approved the $20,000 for Dobbs’ Stanford class? The Board did not. Was it in his contract for continuing education? I would rather that money go for student scholarships to Chabot. Dobbs came with 2 supposed PhDs. Why does Hayward have to educate him more? It didn’t make him any smarter? Dobbs hired an alleged rapist to speak for the teens, a few months after graduating from Stanford. Dobbs claims he has a law PhD. What lawyer would hire an alleged rapist? Dobbs has been in the news a lot, even when he worked in San Diego. What an embarrassment for Hayward.
    Lets do a Hillary Clinton on Dobbs. At a Board meeting Dobbs gave Dr. Reynoso dates, when he mailed the lease contracts. We can check his emails and server, to see if he is not telling the truth.
    Why, when the police called Dobbs for his testimony for his the filthy words and chest bumping, to McGee and Reynoso, Dobbs wouldn’t answer the phone, when the police called him. Taylor called Dobbs and gave the phone to the police, after Taylor testified no physical contact. Dobbs answers the phone calls from Taylor, but not the police and Dobbs is supposed to have a law degree? The other female trustees lied about Dobbs attacking the trustees, too. They both have different stories than Taylor and Dobbs. Read the police report about Dobbs’ attack, on his bosses. Read it on
    Do you want a picture of your child with Dobbs and the district’s to low to fail certificates ?
    Is Dobbs a good mentor to the children? NO! State testing has been lowered so students can pass. Their certificates are worthless. How can they compete with the advanced students from India and China moving here, for jobs ?
    Do NOT re-elect Tylor, Walker or Brunner for trustees.


  15. So, is Dobbs still employed by Hayward?


  16. to 5:09pm Sadly 😦

    Yes, Yes, Stan Liar Dancing Dobbs still employed mainly due to a very “backbone-spine-testicle” deficient school board.
    After seeing your board meetings on video it seems that you have at the most 1 or 2 trustees Reynoso and Brunner that can actually do their job. All you people in Hayward need a much steadier board. You have a majority of a board that is too scared to make the tough calls they got elected to do. Taylor and Walker are completely worthless, but there might be some hope for McGee. This coming election you need a new board. Vote the bums out. Elect people that are not afraid of the Teachers Union (educational terrorists) and College Bound (the 2,000/hr ripoff program). Your board meetings are very entertaining by just watching so much sleazy corruption take place on TV. Vote them out in November and Fire that worthless violent superintendent Dobbs.
    I am so lucky I was able to transfer my kids to Castro Valley. Way to go Hayward on wasting my tax money in your poor public education. Everyone needs to have their kids transfer to Castro Valley.


  17. Yes. Dobbs decided not to quit. The moms of the College Bound kids, who cheered him on to stay and his best friend John Tayler got him to stay. The $2,000 an hour teacher rallies the College Bound students' parents to support Dobbs at the School Board meetings, no matter what he does, they show support. A woman from the NAACP comes and sits with them. the teachers union support Dobbs because most of the 100 million the schools got , went to their raises. The teachers are garbage who support a superintendent, who pays an ex 49 going through a rape trail, to be a speaker for at risk youths. The news reports Dobbs as many supporters. That is what the $2,000 teacher from San Diego does best: rally the uninformed to support Dobbs.


  18. Come to the school board meeting this Wednesday and complain about Dobbs and the $2,000 teacher wasting the school boards money. 6:30pm


  19. The letter has nothing to do with Dobbs' decision to quit or not, 1:52. The letter is Dobbs' attempt to leave with his hands as full as possible in the event the board gives him the heave ho on June 30th. (The new district school year begins on July 1st). So, we pretty much have to see how things play out on June 30th.


  20. Come to the school board meeting this Wednesday. 6:30pm


  21. HUSD school board has received documentation within the past 12 months that support firing Stan Dobbs without cost to the district as a direct result of Dobbs' many egregious stunts he has played and opened the district up to various wilfull intent tortious acts by which the insurance company will not cover. I truly believe this is why Dobbs' is dictating being indemnified and having HUSD cover liability costs for his actions while he has served as superintendent of HUSD. He may not have personal professional liability insurance to cover his liability issues. He has definitely caused a hostile work environment throughout the district administration offices by his public outbursts against subordinate employees. Employees are concerned they will be put on target next should they speak out against him.

    As stated before, the Board has sufficient evidence to remove Dobbs for “just cause” which would release the district of their contract with him. He has not fulfilled his side of the contract. His repeated actions causing REPEATED violations of multiple laws and Board Policies give the Board more ammo to take disciplinary actions against Dobbs but choose not to.

    Does Dobbs have that much on the members they fear he may retaliate and expose them? I have been trying to figure them out since they were given how many justifiable reasons to fire him on a silver platter this past year yet have chosen not to take corrective actions. The only thing I can think of is that Dobbs may have something over their heads.


  22. Interesting post, 6:37am. Dobbs very well may have something over the boards head – or maybe they're just waiting until June 30th to show him the door. Obviously, SOMETHING prompted his little visit with an attorney to get that cover my ass letter typed up.

    Maybe the board hasn't taken action as yet because of the frequent “Stan, Stan, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can” love fests at board meetings, which I find over the top and suspect at times.

    I absolutely see Dobbs as the kind of person who would go after any employee who stood up to his BS. Come on, if he behaved the way he did toward board members, who are in essence his boss, I can only imagine how he's treated his subordinates.


  23. 7:53am: You are spot on. Dobbs has treated his subordinates just how you are imagining. His outbursts at the district office are loud, disrespectful, combative management style and little consideration for those in attendance have definitely made employees feel they are walking on egg shells. At any moment, when employees advise Dobbs he is not able to get things as fast as he wants or that policy prevents his desire from being fulfilled, Dobbs will go off. Many times (usually happens most of the time) using profanity against employee(s). He has no regard for what is in policy because – in his own words – he's in charge and what he says goes (sorry, I left out the F*N words he uses on everyone here). His recent outbursts in terminating employees is at a cost. Unlawful labor practices he himself exhibit has resulted in back pay and reinstatement of employees. So far, how many claims and suits have been brought against the district because of him? I know of several that it is only a matter of time before payment is made to restore the good names of employees wrongfully terminated by Dobbs himself because they told Dobbs he can't have what he is requesting during one of his tantrums.

    Dobbs needs to go – – – NOW!

    How is it that the Board is allowing this rogue behavior to continue? How can a Board receive evidence and hand the evidence to the employee himself to “investigte wrongdoing” instead of requesting external authorities to conduct the investigation or do it themself? Why didn't the Board ask County officials at the County Office of Education to step in and address matters sent to them? Whistleblowers in the district are not protected as one may be lead to believe as outlined in the Whistleblowers Act. No one here is willing to jeopardize their years of employment to speak out against someone that will not be sitting in the same seat beyond his contract.

    Wake up Board members….!!!! Elections are a wonderful thing. Do your job.


  24. I can only imagine, 11:58am. But, years of employment or not, I would have lost my job LONG ago if Dobbs came at me with his infamous F-bombs. Not sure WHY he thinks he can treat people with such little respect, but I would then file every unlawful termination case that COULD be filed against him AND the district for tolerating that kind of behavior. But, even if I managed to get my position back, I know the Dobbs lovefest tentacles run far and keep at district, which would probably result in my being blacklisted for the rest of my days as an HUSD employee. WhatEVER! At least I wouldn't be his F-bomb bitch.

    I'm SO hoping he is out of there tomorrow.


  25. Well I'm glad he wants to stay because when the investigations are over he will be going to jail.
    ALL THAT $


  26. No, you have a $14,000 coffee machine and a superintendent that was run out of her last district. You should come back to HUSD. CV residents are NOT nice to transfer students, especially the ones from Fairview, Hayward, San Lorenzo, San Leandro, and Oakland. They are always complaining about overcrowding and how transfer students' families are taking advantage of their schools without paying into them. You can read about it frequently on Castro Valley News's Facebook page. We are much more open-minded in Hayward.


  27. Sorry, the comment above was in response to the second comment in this thread. The one from June 17, 5:53 PM.


  28. These people? Ghetto teachers


  29. Well of course Dobbs wants to leave. NOBODY can work with the school board. First they ran out Dr. Evans, now Dobbs… meanwhile, they waste the public's time trying to decide IF THEY CAN APPROVE THE MINUTES FROM A PREVIOUS MEETING! Are you kidding me? They agree on exactly nothing, and no issue is too small for them to pick apart and argue about. All any halfway decent prospective supt has to do is watch one board meeting and they'll run in the other direction. We deserve so much better in Hayward. Keep Dobbs, fire Reynoso in November.


  30. As far as I am concerned, Reynoso can go too. The conflict of interest that I've never silenced on from day 1 has and always will be his own corrupt ways.

    Before 2008, and trust me he knows exactly when this happened as his lawsuit is a matter of public record (against HUSD), he single handedly made illegal allocations of donated equipment to the facility location he worked at. It was not his property and yet he claimed as much. Pictures were on the front page of the daily review. He immediately withdrew his lawsuit and then put his name into the vacancy spot to run for the incumbents seat on the Board. I never was silent about it. So the reality question here is:

    Should you really trust someone like Reynoso who broke the law (and yes I know details as I worked for HUSD) and then is being entrusted to make judgment calls on illegal allocations when he himself committed the same acts. So tell me again how did Reynoso get permitted to vote Yay OR Nay on anything when it came to this past years votes on terminating or keeping people on the payroll. That is a severe conflict of interest. To my knowledge, he should have recused himself and abstained from all matters of such content, but he did not. He continues to make conflicting decisions in contrary to his own actions. He needs to be removed. I know personally all too well how Reynoso and the other board members were contacted directly with this AND many other issues.

    Board President Taylor was compromised and should have no affiliation with the board.
    Reynoso is a Thief and Fraud and never should have been voted in period and unfortunately the public was veiled and blinded by his dishonesties when he was elected into office.

    There is a female board member who also has history in the district and she knows exactly who SHE is. If she really wants to claim innocent and blameless in HUSD dealings, then I have no issue with outting her as well.

    There's so much behind these characters that never should have been placed or elected too their positions. They were not honest or forthcoming with their so-called achievements and past. People can and do change.

    I will just put it this way: skeletons are opening the closet doors and as far as I am concerned, they should have been considered for election fraud for lying about their “history” and past involvement with HUSD.


  31. I have no dogs in this fight, ie, no kids in HUSD schools, both of mine graduated from CVUSD and SRVUSD years ago. Just watching this train wreck month after month would infuriate me if I lived in the voting borders of this city. The entire board needs to go, if for no other reason than just grandstanding, and their other past sins. I shake my head and feel pity for the parents of Hayward and their kids.

    When we bought our home 20+ years ago, we MADE SURE we were within the CVUSD boundaries, and looking back, it was was an expensive, but good decision. I am happy with the Education they got, and that they got out before the recent fracas with the CVUSD. Good luck to you all.


  32. Stop making comments that teachers support Dobbs. We are contracted employees who work within the contract. Dobbs has been completely unreadonable, dodging meetings, hiring and defending abusive principals. He is one of the worse superintendents. However do not paint everyone with the same brush. Yes, there are some district and other administration who support his craziness, there probably are a handful of teachers who support them. Many teachers however, have been miserable underived his reign. Some great ones have left (our student's loss), many retire earlier than they planned, and some are staying the course hoping to make it until his departure. Discussion on an online message board is ok. However, if you're truly concerned public outcry is best. Don't let the 20 member NAACP outnumber you at school boards. Hold them accountable.


  33. Is that really the only thing you got out of my post? The spelling of “shuttup”, which, by the way, was intentionally spelled that way. smh. Just another loser.


  34. @ 1:15am – I got nothing out of your post. That was the point.


  35. To 1:15am – You “intentionally” spell a word incorrectly and you're calling someone else a loser? Haha. Back into the cave troll. No more internet for you.


  36. I like Mr Dobbs because he treats workers well! He took time to speak with me and was polite and he inspires us support workers ( not a teacher, but a helper).

    I believe there is a racism thing going on. I would like the school board members to respect Mr. Dobbs instead of trying to push his buttons, so to speak. This one school board member is disgusting and all know who I am referring to. Disgusting!!!

    I think even disgusting school board members could change, be a roll model for anti bullying…but, I believe in GOD.

    Mr. Dobbs I believe you are a wonderful superintendent, and you lost your temper once because you are passionate about doing good things for children and stakeholders.

    Ifnwe got Google or Tesla or some mega tech company to give big grants for learning we could move forward better, $$$ tears all apart.

    Substitute teacher


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