Rep. Barbara Lee’s communication director
James Lewis got caught up in a stunt concocted
by right wing provocateur James O’Keefe.

Right wing provocateur James O’Keefe caught several Congressional staffers, including East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee’s communication director, in a rhetorical bind. Even though their bosses espouse strict gun control stances, would they agree to post a sign on the home declaring the residence gun-free?

In the past, the O’Keefe has highlighted, among other stunts, alleged misdeeds by ACORN, an affordable housing non-profit. In the video, below, O’Keefe’s group approached the congressional offices of several Democratic representatives, including Lee.

When asked to post a sign indicating his home is gun-free, James Lewis, communication director for Lee, sheepishly told the pair of phony gun control advocates that “I’m actually a gun owner.”

Later, another staffer from Michigan Rep. John Conyers’ office worried the presence of the sign on the congressman’s home would make him a target for criminals, especially in Detroit.