CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Just hours after Thursday night’s killing of five Dallas public safety officers, Rep. Eric Swalwell falsely suggested in a tweet that Black Lives Matters was the culprit.

Swalwell has long been the darling of the corporate media. Even after the East Bay congressman may have unwittingly unmasked his true beliefs in regards to Black Lives Matters, the media looked away and, instead, reset the story later with his call on the House floor for peace and justice on all sides.

It was later learned that the Dallas shooter was not a member of the Black Lives Matter social justice movement marching in Dallas and other cities, including Oakland, that night, but a former U.S. serviceman, possibly upset about recent shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota. The San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial writer Cailee Millner kindly suggested in another tweet that Swalwell rethink his rush to judgment.

Others called out Swalwell, a two-term congressman, known primarily for his exhaustive use of social media, including Snapchat and Twitter.

Swalwell quickly backtracked, albeit, somewhat, and the budding controversy was ignored by the corporate media. That is until, Swalwell gave a speech on the House floor Friday urging for justice on all sides. The Los Angeles Times and other outlets and reporters picked up the story at the point, and without mentioning the unfortunate tweet from Thursday night.