Catharine Baker wanted to head off a vote on four bills to regulate assault weapons

Assemblymember Catharine Baker voted against
an amendment to move four assault weapon bills
for a vote in the near future.

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy and a full-throated protest by House Democrats this week calling for Republicans to allow a vote on gun-related legislation, there is great pressure from the public for legislators to do something to quell gun violence.

However, East Bay Assemblymember Catharine Baker and other Assembly Republicans Thursday unsuccessfully voted to block a package of four gun control bills from coming to a vote in the Assembly.

The procedural vote, approved by Democrats, moved the bills from the Assembly Appropriations Committee to a third reading possibly next week.

Republican leadership in the Assembly objected to the amendment because the bill’s cost have not yet been reviewed by Appropriations. All four bills were approved by the state Senate last May.

Instead, the quartet of legislation will force Baker, who is in a tight re-election campaign against Democrat Cheryl Cook-Kallio, to register a vote on the hot-button issue. How Baker votes on the gun control bills could become a major campaign issue this fall.

The batch of gun legislation, according to the authors, was initially a response to the shootings last December in San Bernardino. Together they propose to ban the sale of assault weapons with a so-called “bullet button,” which allows users to easily detach its magazine (SB 880); and require gun owners to report the theft of their weapon to authorities within five days of realizing it was stolen (SB 894).

Another bill would require background checks on ammunition purchases, and for vendors to register with the state (SB 1235). More on this from the Sacramento Bee.

A fourth bill (SB 1446), authored by East Bay state Sen. Loni Hancock, seeks to ban the possession of assault weapons with a magazine of more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Oakland Assemblymember Rob Bonta is also a coauthor of the bill.

In addition, Senate Bill 880, the bill to close the “bullet button” loophole, is coauthored by another East Bay legislator, state Sen. Steve Glazer.

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  1. By MW:

    If the demagogues, charlatans, phonies, con men, scam artists, and big windbags, but who pretend they are great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, that compose the overwhelming majority of the leadership of the Democratic Party, were really and truly concerned about drastically decreasing the number of murders and premature and unnecessary deaths, they would do something about the crooked lawyers who harass, threaten, and intimidate whistleblowers who try to bring to public attention various environmental hazards that are responsible for hundreds of thousands of premature deaths every year in the US, and including from strokes, heart attacks, and cancer.

    However since the leadership of the DP is largely composed of lawyers, and such as for instance the Clintons, the Obamas, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, Willie Brown, and the Kennedy family, etc, etc, etc, and to name just a few – and even the members of the DP's leadership who are non-lawyers, and such as for instance Feinstein, Pelosi, and Boxer, have close relatives who are lawyers – therefore the DP's leadership, and which is mostly owned and composed of crooked lawyers, pretends that gun violence is a major cause of death of in the US, and even though crooked lawyers are responsible for many times more deaths than guns.

    And if you live in a reasonably safe neighborhood, in other words not in a neighborhood heavily infested with thugs and drug addicts and a neighborhood whose culture has been heavily influenced and “improved” by the social policies of the parasites who for decades have been doing everything in their power to destroy schools and neighborhoods, can you think of even one single person that you personally knew well who was killed as a result of gun violence???

    However you can probably think of tons of people you knew well who were: one, killed or seriously injured by drunk drivers; two, died or had their lives destroyed by drug addiction; or three, died very prematurely, in other words before age sixty-five, from strokes, heart attacks, or cancer.

    And in fact three or four days ago I was standing in line to pay a cashier, and the woman in front of me told the cashier her daughter had died at age 37, so I then asked her what her daughter had died of, she said cancer, and then she also said that a nephew of hers had also died of cancer, and that he had only been 41.

    And why did they both die of cancer, and so young??? Perhaps from being secretly exposed to environmental hazards, and such as for instance asbestos, that had been covered up by sleazy lawyers and corrupt judges who received under the table bribes from sleazy lawyers.


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