HAYWARD SCHOOLS | Hayward school board member John Taylor, with some panache, publicly asked embattled Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs at a meeting Wednesday night whether or not he intends to leave the school district anytime soon. Dobbs, appearing to follow a script, defiantly answered that he was here to stay. Supporters of Dobbs, many of whom spoke in favor of him during two hours of public comment, cheered wildly.

However, a three-page letter sent May 23 from Dobbs’ attorney to the school board’s legal counsel shows his declaration is not entirely true.

The letter was obtained by the East Bay Citizen early Wednesday and contains 10 bullet points laying out Dobbs’ demands for a negotiated settlement to end his employment at the Hayward Unified School District, including a resignation date of June 30.

Aside from standard requests for post-employment pay and benefits, Dobbs is also asking for a non-disparagement clause against the school board punishable by a $25,000 fee for each occurrence and indemnification from any legal claims made against him while employed by the district.

This would not be the first time Dobbs publicly pledged allegiance to the Hayward school district despite evidence to the contrary. Just prior to be hired in 2013, Dobbs pulled his name out of consideration for the job. Days later, he had second thoughts.

The East Bay Citizen has chosen not to publish the entire letter (see below) due to concerns for Dobbs’ privacy. Passages at the beginning and conclusion of the letter describe personal details that are unrelated to his employment.