Hayward school trustee used district resources for his recent council campaign

Hayward school board member John Taylor is alleged
to have misused school funds for his council campaign.

HAYWARD | Hayward school board member John Taylor improperly used the school district’s print shop to design and produce campaign materials for his recent run for the city council, according to an investigation by the Hayward school district.

The investigation into the conduct of Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs for a number allegations leading to him being placed on paid administrative leave also found Taylor used school district resources for his own benefit, School Board President Lisa Brunner, announced Saturday during a special meeting of the board.

Taylor’s use of the district’s print shop appears to have occurred on several occasions over the past two years, said Brunner. “As soon as this information came to our attention, we took immediate action,” said Brunner, and district employees were told to refrain from using the equipment for unrelated projects, she added.

Taylor attended Saturday’s special meeting, but did not address the specific allegations. In a statement read at the meeting, Brunner said Taylor admitted to using the district print shop for his council campaign, and that they were later reimbursed for the work.

The school district’s administrative code and state law prohibit political campaigns from “using district equipment for the preparation or reproduction of political campaign materials, even if the district is reimbursed.” According to Brunner, Taylor said he was unaware the arrangement between the print shop and his council campaign was illegal.

At this time, the school board has not put a possible price tag on the amount of work the print shop performed for Taylor’s council campaign. But, the type of work believed to have been done–possibly yard signs and glossy mailers, including labor–can be expensive.

Taylor’s final campaign finance report issued this week, for instance, shows his council campaign spent $5,792 during the final month of the June council race, which included $2,785 for yard signs and door hangers. But curiously these were the only expenditures made during the entire campaign, according to records.

If the additional printing expenses from the school district were not included in his campaign finance reports, the violation could also put him at risk for a fine down the line from state Fair Political Practices Commission.

Dobbs reportedly denied knowing about Taylor’s council campaign use of the district print shop. However, the two have strong ties going back to Dobbs’ return to Hayward, following a brief departure for San Diego. Dobbs was originally listed as the campaign treasurer for Taylor’s council campaign, shortly after he announced his run for Hayward City Council last year.

In the June council race for four open seats, Taylor finished a distant sixth out of 10 candidates. Taylor is up for re-election for his school board seat in November.

NOTE: Taylor’s admission was added after publication.

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  1. What else is New? I just said, anything like this coming from this two gentleman expected..


  2. Oh it's about to hit the fan…HUSD managers are corrupt and an investigation is about to start in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.


  3. Does Taylor think we're idiots here? Simple common sense would tell the average school board member that using the district print shop to print campaign material wasn't a wise choice. If he had planned to pay for the campaign materials made, why not just choose an outside company to do the work in the first place? Obviously, the only reason that wasn't done was because he thought he could get away with having these materials printed on the district's dime.

    I call bs. Taylor needs to go. Stan Dobbs needs to go, followed by Reynoso. This is just another example of how broken HUSD is. And, it's BEEN broken for a long, long, LONG time.


  4. By MW:

    Even if he had agreed IN ADVANCE to pay for the services provided by the school district print shop, it still most likely would have been illegal, since generally government agencies are not allowed to compete with private industry on certain jobs and services, and which is the reason post offices no longer have photocopy machines in the public lobby, and even though it would be extremely convenient for members of the general public who use the post office to have photocopy machines present available for their use.

    And still furthermore, even if he had agreed, AND IN ADVANCE, to pay for any items and services provided by the school district print shop, and even if the stooge and puppet on a string lawyers in the City Attorney's office had done a scripted, prearranged, and choreographed “investigation” definitely “proving” that the whole thing was “kosher” and “legal,” it would still be horrible to allow it, and rather than forbidding it as a matter of school district and Hayward city policy, and including since being realistic, if John Doe, and who is a low level government employee, is asked to do something like that for his boss, there is a very high probability the boss will be undercharged both in regard to hours and materials.


  5. HUSD bylaw Info: HUSD can only pay the filing fees associated with school board election process and THAT IS ALL. So if he is utilizing District office, expenses, or others, YES that could be illegal and “misuse of public funds”. Would be interesting to see where on what days supplies, equipment, time used by staff, or what accounts were used to allocate personal use- NOW those account reports would be interesting to see for that month alone in resource utilization and who was on staff or did he personally go into the shop and do it himself. Basic questions with easy answers.

    Which cost accounting code fund was charged? There is a cost accounting production print order for all projects…I'D LOVE TO SEE THAT PRINT ORDER.


  6. Since when is lack of knowledge a line of defense? Not in a trial. They can't even use the excuse of plausible deniability in this instance. Dobbs and Board members and all other employees of the District have briefings that include “ETHICS”. To my knowledge, this is also included in the training each Board Trustee receives when they attend Board camp 101 after being elected to office. “I don't know” is not a defense!!!!


  7. Good point, 6:59pm. For most of us, common sense kicks in when “I don't know” is an issue. In this case though, I think Taylor DID know; he just didn't get away with it.

    Especially with the fate of Dobbs still up in the air (as far as we know anyway), should make for an interesting board meeting this Wednesday.


  8. Unbelievable!! Stay strong and do what's right to make HUSD Student Centered! Make sure the administration and management that comes on board is student centered driven and stays that way! No more corruption!! Hayward community do not re elect Taylor. He needs to stick to what he does best at ROP where corruption doesn't take over.


  9. Isn’t Taylor an administrator at the ROP School? Ignorance of the law is no excuse! He teaches criminology classes and yet he lies on public record, at the school board meetings.
    Taylor lied to the police, that Dobbs didn’t batter McGee and Reynoso last September. Brunner said, this Saturday, Dobbs did assault and battered McGee and Dr. Reynoso. . Brunner said, “She wanted to give Dobbs another chance.” That is why she lied to the police about the battery. Brunner obstructed the law by lying and bearing false witness. Taylor and Walker obstructed justice for the victims, by their lying and not testifying. No social justice was given to the victims because of Taylor, Walker and Brunner.
    Taylor lied at the November board meeting, “Dobbs wasn’t his treasure, for his city council race.” If Taylor lied about the usage the school’s print shop for his campaign, this man should be forced to resign. If you can use Hayward school’s print shop: Why didn’t Taylor offer this to all the city council candidates? One of the candidate owns a printing company in Hayward. Why did Taylor contract with him? Don’t tell me he didn’t know.
    ….WE NEED TO AUIT THE SCHOOL BOARD! We have too many liars on the school Board. I can see why Dr. Reynoso wants to check contracts.
    Audit Hayward born, College Bound too. They need to prove to the public all their expenditures. They had a huge food bill and they only work 3 hours. A three hour job only gets a ten minute break and you bring your own snack. A college bound parent said,” The kids get boiled eggs for a snack.” That doesn’t justify the thousands they spent on food.


  10. John Taylor, the smartest candidate. The ingenuity. Punk district employees while you're a schoolboard member to make your city council campaign material and font pay for it. Great economic vision. Should have been a shoo-in for council. Hayward city employees dodged a bullet.


  11. So much for the highly educated School Board members. No wonder Hayward kids receive an inferior education. Taylor should teach Ethics and Data Dobbs can teach Anger Management courses. Barbara Halliday can teach Butt Kissing 101.


  12. It is past time to recall the school board. With Hayward's test scores, just about everyone in the department is currently getting Ds or Fs.


  13. Recall Taylor


  14. By MW:

    Even giving John Taylor the full benefit of the doubt by assuming he always intended to pay for services provided to him by the school district's print shop, there are an infinite number of ways that print shop could have, and probably would have, drastically undercharged him by using “creative” bookkeeping to assign most labor and material expenses to other jobs and projects.

    And still furthermore, and even if he had, and by some remote chance, been fully charged for all labor and material, does anyone actually think he would have had to wait in line, and in turn, to get his printing jobs done, and rather than the school district making earlier requested, and perhaps also much more important, jobs wait so that John Taylor's jobs could be done first.

    To sum up, while I realize that, and especially in the Bay area, most government bigshots think the primary purpose of taxpayer funded government agencies is to provide insiders, the big boys, and their friends with favors and special goodies, however actually government agencies are supposed to provide services to the general public.

    NOTE: And did any of you hear about back when Bill Clinton, in other words the world class phony and blood sucking leech who pretends to be a liberal, was the governor of Arkansas, since he and Hillary decided they could not afford to pay to hire a babysitter for Chelsea with their own money, therefore they that they made the taxpayers pay for Chelsea's babysitter by pretending the babysitter was a security guard.

    In other words since Bill himself was drawing a salary as the governor, and at the same time Hillary was working as a lawyer for the Rose Law firm, and which was the most important and most politically connected law firm in the entire state of Arkansas, and furthermore Hillary was also making a fortune in commodities trading, the poverty stricken and “liberal” Clintons could not afford to themselves pay for a babysitter, so therefore they engaged in fraud so that the ordinary taxpayers would have to pay for the Clintons' babysitter. So let's ask John Taylor if he is a Clinton style “great liberal” and “wonderful humanitarian.”


  15. Glad that dishonest poopyhead didn't slither into a seat on council. Our dork quota is already filled.


  16. I would have much more respect for Taylor if he just said “…I was wrong. I made a mistake…” But, based on his comments at the Aug. 10th board meeting, he doesn't feel he did ANYTHING wrong and that since the district attorney is investigating it, the district doesn't have to worry about it anymore. REALLY? He also feels this investigation is a result of him speaking out against the board recently. Funny how some people just make up their own rules, rather than following rules (HUSD bylaws) that are already in place.

    That's almost as bad as Mrs. Dobbs speaking during the public comments with her “we (Dobbs and Family) are good and pure and the board is evil and against us” message.

    I feel so bad for the students of HUSD, because they are the ones who suffer in the end from all of this continued dysfunction.


  17. So now i just wonder, how much longer do we have to wait to see dobbs out of HUSD? Act now!!!kick him out!!!


  18. If the District Attorney is actively investigating the matter, the District will need to keep their hands off this matter until DA's investigation is through. DA is involved only to decide if criminal actions should proceed against individual(s) involved. Should anyone from the District choose to circumvent investigation and conduct one themselves, it could be considered as interfering with a criminal investigation or could be construed as tampering with evidence or witnesses and possible obstruction of justice.

    I would suggest – let the DA do their job. This is not their first go round with HUSD staff. Previous investigations included criminal charges against 3 district mechanics after the investigation concluded. Considering this investigation involves higher District involvement, and after all the misdeeds throughout the past year, it is about time they take a step back and allow proper investigations to occur. Criminal actions have already taken place and things have gone too far. To continue on with this charade would only guarantee the public that any and all actions have been intentional.

    I applaud the DA for stepping in. Unfortunately, they didn't step in soon enough. When people I know personally have attempted to seek resolve through the Board and DA's office with no action, over one year in waiting is far too long.


  19. Why is Dobbs and Taylor trying to make it seem like the school board is wrong and that the two of them are getting blamed for something? These two crooks.


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