Ro Khanna predicts a landslide victory over Mike Honda in November

Ro Khanna and Rep. Mike Honda with less than 100
days until Election Day, begin the stretch run.

In the span of about two months Ro Khanna has gone from predicting his own 10-12 point primary defeat to declaring a runaway 10-point victory in this November’s general election rematch against Rep. Mike Honda.

“We will win by at least 10 points,” said Khanna. “Honestly, there’s just no path for Mike Honda at this point.”

Khanna made the astonishing prediction in a Los Angeles Times article published Thursday.

The second half of the statement is not new. Khanna and his campaign have been privately pushing a talking point that the voter makeup of the November election does not favor Honda, especially in light of the primary election result.

Khanna topped Honda by 1.7 percentage points last June. Honda defeated Khanna by less than four points in the 2014 general election.

Nevertheless, the boastful statement from Khanna is somewhat out of character for a candidate who admitted shortly after the June primary that he fully expected to lose by a significant margin.

Honda’s campaign disagrees with Khanna’s prognostication skills and the type of voters expected during the upcoming high-turnout election this fall.

“Ro’s predictions are not based in logic or reason,” said Vedant Patel, communication director for the Honda campaign. “Democrats will turn out in full force this November to elect the first woman President, when that happens Ro is going to have to explain the Republican ties, corporate interests, and Wall Street investors that fund his campaign.”