Hayward superintendent placed on paid leave over handling of Ray McDonald visit

Stan “Data” Dobbs was place on paid administrative
leave Wednesday evening.

HAYWARD | Embattled Hayward Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs was placed on paid administrative leave effective immediately, said school board president Lisa Brunner.

In a statement at the start of Wednesday’s board meeting, Brunner said the school district is investigating Dobbs’ knowledge and handling of former San Francisco 49ers player Ray McDonald’s visit last February to Tennyson High School.

The investigation, according to Brunner’s statement, is ongoing and focuses, in part, on a letter Dobbs sent to Tennyson parents that appeared to shield blame from himself and suggest, instead, the high school’s principal and Hayward Promise Neighborhood were to blame for McDonald’s appearance and its vetting.

Ray McDonald spoke to 200 at-risk Tennyson
students last February.

McDonald was charged for allegedly raping a woman in Santa Clara County and was due to stand trial for the incident just weeks after his visit to address about 200 at-risk students about self-control.

A number of Tennyson parents were upset when word of McDonald’s visit spread after the fact and the story went national, including a debate over the incident on a popular ESPN talk show.

The school board’s investigation appears set to surround on the question of whether Dobbs knew about McDonald’s visit beforehand and whether the former football player was properly vetted in a similar manner to others visiting any public school in Hayward.

When the McDonald story broke last March, a representative for the federally-funded Hayward Promise Neighborhood program, which also sponsored the event, acknowledged to the East Bay Express that Dobbs was fully aware of McDonald and approved it. Later, the same Hayward Promise representative had no comment when a Hayward school district employee told NBC Bay Area that Dobbs had no part in the McDonald visit.

In recent months, Dobbs’ future as superintendent has been seen as threatened, according to many of his supporters. In late May, Dobbs’ attorney sent the school district a letter laying out the specific terms of his resignation as superintendent. However, two weeks ago, when Dobbs was asked publicly by a school board member about whether he plans to leave the school district, he answered no to thundering applause from his backers in the audience.

Dr. Matt Wayne, the school district’s assistant superintendent, was elevated to acting superintendent while the investigation moves forward.

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  1. it was very interesting to read! I like the way you are thinking! web site is the source of knowledge!


  2. The system that is HUSD has been broken for a long, long time. Watching the June 29 board meeting showed that all too well.

    When you have grown men trying to hold back tears as they spoke during public comment, you know things have got to be pretty bad.

    What a joke. Just embarrassing beyond belief.


  3. Does anybody know how to watch the videos of board meetings (not the live stream)? I missed the meeting yesterday. When I tried to watch the June 15 meeting by clicking “video” on the HUSD website, nothing happened.


  4. [video src="http://video.husd.us/Mac/Board_2016_06_16.m4v" /]


  5. By MW:

    One o the Hollywood studios should send a production team to the Bay area to produce a comedy far funnier and a MILLION TIMES MORE ABSURD than anything that had ever been filmed starring The Three Stooges.

    Some of the Bay area clowns that could star in the movie would include Data Dobbs, Dianne Feinstein, Scott Haggerty, Mary Hayashi, Nadia Lockyer, Nate Miley, Nancy O'Malley, Nancy Pelosi, Jean Quan, Leland Yee, and some of the recent Oakland Police Dept chiefs.


  6. Thank you for the link. It must be my computer – no actual video appears for me, just a black screen and 0.00 min.


  7. 8:25am – here is the link for watching ongoing HUSD board meeting (not just for a specific date). http://www.hayward-ca.gov/discover/khrt15


  8. The corrupt crazy community and crazy teachers in support of Stan Lying Dobbs. Hayward needs much better teachers. Good riddens Stan Lying Dobbs 🙂


  9. ts amazing to see the blinders some have towards Stan Dobbs. If they would only ask the questions, they will have eyes opened wide and probably say they were not aware this was going on.

    I hope the Board keeps him out. Unfortunately, he now has another paid vacation at the expense of the students. The Board has cause to send him packing on administrative leave WITHOUT PAY! Would be nice to see them exercise that right.


  10. Thanks for the links, everyone. I got the video to work, but honestly it was even more painful to watch than usual. Reynoso has gone from being a pain in the neck to acting downright psychotic. The good news is that there are 3 seats up for grabs in November and the public is starting to wake up and seek change.

    Does anybody understand this discussion around Made in Hayward? Does the district pay for it 100%, or do other community institutions chip in? I totally like it and the work they do, and I think it's great to be inclusive. But if the district is footing the entire bill, then the events and publicity should be limited to HUSD students/families. I think that Made in Hayward has highlighted or included charter school students and private school students in something, I just can't remember the details. If my memory is correct, then that should just not be! No way should the district be financing schools that drain resources from the public schools.


  11. You don't know what Made in Hayward is?
    It is just a distraction for people not to be aware of what's really going on. The truth is that Hayward school scores are very low, and the district is getting way more money but most of the extra money stays at the district. But the real reason for Made In Hayward is a promotional campaign for Dobbs for his next gig HUSD is just a stepping stone for him he is just using our kids' money. Yes Made In Hayward is fully funned by HUSD. Dobbs only cares for himself, how good he looks how he takes credit for all our kids accomplishments. He should be using Made in Hayward to let people know how low our kids score are and what he is going to do about it. But with no bullshit. You should look at Hayward test scores English and math and tell me if I'm wrong. With this vacation that he is getting he should be thinking of walking out wile he still can because he is not going to like whats coming.


  12. By MW:

    According to what I have read about Dobbs, I have gotten the impression that on a one to ten scale, and with one the lowest and ten the highest, Dobbs performance would not even rate a zero.

    So therefore, and based on Bay area “standards,” I am surprised that he was not given a promotion and a big pay raise, since in Bay area government it seems that usually the sleazier a person is the more highly he is rewarded and regarded.


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