Swalwell’s knee-jerk reaction to Dallas shootings was Black Lives Matters did it

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Just hours after Thursday night’s killing of five Dallas public safety officers, Rep. Eric Swalwell falsely suggested in a tweet that Black Lives Matters was the culprit.

Swalwell has long been the darling of the corporate media. Even after the East Bay congressman may have unwittingly unmasked his true beliefs in regards to Black Lives Matters, the media looked away and, instead, reset the story later with his call on the House floor for peace and justice on all sides.

It was later learned that the Dallas shooter was not a member of the Black Lives Matter social justice movement marching in Dallas and other cities, including Oakland, that night, but a former U.S. serviceman, possibly upset about recent shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota. The San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial writer Cailee Millner kindly suggested in another tweet that Swalwell rethink his rush to judgment.

Others called out Swalwell, a two-term congressman, known primarily for his exhaustive use of social media, including Snapchat and Twitter.

Swalwell quickly backtracked, albeit, somewhat, and the budding controversy was ignored by the corporate media. That is until, Swalwell gave a speech on the House floor Friday urging for justice on all sides. The Los Angeles Times and other outlets and reporters picked up the story at the point, and without mentioning the unfortunate tweet from Thursday night.


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  1. Still a douchebag.


  2. All's well that's Swalwell!


  3. Pissibg off too many people. Not going to be the “darling” anymore. He's a putz.


  4. It's all's well that's SWALWELL 2016-!


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


  6. I fixed a few typos…so here is the comment, again.

    Black Lives don't matter anymore than anyone else. We are all the children of God. Statistics from Harvard also show Blacks are NOT disproportionately killed by Police.

    BLM should be disbanded because they don't engage in peaceful protest, but rather incite violence. BLM is a political action group similar to Obama's Acorn. Just a bunch of uninformed trouble-makers acting on false information. Like Ferguson, Missouri…even the Obama Justice Department proved the Police Officer was completely justified in protecting himself, when a black, thug, long-term criminal attacked the cop and tried to take his gun. BLM did not apologize to the police officer who had to resign, even though he was not at fault. No wonder police officers don't want to come into many black communities. If I ran the risk of losing my career due to no fault of my own, I'd just left them kill each other, also. The statistics say that also. Black kill blacks +90% of the time.

    If BLM wants to protest for someone, at least be sure they deserve the protest. Indeed, the shooting in Chicago and a few others were terrible. But, again, statistics show BLACKs are NOT shot disproportionately.

    So, tonight, perhaps I'll go out and protest how Jewish lives matter. Of course, no one will care. And that's “A” OK with me, because I can take care of myself.

    To bring this into the context of what Swalwell said, BLM deserves to be discredited. Of course Swalwell jumped the gun, but that is NOT to imply that BLM is an organization of ANY VIRTUE.


  7. Heard that!


  8. By MW:

    While I am not right now going to get into a debate or discussion concerning to what degree the BLM movement might have influenced the recent shootings in Dallas that resulted in the deaths of five Dallas Police Dept officers, however I do greatly object to the title of this article.

    In other words Swalwell is a member of the Democratic Party, and I am absolutely one hundred percent that no one who is part of the leadership of the DP, and which is composed of politically correct stooges and puppets on a string for modern style so called “liberalism,” would ever have a “knee-jerk” reaction to anything whatsoever.

    Instead, I am absolutely one hundred percent certain that the phonies, demagogues, and charlatans that make up the leadership of the DP always give a lot of “deep thought” before they ever open their mouths to give us their latest lies, garbage, and nonsense.

    Still furthermore, Swalwell is both a law school graduate and also a lawyer. And certainly the overwhelmingly “majority” of lawyers, let's estimate about five percent of them, are extremely honest and reputable people, in other words not con men, thieves, embezzlers, money launderers, parasites, and professional pathological liars.

    (NOTE: Whenever I read a statement from such organizations as the California State Bar or the American Bar Association that, “Most lawyers are honest,” I laugh so hard that I almost fall out of my chair.)



  1. Right-wing explodes after Swalwell suggests nukes would quickly end armed revolt by gun owners

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