Hayward city manager announces retirement

Hayward City Manager Fran David

HAYWARD | Hayward City Manager Fran David announced her retirement Friday, effective sometime in the  fall.

David has served as head of the city’s day-to-day operation since being appointed to the position in 2010. Her tenure coincided with the worst of the Great Recession, a time when Hayward city services  like all in the region were hit hard by the economic downturn.

David’s last day is expected to be sometime around Sept. 30, said the city. The City Council expects to determined an effective date sometime within the next two weeks and begin discussions about her replacement.

“Retiring as City Manager for this community was a hard decision” said David. “However, it is time. Being the City Manager of Hayward has been an honor and a privilege that I will always cherish. I am grateful for Council’s courageous leadership and professional governance. Under the leadership of the two Mayors and several Council Members for whom I have served, I consider Hayward to be one of the best governed communities in California.”

Hayward Mayor Barbrara Halliday thanked David for her service in a statement Friday.

“Hayward has benefited enormously during the past decade from City Manager David’s outstanding leadership and management expertise,” Halliday said. “I know I speak for the entire City Council in thanking her for her exemplary public service and in wishing her all the best as she moves to the next phase of her life as a retiree.”

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  1. Bye Fran and take Donbs and Contreras with you.


  2. Outstanding leadership? Was that when David compained to The Daily Review “Do I consider myself underpaid? Hell Yes!? Even though she earned more money than the Governor of California makes to run the entire State of California? She's gonna leave with a 15% salary adjustment that will spike her pension. Maybe she wants to beat it before the city goes broke in 2019. Management skills? Like when she cost Taxpayers more money by forcing furloughs on city employees, which caused vacation time to accrue. Thereby causing larger payouts to retirees. Saving nickels, costing dollars. Let us not forget about the Labor Law violations, employee strike and lawsuit that is costing the Taxpayers more money. She will be missed, but not by my wallet.


  3. that's right 6:01


  4. By MW:

    At least once in awhile when someone dies or retires, and especially if the person was extremely prominent and/or a high ranking high public official, rather than engaging in the standard ritual of automatically praising the person to the skies, we ought to be honest about it and instead say the person was a crook, parasite, scam artist, snake oil salesman, professional pathological liar, and blood sucking leech.


  5. Wud up wid dat skank bitch Nadya, spread dem legs wide, ho, Lockyer? Any one no wher dat bitch at? Hurd she dun had crack babees. Hoo yo dadddy, bitch?


  6. Armas, Jones and David, Hayward has suffered enough. Time to hire a city manager with a brain and most importantly a soul! Lord knows that job payers enough money. A 2040 General Plan and ten year budget, WTF? What a waste of time and money.


  7. Fran served as city manager from 2010 to 2016. That is not a “decade” of leadership, as the mayor called it. Another case of city math. Underestimating or overestimating and not telling the truth about anything. Although six years of Fran's “leadership” has felt like two decades of tyranny so I can see why knuckle headed mayor Holiday would say that.


  8. By MW:

    (Look up “Paul Powell” in Wikipedia.)

    Among higher ranking politicians, one of the very sleaziest in US history was a scumbag and bloodsucking leech by the name of Paul Powell, and who died in about 1970, and after decades of embezzling huge sums of money from the residents of Illinois.

    Powell suddenly died, and unexpectedly, in his sixties, and therefore without an opportunity to hide any of the evidence of his thefts and scams.

    So shortly after he died, AND BEFORE HIS FUNERAL, they found all sorts of interesting things in his room, and including huge amounts of cash, etc, etc, etc, ets, related to his decades of thefts and virtually non-stop embezzling schemes.

    And just after he died, AND BEFORE HIS FUNERAL, at least one major newspaper described what an extreme sleazeball and scumbag he had been. However, that newspaper was then attacked for saying nasty things about Paul Powell, and who had fooled a lot of people by his act of pretending to be a liberal.

    And just after Powell died, AND BEFORE HIS FUNERAL, most of Powell's closest associates in politics were informed about the definite proof of Powell's sleaziness that had been found in his room just after he died. (However, the general pubic did not learn of that definite proof of Powell's sleaziness and phoniness until at least a few days after his funeral.)

    But not at all surprisingly, at Powell's funeral his closest associates in politics, and even though they were already well aware of the evidence that had been found in his room, still eulogized him to the skies.

    In fact, and as an example of how extremely sleazy and phony a lot of the big boys in government are, after the evidence eventually came out even to the general public in regard to the undeniable evidence of Powell's huge embezzling scams and schemes, some of the high ranking politicians who had eulogized Powell at his funeral finally admitted they had been well aware of the truth about Powell when they had eulogized him, AND TO THE SKIES, at his funeral and described him as a fantastic public servant.

    And of course when Nadia Lockyer, in other words the alcoholic, world class drug addict, dingbat, extreme mental retard, and professional pathological liar, ran for a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, a lot of the big boys, and including both Jerry Brown and Willie Brown, enthusiastically endorsed her and “educated” and “informed” the voters that Nadia was a “wonderful” person and a “very highly qualified” candidate.

    So since some of her fellow big boys said Fran David is a wonderful person, that is more than good enough for me, and therefore if I should happen to bump into Fran David, I will get down on my hands and knees and kiss her feet.


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