Hayward’s next city manager will get 7% wage increase following promotion

New Hayward City Manager Kelly McAdoo’s
contract will not be finalized until September.

Hayward Assistant City Manager Kelly McAdoo will get a seven percent wage increase following her promotion last week to replace retiring City Manager Fran David.

The Hayward City Council will formally approve McAdoo as its next day-to-day administrator on Tuesday, although, details of her new contract are not yet known.

The city will begin contract negotiations with McAdoo during the City Council’s August recess, according to the staff report. The new contract is expected to be ready for approval by the council in time for its first meeting on Sept. 13.

McAdoo, who has served in her current capacity since 2010, earned almost $209,000 in base salary last year. The seven percent wage increase would bump that figure to around $224,000. The amount is nearly commensurate with David’s earnings last year, which topped $235,000.

McAdoo is scheduled to begin her duties, effective Aug. 1.

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  1. I am glad Fran David is going. She stayed on long enough to get Measure D passed for 20 more years of taxation, to make sure her pension and future raises are funded. Measure D was a continuation of Measure A for ten years of utility taxes, when the stock market crashed and the Cal Peers pension plan lost money. At 16.5 million a year for 10 years, the city brought in over a billion dollars, but the money went into the general fund and was spent on other things. The city spent 4.5 million extra, a year ,of the reserves on top of taking in 16.5 million yearly on the utility tax. The not so smart people of Hayward voted for 30 years of taxation to fund the city workers, when our city council continually spends more than they take in. We were lied to about the tax usage. David left this city in dept, with a huge gap. Our city managers and staff make 4 to 5 times more than the average person, in Hayward, makes. They work for us, now it’s the other way around. The spending gap will not close soon.
    Fran David’s legacy is the cities dept, while she was well paid to cause it. The financial director quit before the budget was announced to the public in May.
    Wake up Hayward. You are being ripped off! I want to see the budget balanced, this over spending stopped, and the reserves replaced. Good luck to the new city manager. Can you count and balance a budget?


  2. By MW:

    The residents of Hayward should be ashamed of themselves if they are planning on paying the new city manager “only” about 224K per year.

    For instance Susan Muranishi, and who is Alameda County's head Administrator, and which is a position similar to City Manager, and except it is a county position rather than a city position, is forced to “struggle by” on a total compensation of “only” approx 800K per year, THAT IS RIGHT, 800K PER YEAR, and it has even been worked out that when Muranishi retires she will continue receiving 800K per life, and of course also with inflation increases, as a measly and miserly pension from the taxpayers of Alameda County.

    In fact, I am going to write to President Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein demanding that they force the cheapskates in Hayward to increase the City Manager's pay to at least 800K per year, and in fact to also at least triple Susan Muranishi's pay, and including since Muranishi for many years has been performing an Olympic gold medal quality job of staying blind and totally oblivious to even the very most obvious lies, fraud, and corruption.


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  4. Fran David's total cost of employment was $293,506.09 in 2014. She's leaving Hayward with a 15% raise/pension spike courtesy of the “fiscally responsible” Hayward city council. What are the not so hidden costs of her employment? Bungling labor relations and causing the city to get sued by its own employees, or allowing a drunk while on duty Fire Chief to keep his job? Spending $3,000 of her own money to back the Measure for the construction of a 90+ million dollar library that residents will get taxed for? Fran's tenure was very taxing! Don't let the door hit your devil tail on the way out Frannie!


  5. Her employee's were denied a 5% raise!!! All they want is to afford to live and buy food. 225,000.00 is disgusting and she should be ashamed of her self. We should just call her Fran #2, nothing is going to change.


  6. Oh, they'll be less change in your pockets Hayward Residents. Next thing you know the city will hit you up for couch change so they can waste money on more lame brained pet projects and puffery. Fran's minions are ready and waiting to continue their fearless leader's clueless way of handling business.


  7. I'm sure McAdoodle-Doo will get a sweet contract. Let's just hope she won't be a twit and end up being Fran Jr. Fran Sr made many mistakes and she should have been cut loose years ago. Shame on city council for letting Fran Sr pull their strings like a puppeteer.


  8. Where's that boring-ass Daniel Borenstein and East Bay Times when you need them? No long winded editorials about pension spikes and giving into employee unions when it comes to self proclaimed CEO's like City Manager David. She called attention to salaries that weren't even a quarter of what she earned. She's smart for walking out before Hayward goes bankrupt in 2019 as she predicted.


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.


  10. Mayor Halliday does whatever Mike Sweeney tells her to do. Status quo. The new library shouldn't cost more than 90 million dollars but that Italian marbke, acoustic tiles and etched glass aren't exactly cheap. Lamnin questioned sone of the library costs/spending and suffered the wrath of The Friends of The Library. The rest of council pretty much rolled over to whims of “The Friends.” Ultimately Lamnin wemt with the flow on the library plans. Council should focus on their own duties first, unless they want to step down and run for a school board position. Alas, our kids have suffered enough.


  11. No City Manager should be paid more than the Governor of California. Pay your lower level employees more if you have money to throw at employees. They are the ones who do most of the work!



  1. Hayward city manager received low-interest home loan to move to city; wants money for relocation expenses

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